Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Barry M Matte Me Up Lip Kits - Review, Swatches and Kylie dupes

Now readers of this here blog will know that I succumbed to the Kylie Lip Kit hype last year mostly because I wanted to see what all the fuss was about and I actually surprised myself by really really liking them. However, it can be pretty pricey buying these directly from the US as you never know when you will get slapped with a customs charge and the price of international shipping is also quite steep. I'm all about the alternative life - ColourPop just haven't quite set my world on fire with their liquid lipsticks - so when I heard that Barry M, a brand that I predominately associate with nail polishes, were bringing out their own 2pc matte lip kits, I headed straight to Boots to get my hands on them and picked up one of each of the three colours available. These are limited edition by all accounts so if you were looking to get your hands on them, I would go about it as soon as possible before they are sold out. 
Enough waffling aside and on to the product - and I have to say - I'm pleasantly impressed with the Barry M Matte Lip Kits. I will give you the full lowdown in just a second but I wanted to let you know that despite my reservations about what I perceived to be a nail polish brand capitalising on the Kylie lip kit craze, these are actually really excellent contenders. At €9 a pop, these will definitely not break the bank.

There are only three shades of Lip Kits available in the collection - Go To (nude), Pose (light pink) and Runway (deeper berry pink) - each coming with a matte liquid lip paint and lip liner. They promise a super light texture with a non-drying formulation and ultra long-wearing hold. There are a further five shades of matte liquid lip paint available in the Barry M line up but they do not come with the matching lip liners and I have yet to see these in any of the Boots stores that I frequent.

The lipliners are smooth and creamy but not greasy or slippy - I was very impressed with the texture of these. I usually find with more inexpensive lipliners that they are either too soft and creamy and slip all over your face or else they are hard as wood and need to be bate on to your lips. These perform equally as well as some of my favourite lipliners, and certainly at least equally as well as the Kylie lip liners. Like the Kylie liquid lipsticks, the formula of the Barry M liquid lip paints are equally as thin and equally as opaque. Some liquid lipsticks from the high street/drugstore can be quite thick but these Barry M ones are pleasantly thin and comfortable. I like the formula, it applies well over the lip liners and did not flake or crumble off, and because of the thin texture, they feel comfortable on the lips, you would pretty much forget that you have them on to be honest. In terms of longevity, they are not the longest lasting liquid lipsticks in the world, but instead of coming off in patches or flaking off, I have found that they kind of fade down and are easy enough to reapply. When you apply them, they take a little bit of time to dry down but when they do dry down, they go completely matte and you wouldn't even feel them on your lips. Like any liquid lipsticks, they will cling to your dry patches and sink into those fine lines but that's the nature of liquid lipsticks so I don't hold a grudge against these.
It's glaringly obvious that Barry M picked shades to dupe the Kylie Lip Kits but I have to admit, in my own personal experience from using both the Kylie Lip Kits and these Barry M ones, that they are pretty much the exact same thing. I do not say that lightly and I never like to deceive my readers who take time to read my posts with bogus 'dupe' claims. Aside from the price difference (which in all fairness is pretty significant given that a single Kylie Lip Kit is $29, international shipping is an extra $15, An Post could charge you either €7 or 8 for the privilege of charging you customs and customs could come to another €8 or 9). The Barry M lip kits are €9 a piece and they are well worth that. Now there are only 3 colours available and they are only limited edition, but I suspect if they do well that Barry M might make them permanent and introduce new colours to the lineup. All three shades are still available on the Boots website so if you are inclined to order them, I would do so at your earliest opportunity before they disappear. Don't say I didn't warn you!

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