Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation - shades 1.5 and 2.5 - Review, Swatches

One of the most anticipated makeup launches for 2016 was the Urban Decay All Nighter Waterproof Longlasting Liquid Foundation. Urban Decay promise a full coverage foundation with a modern matte finish. I've spent the summer lusting over good old full coverage foundations so I jumped on that bandwagon with gusto - twice. Yes, I have two shades of this foundation now - a summer shade when my skin darkens ever so gently, and my pasty winter shade. This fact alone should indicate to you that I really, really, really like this foundation. In the pictures below, I am wearing the lighter of the two shades I own which is shade 1.5. I take a MAC NW20 for reference but I would say 1.5 is a shade lighter than that so I'd pitch that at NW15 and 2.5 would be a better match for NW20. 
This foundation is incredibly pigmented - one normal pump will cover my whole face and I don't think I can say that about many foundations. I use my Artis Oval 8 brush so I can really buff the product in and depending on my mood, I might sometimes bounce a wet beauty blender over it. This foundation provides instant full coverage - this is one you definitely don't need to build up by applying multiple layers. Given how strongly pigmented this is, it feels quite lightweight on the skin and is not heavy or clingy at all. Also I am pleased to report that this does not look cakey or powdery, again unusual for a matte full coverage foundation, but this matte foundation has a gorgeous matte but not flat finish.  I also have to commend the staying power of this - it's amazing - perhaps even better than my other full coverage foundation HG Estée Lauder Double Wear - this foundation just stays flawless all day long.
I don't have oily skin so I didn't experience any oily breakthroughs or shininess - I did find that I was a little more glowy at the end of a full day of wear but I didn't mind it at all and the foundation held up well around my usual trouble spots - around my nose and around my chin are the usual spots where foundations evaporate over the course of the day. This foundation is oil free which might be a beacon of hope for the oily skinned gals amongst us. I haven't found that this has clung to any dry patches on my skin but I will be keen to see how this foundation fares in the winter months when my skin is at it's most dehydrated. 
I've read a lot about this foundation oxidising badly but I haven't experienced any major oxidising issues. I originally got the shade 2.5 and this was a perfect match for me in the late summer and I noticed as the evenings were getting darker that I was getting a little paler so I went and bought the next shade down which is 1.5. Actually, speaking of shades. the kind ladies at House of Fraser explained to me that all of the cooler or pink toned shades end with .5 and all of the warmer shades or more yellow tones end with .0. I do think that the foundation dries down darker than it looks when you initially apply it but I haven't found that to be significant. I would definitely definitely recommend getting shade matched for this foundation though and if possible, try to get your hands on a sample before forking out for it. Speaking of forking out, this foundation is a rather reasonable €34 for your standard 30 ml / 1 fl.oz bottle. I think the packaging on this is so luxurious feeling - sturdy metal bottle with cutout detail so you can see both the shade of the foundation and how much you have left. The foundation comes with a built in airpump so you are guaranteed to get every drop of foundation out of the bottle, unlike some other glass bottled foundations or worse still, foundations that don't even come with pumps! 
This was my first time dipping my toe into the Urban Decay base offerings and I have to say, I am honestly genuinely so happy to have discovered this foundation. I don't wear full coverage foundations every day of the week but when I do want full coverage or a foundation that I know is going to stand the test of time, this is going to be my first choice. As I said already, if you're thinking about trying this foundation out for yourselves, I would strongly recommend getting shade matched in store first because there is no easy way of deciphering the different shades. This foundation is available online from Debenhams, House of Fraser and FeelUnique.

Have you been tempted by the Urban Decay All Nighter foundation also?


  1. LOVED this foundation too. It's actually my first time trying a foundation by Urban Decay also. Great start!

    1. It's great to find a full coverage foundation that's not cakey! Defo think Urban Decay pulled it out of the hat with this foundation, am a big fan!

  2. Thanks so much for the indepth review. Looks great on you xx



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