Wednesday, 19 October 2016

INGLOT What a Spice! HD Lip Tint Mattes - 26, 32, 33, 37 - Review + Swatches

Hot on the heels of the gorgeous What a Spice! Collection Freedom Eyeshadows, Matte Lipsticks and Colour Play Lipliners, Inglot Ireland have finally released the long awaited and much anticipated What a Spice! Collection HD Lip Tint Matte collection. Y'all will recall how I recently proclaimed undying love for the What a Spice! eyeshadows and how I have previously professed my admiration for the original HD Lip Tint Mattes so it should come as no surprise that as soon as the HD Lip Tint Mattes were launched last week, I wasted zero time in making my selection and purchasing a few. I did state back in April that if Inglot released new shades of these lip tint mattes, I would waste no time in picking them up and I am a girl of my word. I've been trialling these for the last few days and I'm ready to let you know what I think!

A little on the What a Spice! HD Lip Tint Mattes before I get into my picks and experience with these. Like the What a Spice! Freedom Eyeshadows, there are 10 different shades available in a variety of mauve, plum, red and neutral tones, all perfectly Autumn appropriate colours. The formula and packaging of these is the exact same as the formula and packaging of the original HD Lip Tint Mattes. The liquid lipstick comes in a transparent tube with a doe-foot applicator and the formula is well pigmented but thin and smells incredible like sweeties but not too overpowering or sickly sweet. I've attached some of the original Inglot imagery so you can get a better feel for the collection and the colours offered.
When I was choosing colours, I went with my old reliable - different varieties and tones of mauvey/smokey pinks. I went for the shades 26, 32, 33 and 37 because they all appealed to me in different ways. These retail for €22 each which is a €2 hike from the last time I purchased some of these HD lip tint mattes. 26 is a lovely mid pink berry shade whereas 32 is a mauve pink shade with slightly grey undertones. 33 is a mix between a dark plum, a mauve and a grey in my mind and is so autumnal that my heart has little palps and shade 37 is a little out of my comfort zone altogether as it is a brown shade and I'm not usually a fan of brown on my lips with my colouring. I was feeling very inspired by the What a Spice! red and burgundy toned eyeshadows that I wanted to pair them with a brownier shade than normal for full autumn impact. 
Like the original HD Lip Tints Matte, these are extremely comfortable to wear on the lips. They apply like most liquid lipsticks - shiny and smooth before turning matte. When these do dry on the lips, they don't feel crumbly or heavy - in fact, I barely notice them at all. They don't last for ages - shades 26 and 32 are more forgiving and I find you can get away with for longer than you could with 33 and 37 - the darker the colour, the more obvious the fading - but this is the case with practically all liquid lipsticks that I've tried.  For the lighter shades, I think you'd get 3-4 hours and the darker shades about 2 hours before needing to touch up or reapply. Luckily the doe-foot applicator makes it easier to reapply on the go.

Overall I'm a big fan of both these What a Spice! HD Lip Tint Mattes and the rest of the Inglot What a Spice! collection in general.

Have any of the HD Lip Tint Mattes in the What a Spice! Collection caught your eye?

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation - shades 1.5 and 2.5 - Review, Swatches

