Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Lips - Review + Swatches

I have never bought into the Charlotte Tilbury hype as I have found most of her products to be middle of the road but the one thing that I really think Charlotte does well is lip products. Her Lip Cheats are perfection (I've gone through several Pillow Talk lip liners by now), her KISSING lipsticks are amongst the smoothiest and creamiest lip products I have ever tried and her Matte Revolution lipsticks are some of my fave lipsticks ever. Charlotte knows lips. When I spied that Charlotte had a new collection of liquid lipsticks coming out, I was on it like a car bonnet, and I ordered three different colours from Selfridges the day they were released and have been trying them out since. 
There are 10 shades of the new Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Lips altogether - ranging from a pale nude to a vampy red. The collection is predominantly a suite of warm nude shades with a cool pink and shimmery coral thrown in for good measure. As the name would suggest, all of the shades are Hollywood inspired (with names like 'Best Actress', 'Screen Siren' and 'Rising Star' to match). Charlotte even named a nude after herself and 'Charlotte Darling' is her signature shade in the collection. The full suite of shades are available from Charlotte Tilbury website, Brown Thomas and BT2, and the Selfridges website. I paid €27.50 a piece from the Selfridges website and they are available for €32 from Brown Thomas or from the Charlotte Tilbury website directly. 

The Hollywood Lips come in standard enough but Tilbury fancy gold tubes, and what Charlotte herself says sets these liquid lipsticks apart from all others is the specially designed 'Lip Hug' applicator - I kid you not. This lip hugging applicator allegedly has a wide part to cover the lower lip, mimicking the natural shape, and the thinner part precisely defining the upper lip. That's an awful lot of promise from one small, inconspicuous looking doe foot applicator.

I was very conservative and only purchased three shades - 'Dolly Bird', 'Show Girl' and 'Too Bad I'm Bad'. 
Dolly Bird is the only cool toned pink shade in the collection. This is my favourite of the three shades that I picked because I'm all about the cool toned pinks. I think this is quite a wearable pink for a bright pink and it looks well against my pale cool toned skin.
Show Girl is described as a natural rose berry but I have to say, the colour appears darker on my lips than the official promo shots on the Charlotte Tilbury website. I don't really mind because I love the shade - it absolutely screams autumn to me and I'm feeling increasingly more autumnal as the cooler temperatures are creeping in. 
Too Bad I'm Bad is described as an alluring warm rosy pink which is pretty bang on. This is probably the least offensive warm pink shade going and I'm sure this will appeal to the masses. For whatever reason, I have oft suffered from "bumhole" lips when I use this colour in particular. 
So - after trying out a few different shades over the course of a week - I have a few thoughts. I do find the Hollywood Lips apply well - in spite of the "innovative wand" (and I will get to that later) because it is a nice thick creamy formula - it feels comfortable on the lips - no stickiness or tackiness and no strong scent. They do not set completely on the lips so you will still get a little transfer if you I have the driest lips going and even though I love liquid lipsticks, they sometimes go flaky on me if I haven't given my lips a good scrub and moisturising, but I was genuinely impressed with how the Hollywood Lips did not dry out my lips. If you have as much as a flake of dryness on your lips, you definitely need to tend to that before you even think of applying this to your lips. All of the Hollywood Lips had a soft matte finish and none of the colours I picked sank into my fine little lip lines.

In terms of lasting power, I found that these lasted pretty well but no longer than her Matte Revolution lipsticks. When reapplying, it was not strictly necessary to remove all of the lipstick and reapply a fresh layer, but it definitely looked better this way - albeit quite impractical for reapplying when you are out and about. Because the formula is a bit thicker than your average liquid lipstick formula, you can't really get away with just swiping some on on the fly.

On the amazing innovative wand - this is a ridiculous concept quite frankly. It does nothing to help application, in fact it hinders an easy application. In my experience, the curve on the applicator (which is meant to swiftly cover your bottom lip) just picks up and gathers loads of product - it sits on the applicator like cement on a shovel waiting to be thrown somewhere. I get what team Tilbury were trying to do but, just, no - in fact, it's a little bit annoying because it means you should take greater care when applying so you don't get product all over your face which kind of defeats the purpose of this super-innovative wand. If it ain't broke...

Conclusion - these are grand lip products but nothing really special. I will for sure happily continue to use these but I wouldn't repurchase any of them because they are not that dear to me, and I very much doubt I'll be enticed by any more of the shades. In summary - another overpriced, middle of the road Charlotte Tilbury product.


  1. Another brilliant review,thanks Aisling. I saw these in BTs last week and decided to pass until I read some trustworthy reviews! Show girl is my favorite of the three you've shown here and looks great on you. However,the need for complete removal before reapplying and the annoying applicator would put me off buying these-would probably go for one of her lipsticks instead. Love your reviews,thanks for saving my poor credit card!!

  2. Ah I'm so glad you're back blogging!! You're the ultimate enabler for me (not gonna use the I word ;P)


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