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Hello there and thanks for finding your way onto my little blog. My name is Aisling and my day job could not be further from the beauty sphere - I am a corporate solicitor working for a large multinational organisation. I love my job - it pays the bills and leaves me with some spare pennies to buy makeup.

My blog is a little safe, fluffy haven for fellow makeup addicts, a place where we can wax lyrical about the latest lipstick launch or share experiences of products and services. I'm in no way holding myself out as a professional beauty peep - I have no professional beauty qualifications but I have been addicted to beauty and cosmetics for years now so I feel like I am qualified to give my opinion and share my views.

My reason behind creating Total Makeup Addict is simple really. I love beauty, cosmetics, skincare and haircare and I love to talk about these things. Back in 2011 whilst I was studying for some boring law exams, I started creating content, and I haven't looked back since.

I really appreciate each and every reader who stumbles on to this here blog and reads my posts. I hope you will continue enjoying my content. 


  1. Lovely blog. Looking forward to following you :)

  2. I did enjoyed your blog! Look froword to collaborate with you:)

  3. Loved the note cosmetics review... any snapchat to follow ?


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