One of the most anticipated makeup launches for 2016 was the Urban Decay All Nighter Waterproof Longlasting Liquid Foundation. Urban Decay promise a full coverage foundation with a modern matte finish. I've spent the summer lusting over good old full coverage foundations so I jumped on that bandwagon with gusto - twice. Yes, I have two shades of this foundation now - a summer shade when my skin darkens ever so gently, and my pasty winter shade. This fact alone should indicate to you that I really, really, really like this foundation. In the pictures below, I am wearing the lighter of the two shades I own which is shade 1.5. I take a MAC NW20 for reference but I would say 1.5 is a shade lighter than that so I'd pitch that at NW15 and 2.5 would be a better match for NW20. 
This foundation is incredibly pigmented - one normal pump will cover my whole face and I don't think I can say that about many foundations. I use my Artis Oval 8 brush so I can really buff the product in and depending on my mood, I might sometimes bounce a wet beauty blender over it. This foundation provides instant full coverage - this is one you definitely don't need to build up by applying multiple layers. Given how strongly pigmented this is, it feels quite lightweight on the skin and is not heavy or clingy at all. Also I am pleased to report that this does not look cakey or powdery, again unusual for a matte full coverage foundation, but this matte foundation has a gorgeous matte but not flat finish.  I also have to commend the staying power of this - it's amazing - perhaps even better than my other full coverage foundation HG Estée Lauder Double Wear - this foundation just stays flawless all day long.
I don't have oily skin so I didn't experience any oily breakthroughs or shininess - I did find that I was a little more glowy at the end of a full day of wear but I didn't mind it at all and the foundation held up well around my usual trouble spots - around my nose and around my chin are the usual spots where foundations evaporate over the course of the day. This foundation is oil free which might be a beacon of hope for the oily skinned gals amongst us. I haven't found that this has clung to any dry patches on my skin but I will be keen to see how this foundation fares in the winter months when my skin is at it's most dehydrated. 
I've read a lot about this foundation oxidising badly but I haven't experienced any major oxidising issues. I originally got the shade 2.5 and this was a perfect match for me in the late summer and I noticed as the evenings were getting darker that I was getting a little paler so I went and bought the next shade down which is 1.5. Actually, speaking of shades. the kind ladies at House of Fraser explained to me that all of the cooler or pink toned shades end with .5 and all of the warmer shades or more yellow tones end with .0. I do think that the foundation dries down darker than it looks when you initially apply it but I haven't found that to be significant. I would definitely definitely recommend getting shade matched for this foundation though and if possible, try to get your hands on a sample before forking out for it. Speaking of forking out, this foundation is a rather reasonable €34 for your standard 30 ml / 1 fl.oz bottle. I think the packaging on this is so luxurious feeling - sturdy metal bottle with cutout detail so you can see both the shade of the foundation and how much you have left. The foundation comes with a built in airpump so you are guaranteed to get every drop of foundation out of the bottle, unlike some other glass bottled foundations or worse still, foundations that don't even come with pumps! 
This was my first time dipping my toe into the Urban Decay base offerings and I have to say, I am honestly genuinely so happy to have discovered this foundation. I don't wear full coverage foundations every day of the week but when I do want full coverage or a foundation that I know is going to stand the test of time, this is going to be my first choice. As I said already, if you're thinking about trying this foundation out for yourselves, I would strongly recommend getting shade matched in store first because there is no easy way of deciphering the different shades. This foundation is available online from Debenhams, House of Fraser and FeelUnique.

Have you been tempted by the Urban Decay All Nighter foundation also?

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Kylie Lip Kits - worth the hype?

