Saturday, 28 October 2017

Ebay Makeup Storage Ideas

It's hard to remember a time before eBay - you would wonder how people sourced things before eBay  and the interwebs were invented! The best thing about eBay is that, at any given time, there are billions of products listed for sale. We all know that when you buy from eBay, you never know whether you are on to the bargain of the century or whether you have wasted your hard cash on cheap Chinese mass manufactured tatt - that's half the fun. I love browsing eBay and I thought I would share some makeup storage ideas with y'all for your viewing pleasure. PSA: I have not bought any of these items myself so cannot attest as to whether they would be treasure or trash or vouch for any of the sellers.
1. Rotating Makeup Storage - I personally wouldn't opt for this in my makeup room because I like most of my makeup storage to be off the surfaces and tucked away neatly but if you like to have your daily essentials to hand, this rotating unit would be a brilliant and inexpensive way of displaying them.
2. Empty Magnetic Palette - I have so much makeup now that I would do anything to consolidate my collection a bit and the easiest way I have found to do that is by depotting products like eyeshadows and blushes into empty magnetic palettes. These are handy for your products that you can buy in pans too - think Inglot freedom system, single MAC eyeshadows, Makeup Geek, Colored Rain, Colour Pop - the possibilities are endless. 
3. Nail Polish Display Unit - I'd never fit my nail polish collection into one of these bad boys but what I would use this for would be foundation/primer rotations - foundations tend to get lost at the back of my drawer so I feel like if I could display them neatly, I'd be more inclined to switch it up.
4. False Eyelash Case - hands up if you like to recycle your false eyelashes but end up damaging or losing them between uses? For less than 2 euro including delivery, you could keep three pairs on the go at the same time.
5. Rotating Lipstick Storage Unit - because sometimes lipsticks are just too pretty to be stored away in drawers. Think about how good your Chanel, YSL, Charlotte Tilbury etc. lipsticks would look if they were on display! 
6. Eyeliner/Lipliner/Makeup Brush Storage - I've a couple of these on the go at my vanity table - they are the handiest storage devices ever for eyeliners, lipliners, small makeup brushes etc.
7. Eyeshadow Palette Storage - I also have one of these because I kept using the same eyeshadow palettes over and over again. About once a fortnight I switch up the palettes I use by rotating what I have currently on the go with what is in my drawers. These are especially handy for smaller palettes.
8. Beauty Blender Holder - you probably glanced at this picture and thought I was crazy for including an egg cup - it's not an egg cup but a little storage cup for dirty beauty blenders! I've ordered one of these - what a genius idea. I love the idea of being able to keep your beauty sponges neatly stored when not in use.
9. Acrylic Blush Storage - I make my own drawer dividers for my Ikea Alex makeup drawers but if you're not a fan of DIY or prefer something acrylic, these little acrylic dividers might be the perfect choice for you. 
10. Transparent Makeup Bags - whether you are a pro makeup artist or just trying to keep your collection neat and tidy, these transparent makeup bags are absolute gifts, especially for travelling. I love these for keeping things like false eyelashes and nail tools organised. These would be perfect for a makeup artist's kit also.
11. Closable Lipstick Storage - If you're afraid of your dearest lipsticks getting dusty, this closable lipstick storage chest might be the solution for you.
12. Ikea-esque makeup brush holder - I keep the vast majority of my makeup brushes in the Ikea plant pots so it would have been remiss of me to talk about makeup storage solutions without finding an eBay alternative and these are only €2ish a piece including delivery!

So there you have it - let me know if you like this format of post i.e. eBay inspiration posts and I can definitely dream up some more!

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