Sunday, 21 August 2016

Back to blogging - why I haven't been creating content recently

I've thought long and hard over the last few months - not on whether to post this particular post or not - but whether I should pack the whole blogging thing in after a fun few years. Because I have been markedly absent from this here blog for quite a while, I feel like it just just be weird to start up again as if time never passed, without addressing the main reason that I haven't been posting. I don't personal stuff on here often and I'm sure many of you are here just for the makeup chats. Normal makeup chats will resume soon I promise! 

I started blogging almost five years ago, purely for the love of makeup and the longing to share my thoughts on it. The only reason I ever started blogging was because I just wanted to talk about makeup. I did not share or publish a post for months - I was quite content keeping my little corner of the internet private. I never sought a career or fame, I never imagined I would be asked to press events and sent out products to try out.

Unfortunately, blogging, and particularly beauty blogging, has become synonymous with deceit and distrust in the last year or so. This has affected me greatly and has really impacted my will to blog if I am quite honest. I see a small minority out of what must be hundreds of bloggers in Ireland alone tarnishing the rest of us - I don't approve of, condone or accept their practices i.e. not disclosing samples, payment or affiliate links. I've no issues whatsoever with anyone making a few bob from their blogs - blogging is expensive and time consuming - but I think there is no excuse for not being transparent and upfront. This has been addressed to the hilt before so I have no intention of rehashing it. 

I have really thought long and hard about continuing on with this blog, but I keep coming back to the same thing. I love makeup, I love writing and creating content, I love the interaction I get with other bloggers, I love trying new products, testing things out, keeping notes, compiling my thoughts, taking photos, getting content up online and getting feedback. I don't want to give it up, I want to get that blogging buzz back again, that sense of pride. I've been building up to this for a while so I just want to set the record clear for the avoidance of all doubt.
  1. Every single post on this here blog is 100% mine - my opinions, my experiences. I treat and regard a product that I receive in a PR press drop the same as if I had splashed the cash on it myself. My reputation as a straight shooter is more important to me than the next PR sample. Integrity is key. I don't recommend products lightly, I'll tell you out straight if I hate something and why it didn't light any fires for me. If I appear glowingly enthusiastic about a product, it's because it has impressed me and I am excited to let you know. Not all people love all products equally and differing opinions and experiences does not make a blogger dishonest.
  2. Celebrity is not important to me, it doesn't even remotely appeal to me to be frank. I have a full time job that pays all my bills and enables me to buy makeup. I don't think I am anything special or any different to the readers of my blog. I keep my private life private - my work is private and my home life is private. You will never see me documenting my whole life all on Snapchat - I'd rather live in the moment. And I will never ever call myself a "digital influencer". I'm here to let you know how I find products, not to make sales.
  3. Trust is everything to me as a reader - there are some bloggers that I trust implicitly, irrespective of whether they are blogging about a PR sample or working on paid content. There are other bloggers that I just don't engage with, don't read and don't pay any attention to- that's life. If you don't like any blog or don't trust a particular blogger, just don't follow them, don't let it bother you. There are bloggers that I don't follow because I am just not interested in what they do but I would never take to a forum to bash them. 
  4. I am lucky enough to receive products from brands and PR companies for consideration of review. I have never specifically disclosed this in posts before, but I've also never denied or tried to hide it. The origins of where X product came from really don't impact my judgment (except I retain the right to be extra peeved if I have forked over my hard earned money for absolute rubbish). In the interests of complete transparency going forward, I will now include a disclaimer at the end of every post where the product has been gifted to me by a brand/ PR company.

I feel better for having set the record straight and I genuinely am so excited to start creating content again. I hope I have made my position clear but if you ever have any specific queries, please do not hesitate to contact me on any one of my social media channels. 

Back to beauty now I promise! 
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