I am not a fan of the Kardashians - it's not that I don't like them per se but I don't watch their TV shows or follow them on social media. We know the makeup loving world went crazy for the Kylie Jenner lip last year when Kylie exploded on to the scene wearing a variety of 90s nude and mauve shades so I was not at all surprised that she decided to capitalise on this trend and launch her own cosmetics line with her Lip Kits being the first offering. I wasn't immediately enticed by these - quite the opposite actually - celebrity endorsed products usually have the effect of turning me off and I vowed that I wouldn't buy into the Kardashian krap. Also, at $29 for a lip kit plus $15 international shipping AND the risk of getting caught by customs, it wasn't worth it to me. As the months rolled on, I grew more and more curious because of the hype that was generated online around these lip kits. I am weak for liquid lipsticks - in fact, I think 2016 will forever be known as the year of the liquid lipsticks in my mind - and because of this curiosity, I decided it would be worth trying out these lip kits myself. The original formula of these was met with criticism but the formula has been reformulated and this new composition seems to have down swimmingly with the masses.
I made several small orders when Kylie reduced the price of international shipping to $5 for 48 hours a couple of weeks back, and I'm pleased to let you all know that I did not get caught for any customs charges on any of my orders (this is purely luck however so be wary that you run the risk of customs charges any time you order from the US and your order including the price of shipping is more than $30. I ordered three lip kits in total - Koko K, Candy K and Posie K. The packages arrived in about a week which I thought was impressive and they were packaged well with foam. I got three varieties of pink shades in total.
I have found that all of the shades have applied in the exact same way and have lasted similarly in terms of pigmentation. wear time and feel on the lips. I will show you the colours I picked up first before sharing my thoughts on these.
Koko K is a nude light warm pink shade. When you apply the lipliner, the shade was almost bordering on coral, but the liquid lipstick brought it back down to a pink again. I think this is one of those pinks that would be flattering on pretty much any pale or fair skin tone. 
Candy K looked more brown in the tube than I was expecting but is actually a dusty rose colour of my lips and against my skin tone. I heard that NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Stockholm was meant to be a good dupe for this but I think Candy K is a lot rosier than Stockholm is. If you're into your 90s lip shades and are afraid of veering too far into the brown spectrum, this is a great colour. 
Posie K was my favourite out of the three shades that I tried because it is just such a gorgeous shade. I'd describe it as a wearable bright blue toned pink. The lipliner alone is a softer shade but when teamed with the liquid lipstick it is just perfection. This is such a great colour for the office because it literally does not budge all day long. 
So for my collective thoughts on the formula and wear of these - I don't want to admit it but I will admit it - I really really rate these. I wanted to be able to pick out some flaw with the product but I really can't. I like the packaging, I like the small head on the doe-foot applicator, I like the smooth creaminess of the lipliners and the comfortable texture of them on my lips when I apply them. The liquid lipsticks apply in quite a thin layer so they are pleasant on the lips and because they dry down to a completely matte finish, they last surprisingly long, particularly when you pair them with the accompanying lipliners. The product smells nice, it applies smoothly and evenly and doesn't dry so quickly that you don't have the time to work with it. They remind me a lot of the Colour Pop liquid lipsticks but I feel that the formula is just that little bit thinner in consistency when on the lips which I actually prefer. I suffer from dry lips at the best of times but these lipliners and liquid lipsticks have not exacerbated this - I always put a good thick layer of Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream every night and this puts a bit of moisture back into my lips. I would say that your lips have to be primed and moisturised before you apply these as they will really highlight any fine lines or cracks in your lips over the course of wear. I use the MAC Prep + Prime Lip and it does the job perfectly. These last for HOURS - particularly Posie K - I've been able to apply this for work at 7am and come home at 7pm and it still looks perfectly decent after a day of talking and eating and drinking.
My only criticism of these products is the price tag - at $29 a pop, I think these are far too expensive. Granted, they are good quality and they perform well, but when you consider that a Colour Pop lipliner and liquid lipstick duo would set you back $11, you can really tell how much you are paying for the celebrity endorsement. Not only are the products themselves expensive. the cost of international shipping is $14.95 which pushes you into the customs danger zone. These are nice lip products but not high end lip products. A few weeks back, Kylie Cosmetics offered a $5 international shipping promotion which definitely took the sting off a bit and if they offered a similar promotion in the future, I would definitely consider purchasing another.

Have you tried any Kylie lip kits or are you tempted to try them? I've my eye on Moon and Lovesick next and we won't even get started on that Burgundy palette! 

Friday, 14 October 2016

Stylpro - Makeup Brush Cleaner and Drier - why it's not for me!

Almost every single makeup loving person knows how much of an ungodly chore it is to wash those makeup brushes, so when the Stylpro Makeup Brush Cleaner and Drier burst on to the market last year, I wasted no time at all in sweeping it up and making it mine. Anything that takes the boredom out of scrubbing my makeup brushes by the sink sounds like it would be very welcome in my life. My boyfriend actually ended up buying this for me because I wouldn't stop going on about how I thought this product would change my life and make me a better person, and I think he got it directly from the Stylfile UK website. Meaghers Pharmacy stock this online and it retails for a saucy €65 and the Stylpro Brush Cleansing Solution (more on that later) is €14.95 for a 250ml bottle.

You can't blame me for being seduced by the promise:
The StylPro is a totally unique way to hygienically clean and dry makeup brushes in seconds. It uses centrifugal spin technology so that brushes are literally ready to re-use in seconds. No more messy basins or waiting hours for brushes to dry.

