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Colour Pop Cosmetics - Lippie Stix and Ultra Matte Lips - Swatches and Review

A couple of weeks back I mentioned in this post that I made my first Colour Pop purchase and that I would duly try the products and report back on how I found them. Colour Pop is one of the most hyped brands online in recent times but is currently only available online in the US and there is no international delivery available (I've heard that international delivery is in the works though so watch this space!). I used a parcel forwarding service to have some Colour Pop forwarded to me. Colour Pop is extremely affordable and a lot of the products are very heavily endorsed by various Youtubers- many personalities have collaborated with ColourPop to bring out their own variations of Colour Pop's most loved products. When I was trying to pick things out in my first order, I honestly could have gone mad, there are so many colours available on the site. I picked up a cross section of products and today I'm just opining on the lip products that I picked up.

There are four different types of lip products available - Lippie Pencils (lipliners), Lippie Stix (lipsticks), Ultra Matte Lips (matte liquid lipsticks) and Ultra Satin Lips (satin finish liquid lipsticks).

Lippie Stix

The Lippie Stix are the Colour Pop equivalent to ordinary lipsticks. They all come in long white bullets and are colour coded on the very bottom of the packaging and when you take the lids off. These are $5 a piece. I got two shades to try - Lumiere from the Kathleen Lights collection and Tootsi. Lumiere is a gorgeous mauve pink, similar to MAC Syrup and Tootsi is a grey toned beige shade. I wouldn't say that these are very matte in the traditional sense- to my mind, they are more of a satin finish. They are comfortable to wear and last about 3 hours before needing to be touched up. Whilst I'm not mad about the packaging, for less than a fiver each, these are pretty impressive and I would definitely pick up more.

Ultra Matte Lips

The Ultra Matte Lips are undoubtedly Colour Pop's most celebrated product and the main reason that I placed an order with Colour Pop in the first place. These have been celebrated and hailed by so many people that honestly the hype was real. I picked up 9 different shades to try out. What I will say about these is that the formula of these is very matte and very thin, easy enough to apply, comfortable enough on the lips and 2 coats give optimum colour opacity. Because the formula is so thin and matte, it can be very unforgiving if you have textured or dry lips. I also find these to be quite drying if you wear them over the course of a day. In terms of reapplying, I found that the product was a little flaky when built up in multiple laters so I would take a wipe or a cotton pad soaked with Bioderma, remove the residue from my lips, apply MAC Prep + Prime Lip and then reapply the Ultra Matte Lips over it. They are not lip perfection in all honestly but they are mighty impressive - especially considering the tiny $6 price tag! 
Midi : Neutral pinky beige shade, a good nude shade for paler ladies.
Trap : A grey/pink/lilac shade, very unusual colour and probably one of my favourites of the whole bunch. With no other makeup, this kind of makes me look like a dead person but with the right eye makeup, I love this colour.
StingRAYE : This is another collab product with some Youtuber called Raye (unknown to me) and it's a gorgeous mauve colour. It leans a little too brown on me for my liking, I'd not struck on browns on my cool skin tone, but it's not the kind of brown that looks like chocolate smeared all over the lips.
Bad Habit : I don't often veer into the bold lip territory but this colour is absolutely stunning, I am obsessed. This is a dark cool toned mauve pink and I honestly cannot even cope with how much I love the colour. The formula of this was slightly less dry and more forgiving than the other lighter shades that I tried.

Beeper : On my fair skin tone, again this looks a little brown on me, and I was hoping it would be a little pinker. This is one of the most hyped Colour Pop shades and I can understand the hype. This is very similar to StingRAYE on me so if you are similarly pale, I definitely would get one of the other, I don't see the need for both.
Clueless : This is a gorgeous dusty mauvey cool toned pink - now this colour is right up my street!
Tulle : This is described as a mauve burgundy shade, which is actually pretty accurate. It's a deep reddish brown with just a hint of mauvey smoke to it
More Better : This was the most disappointing of all the shades that I tried. The formula of this one was a lot drier and more difficult to work with than the others. You would definitely need a lipliner with this one because the formula of this is feathery. It's a pleasant plummy wine colour but I prefer Bad Habit.
Creeper : This is what I would call the perfect red lip - if blue toned reds are your thing, then this is a necessary addition to your shopping list.

Overall, I can see why Colour Pop is so hyped, their colour selection is vast and the prices are unbelievable. If you have fine lines, dry lips or textured lips, I'd probably veer away from the very pale colours as they seem to expose all lip imperfections. I'll definitely order more from Colour Pop - rumour has it that they will soon be offering international delivery which will cut out the need to use a parcel forwarding service. I've also been trialling their Super Shock Shadows over the last few weeks so I will bring swatches of those in your direction as soon as I get a chance. If you are interested in learning more about the Colour Pop range, check out the Colour Pop website, and if you are dying to get your hands on some Colour Pop asap, check out this post where I detailed my experience with a US parcel forwarding service. Let me know in the comments below if any colour particularly stood out to you or if there is anything that you are dying to try!



  1. I love the look of Clueless so much, almost tempted to buy it at a grossly inflated price on ebay!! Fab swatches Aisling.

  2. I love the look of Clueless so much, almost tempted to buy it at a grossly inflated price on ebay!! Fab swatches Aisling.

  3. Fantastic blog once again Aisling. As sharon says the inflated price would deter me

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