I've never heard of centrifugal spin technology but if it took the sting out of washing brushes at my sink, I couldn't wait to try it. I also have a soft spot for "Inventor Tom" or Tom Pellereau - winner of The Apprentice and business partner of Lord Alan Sugar- I'm a huge massive fan of The Apprentice. I was excited to see what all the hype was about! 
The Stylpro Makeup Brush Cleaner and Drier comes with a small battery operating spinner device (two AAA batteries), rubber caps and a glass bowl and to be honest, the €65 price tag seems a little steep for what you get. It doesn't feel like bad quality but it doesn't feel particular robust either, especially the little spinning device. The kit was made in China so it was probably produced for pennies. One thing I did really like about the spinning device is that it comes with a tiny lightbulb which shines light on the brush being cleaned whilst it is spinning.  The dealio is that you put a capful of the Stylpro Brush Cleansing Solution into the glass bowl in the kit, making sure the black rim is attached to the bowl, pick a fitting for your brush handle and attach your brush to the fitting and the fitting to the black spinning device, dip the brush hairs in the solution for 10 seconds, gently working the brush into the product, then spin the brush in the solution for 10 seconds, lift out of the solution but keep the brush in the glass bowl and spin for 10 second and you should be left with a shining, spotlessly clean and dry makeup brush. If that's confusing or you think I am lying to you, have a look at the official video on their website demonstrating how the Stylpro is used.
The Brush Cleansing Solution, or the Stylpro Makeup Brush Cleanser deep cleaning brush cleanser and conditioner, is supposed to be suitable for both natural and synthetic brushes and, aswell as being deep cleaning, contains nourishing wheatgerm, grapeseed and argan oils to condition the brush. The solution does not contain parabens, alcohol or sulphates. My friend Kat from is an absolute scientific genius and especially interested in bacterial community analysis, and she very rightly pointed out to me that there is no soap/detergent in the ingredients list but instead a petroleum based oily solvent (isododecane) and essential oils and she mentioned that if an amount of this isododecane was left on the brushes, that it could cause oil loving acnes to grow. Kat even looked at the research and trials that Stylpro carried out and she was not entirely convinced about the type of bacteria that the solution was tested against. I really value what Kat says particularly because she is well qualified to speak on this topic. She did recommend that, if you use this cleanser, to spritz the brushes with surgical spirits and wipe off after. This is an extra step that was not recommended in the instruction manual, adds extra time.

I was one of the early adopters of the Stylpro so I hadn't read too much in terms of reviews or testimonials before I got this. I read the instructions, assembled the parts and began washing my brushes. Now, I'm just going to come out and say it - I don't really like the Stylpro very much and I don't feel like my brushes would be as spick and span as they would be had they been washed thoroughly at my sink with warm running water, a good detergent, a decent rinse and a nice gentle air dry. 

My main quibbles (aside from the fact that I have questions on how clean the brush solution actually leaves the brushes) are:

1. I don't like re-using the Brush Cleansing Solution (i.e. dipping a dirty brush into dirty solution to clean it) so I was going through that stuff by the bottle. There wasn't even a bottle of the Brush Cleansing Solution included in the box!
2. I think it was WAY too expensive for what it is. I get that you are paying for innovation - trust me I know all about that in my line of work - but the price is too much at £50/€65.
3. The Stylpro system did not work with any of my other brush cleansing solutions - my Dr Bronner Liquid Castille Soap, baby shampoo, hair shampoo or my beloved Daiso Duff detergent. The only detergent that worked with this Stylpro was the brush cleansing solution and you are advised not to dilute this with water. The brush cleansing solution is €14.95 a pop and when I clean brushes, I clean dozens at a time so it would be pretty costly. It's not that the detergents caused any massive bubble or foam explosion, it was just not possible to get all the foundation off a brush by dipping the brush hairs into warm water and shampoo and spinning for another ten seconds - the brushes were not dry and they still needed to be rinsed.
4. It's not recommended to rinse your brush head in between dunking it into the cleansing solution and letting it soak for ten seconds and spinning it to get it dry. This just feels dirty to me. I'd personally prefer to use plenty of hot water to rinse off all of the brush hairs. Even spritzing with surgical spirits and wiping brushes afterwards takes time and I think I would rather just clean my brushes manually.
5. You are quite limited in the types of brushes you can clean due to the size of the little black rubber caps that you attach to the spinning device - spinning Real Techniques brushes with their hourglass shapes brush handles was a bit of an ordeal.
6. I've no way of proving it but I wonder if the centrifugal spinning action would actually have a detrimental effect on the glue holding the brush hairs together in the ferrule of the brush - I think it's highly possible that this quick spinning action would, over time, cause the glue to weaken.
7. I didn't find it to be that much of a timesaver to be honest but I wasn't just happy to dip brush in, shimmy the brush about and give it a good whirl. I cannot get past the non-rinse stage.

Either way, I haven't been very impressed with this Stylpro and I haven't used it in months as, even though it's a chore, I personally prefer being able to wash my brushes with a proper detergent, rinse them off thoroughly and allow them to dry naturally.  I've left the Stylpro sitting on my shelf gathering dust. I imagine if you are very stuck for time and you need your makeup brushes "washed" and dried quickly, this would be ok, but really there is no substitute for good old fashioned water, soap and elbow grease to get those brushes spick and span.

Again, I know I'm in the minority because I have seen amazing glowing reviews and demos of this product so as always, don't kill me if you don't agree with me. I am disappointed with this but i look forward to Inventor Tom's next beauty innovation and I hope that that will not disappoint. 

Have you tried the Stylpro yet or have you been curious to?


Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics - Review, Swatches

As an avid makeup enthusiast/collector, it's very rare that I would use a product up entirely, particularly an eyeshadow palette. The original Urban Decay Naked Basics palette was the first and I think only eyeshadow palette that I've ever had to repurchase because I love it that much. Ergo, when I first spied the beauty that is the Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics palette, I knew it had to be mine and the day that it was released, I made it mine. This palette is €47 from Debenhams and House of Fraser. I'm a sucker for neutrals and particularly a sucker for matte neutrals so this palette had so much promise from the outset. Unfortunately, I don't think Urban Decay have capitalised on this promise to their full potential, and whilst I like this palette, I don't love it. Let me elaborate...
The packaging of this palette is absolutely off the grid in my opinion - it looks and feels so luxurious that it makes the €47 price tag look bargainous. Not only is the packaging a joy to look it, it's sturdy and robust, not too clunky or weighty, has a magnetised closure and a huge mirror which - brace yourselves - stands upright all by itself without needing to be propped against anything (it's the little things!). There is no wasted space inside the palette and I must admit I really enjoy the 2 x 6 configuration as opposed to a long line of shadows like the other Naked palettes. There is a little brush included with a fluffy end on one side and a smudgy end on the other - I very rarely use these brushes tbh but if I was caught in a pinch, this one doesn't feel bad at all. 

As for the line up of shadows themselves - again this is such a rarity to be able to say this - but on first glance I would gladly use every single one of these colours and I cannot remember the last time I have been able to say that. I love the mixture of light and dark, of cool and warm. I was overjoyed to see that Urban Decay filled all of the 12 pan spots with sensible, useable colours. I'm honestly so basic when it comes to eyeshadows and I rarely step outside my neutrals comfort zone so I am relieved there is no acid green or psychedelic pink in this line up. To some, I'm sure this palette will be too boring but honestly it's right up my conservative street. 
Blow is the only non-matte shade in this line up. Slightly peachier then one of my favourite UD shadows of all time (Virgin), this is a lovely light wash over the lid. It has a slight shimmer which translates to a sheen on the eye and it looks good paired with any of the other shades in the palette. If I hit pan on any shade in this palette, I predict I will hit pan on this first.
Nudie is a matte light peach shade and my least favourite shade in the entire palette - for whatever reason, this barely shows up on my skin tone but as I'm not a peach skinned person I think this shadow just applies really sheerly - very unusual for a matte. Even when you build up the colour, it's barely visible.
Commando is a warm dark beige shade and applies beautifully in the crease and is completely matte. I found, like many of the other shades in this palette that they apply to my eyelids darker than they appear in the pan.
Tempted is another light brown shade with a pink undertone that can pull either warm or cool depending on whatever other eyeshadows you choose to pair this with. It reminds me of MAC Haux.
Instinct is a dusty mauve pink shade - my favourite kind of lip colour - and it applies beautifully in the crease. This is probably my favourite shade of the whole palette. Like Nudie, I feel like the formula of this is a little sheerer than some of the other shades but it's easy enough to build up the intensity. The colour of this (not the formula) is a dead ringer for one of my favourite MakeupGeek eyeshadows in Petal Pusher.
Lethal is a dark plummy shade that loses a little bit of its plumminess from the pan when put on the eyelids. Again, it applies quite sheerly but is easily buildable.
PreGame is actually my least favourite colour in the line up but only because I find it pulls very yellow on my skin tone and I don't really like that. It is well pigmented and has a matte finish.
Extra Bitter was the other standout colour that caught my eye when I first caught a glimpse of this palette. It's a gorgeous warm coppery earthy reddish brown shade that applies beautifully. This is without a doubt the best performing eyeshadow in the palette.
Faith is a warm medium brown that again performs well relatively easily compared to some of the other shadows in the palette. Lockout is a darker warm brown shade than Faith and is also easier to apply than other shadows in the palette.
Magnet is a dark grey with a slightly smoky purple undertone. Again, the formula of this was quite thin but is easily blendable.
Blackjack is the token black shade that one would expect in a neutral matte palette - however, it is quite poorly pigmented in comparison to some other black shadows I have. It's good for adding a smoky touch but the formula is poor enough. This is one of the poorest black eyeshadows that I have come across.

My comments for the palette overall - the shadows are soft but for the most part I would not say that they are particularly buttery - there is a little bit of fallout when you put your brush in but they do apply easily for the most part, are blendable and buildable.  I mentioned that the shadows look lighter in the pan than they do when they are applied to the lid and that took a little bit of getting used to. The eyeshadows last well on primed eyelids - I've applied at 7am for work and arrived home at 7pm and they still look decent (granted not perfect but reasonably fine). These shadows are not the most pigmented, not the softest and the colour on the lids is different to the pan - so overall I am disappointed with the Naked Ultimate Basics. I think you have to work harder with this palette than you do with other palettes but somehow I always find that the end result is worth it, it's just the effort it takes to get there is something I could do without. This palette is not the perfection that I hoped it would be. I know Urban Decay can do better neutral matte shades - Urban Decay Riff being the prime example - so it's a pity that this not translate. Even the swatches above took far too many attempts to try to convey the colour. I know I am probably one of the minority who was not impressed with this palette, and I can never discount the possibility that maybe I got a dud one, but I think this palette, like the Naked Smoky, has been massively overhyped and has not lived up to the promise.

Have you tried the Naked Ultimate Basics palette yet? Do you think I'm being overly critical?

Monday, 10 October 2016

INGLOT What a Spice! Collection - Eyeshadows, Lipsticks, Lipliner - Review and Swatches

I first spied the Inglot What a Spice! collection on Facebook a few weeks back, and all that i was able to find in the interim were some (presumably) Polish tutorials showcasing the different products. The collection itself launched in Inglot Ireland's flagship store on South Anne Street, just off Grafton Street, and online last Monday. I wasted no time in getting my order in and I've been playing with the products for the best part of a week now. The entire What a Spice! collection consists of 10 Freedom matte eyeshadows, ten matte lipsticks and five colourplay lipliners. I chose all of the eyeshadows because warm toned colours are my jam especially at this time of year, two of the lipsticks and one lipliner. I'm not usually a fan of Inglot lipsticks but the colours I picked up caught my eye and I wanted to try them out for myself so I made an order from the Inglot Ireland website. Without further ado, on to the products!


There were 10 eyeshadows available in the What a Spice collection - from burgundy to purple to cranberry, warm browns, dusty pinks - a gorgeous line up by any standard and bound to appeal to the hearts of warm-toned eyeshadow lovers. I was reasonably happy getting these given that the Inglot eyeshadows are my favourite Inglot products. Each eyeshadow is €6 and the entire collection with a Freedom palette will set you back €75. If you look at the palette below, it just screams autumn. All of the colours perform well, apply and blend beautifully and have great pigmentation for matte formulas. As far as I am concerned, the Freedom Eyeshadows are Inglot's stand out product and these shadows are no exception - they are incredible. If you love warm, autumnal tones, I highly recommend you check these out.


There are also ten matte lipsticks in the What a Spice! collection, from dusty mauves to nudes, smokey grey and browns to vampy reds. 

Whilst I was intrigued by many of the colours, I narrowed my purchase choices down to two colours in particular - 443 and 444. I'm not the greatest fan of Inglot lip products - with the exception of the HD Lip Tints (and Inglot UK is selling a What a Spice HD Matte Lip Tint collection so I imagine they will be available for us to purchase in Ireland pretty soon!) - so I limited myself to just two to see if I would get on with them. These lipsticks are VERY matte and very dry, so much so that they are quite difficult to apply direct from the bullet at they tug a little. That said, the colours themselves are beautiful - 443 is a gorgeous grey toned mauve pink and 443 is a dark peach toned nude that would look great with a dark smokey eye. There are two other shades in the collection that I am curious by so I'll swing by an Inglot store in the near future to check them out in person. These lipsticks will set you back €15 a piece.


I wasn't planning on purchasing a Colourplay lipliner but then I saw swatches in one of the Polish tutorials on Youtube of this particular colour and, even though I had lots of similar colours, I just knew I had to have the Inglot Colourplay Lipliner in 319. This is a brilliant match for the Inglot Matte Lipstick in 443 mentioned above and looks great all over the lips on its own also. I have a little bug bear with the packaging - whilst the lip liner is retractable which pleases me greatly, it's impossible to tell from the outside what the colour inside is, which means that in a few weeks or months time, it's very likely that this lipliner will get lost in my makeup collection as there is nothing to distinguish it- I wish there was some sort of colour indicator as there is on MAC lip pencils but alas Inglot have decided not to do so. That aside, this is a beautiful colour. These lipliners are €13 a pop.

I haven't been this excited by an Inglot limited edition collection in a long time but this What a Spice! collection is something special, particularly the eyeshadows. If you don't believe me, go to your nearest Inglot counter and prepare to be blown away when you swatch them for yourselves. 

What do you think of this What a Spice! collection? Is there anything that catches your eye?

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Kat von D Beauty - Collection, Review, Swatches and Recommendations

Makeup lovers on this side of the Atlantic rejoiced when the news broke that Kat von D's beauty line, previously exclusive to Sephora in the US, would be stocked in Debenhams for our purchasing pleasure. I have been accumulating her products for the last year or so - every time I or a friend visited the States, there would be a Kat von D pitstop involved somewhere along the line. I know that this is a brand that will be very new to a lot of my readers so I thought it would be helpful to give a little round up of what I've liked, loved and loathed in my own Kat von D stash to enable you to make more informed purchases in the coming weeks and months.


I'll start off with complexion products and of course, the infamous Lock-It range which has earned Kat von D huge praise. I've tried the Lock-It Tattoo foundation, the Lock-It concealer and corrector, the new Lock-It concealer wand and the Lock-It setting powder. The Lock-It Tattoo Foundation was one of the products I was most excited about trying as I love a full coverage foundation when my skin is looking wretched. I take the shade Light 44 and my usual MAC foundation shade is NW20 for reference. This does give very full coverage and lasts well - I've certainly never tested it out over a 24 hour period but in the 12 or so hours that it has been on my face, it's held up well. I haven't worn this for the last few months as the weather was just too warm to contemplate a full coverage foundation but now that the weather has cooled down somewhat, I'll be looking forward to putting this in rotation again.

The Lock-It Concealer and Corrector is a very full coverage concealer/corrector and again, this was another massively hyped up product. I have the shade Light 16. I use this as a concealer for any blemishes or areas of redness on my face - it's a little too thick for my undereye area because I have some fine undereye lines that soak up product like sponges. The trick with this concealer is that a little will go a long way so use sparingly and you should see good results.A more recent purchase of mine has been the new Lock-It Creme Concealer, which unlike the original Concealer and Corrector, comes in a tube with a wand. I've been very pleasantly impressed since I got this and I enjoy the wand as opposed to the tube as it makes it easier to top up my concealer over the course of the day in work etc. This is extremely high coverage and the formula feels a little sheerer than the original Lock-It Concealer and Corrector but it still provides the same level of coverage. I take the shade L13 Cool.

I also picked up the Lock-It Setting Powder in Translucent as I am keen to experiment in baking my makeup - I've not tried it for this purpose yet but my first impressions of the product are that it is very finely milled and the colour is a little less ashy than the usual white translucent loose powders available. 

The infamous Shade + Light Contour Palette was probably the product that put Kat von D on my radar first and the first ever product from the line that I got my hands on. I compared it to the Anastasia Beverley Hills Contour Palette in this post wherein I stated that my only quibble with the Shade + Light palette was that the colours were not individually replaceable - as luck would have it, refills for the Shade + Light palette are now available Stateside and I'm sure it's only a matter of time before they become available on this side of the Atlantic too. 


Next up are the Kat von D eye products that I have tried - from eyeshadows to mascaras to the infamous Tattoo Liner, there have been some hits and misses. To start with the positives, the eyeshadows are absolutely gorgeous, the softest, most pigmented and blendable shadows that you can imagine and some of my all time favourites. The Shade + Light Eye Contour palette is a thing of great beauty, and I'm sure we're all aware of how difficult it can be to lay your hands on decently pigmented matte eyeshadows. The swatches speak for themselves but suffice to say, if you are into your warm toned matte eyeshadows, this needs to go on your shopping list. I love how easy this is to use, how the colours are divided into three quads to help you along with your eye looks.

When I was in the US last year, I picked up some of the Metal Crush Eyeshadows in the most gorgeous Autumnal colours - these are highly pigmented and, unlike the Makeup Geek Foiled Eyeshadows, are long wearing. Synergy is a bronze shade, Raw Power is a deep ruby red and Doce is an orange. These are so incredibly soft that there quite a bit of fallout (and wastage - boo hiss) when you swirl your brush into them the product just crumbles in the pan. They translate beautifully to the eyelids also.

Two of my more recent purchases since Kat von D has become available from are the Shade + Light Eye Contour Quads - there are four different varieties but I got the Plum (purples) and Rust (warm browns). These, unlike the other Shade + Light palettes, come in hard plastic packaging and are quite robust and sturdy, and each palette contains four shades - a base, define, contour and highlight shade. These are similarly pigmented to the original Shade + Light Eye Palette. There is also a smoky and green version of this palette.

Moving on from eyeshadows, the most famed of all Kat von D products has to be the Tattoo Waterproof Liquid Liner and I have the original black one in Trooper. I'm sorry to say that I have found this to be the most underwhelming of all Kat von D products that I have tried and I am so shocked by that because honestly this eyeliner gets massive hype. Sure - the nib of the eyeliner pen is nice, but the actual eyeliner is not that black and does not last as long as I would like. It's a grand eyeliner but nothing special and I wouldn't repurchase.

Finally from the eye department is the Immortal Lash mascara and this I hated in the way I hate Benefit's They're Real - this wand absolutely burned the eyeballs off me with the spikes and even looking at this picture of it is making my eyes wince and water. There are no redeeming features - I would just avoid.


Another one of Kat von D's most famed products are the Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks and with good reason. These are amongst my favourite liquid lipsticks of all time. The formula is quite thin so they don't crepe up in your lips BUT I would caution that if you are reapplying over the course of the day to remove what you already have on your lips and start again as when this formula dries down, it really dries down and the net effect of constantly reapplying this on your lips would probably be like layering a couple of layers of cement on your lips.  I will definitely pick up more of these.

Lastly but not leastly, Kat von D also does a range of normal lipsticks in a bullet format - the Studded Kiss lipsticks. These promise long wearing colour and high performance pigment, and they're grand lipsticks, but they don't hold a candle to the Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks.

That's just a brief whistlestop tour of my Kat von D collection to date and I hope it will help those of you who are not yet familiar with the brand to make some educated purchases from Debenhams if you are so inclined. My top recommendations are the Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks, the Shade + Light Contour and Eye Contour Palettes, the Lock-It Concealer Creme - I think all of these are must haves from the line. Kat von D is available online from the Debenhams website now and the line won't be available in stores for another year or so.

Tell me what's on your Kat von D wishlist? Do you have any recommendations for me?

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