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NEW Morphe Brushes Eyeshadows - Review and Swatches

You might recall that a few months back, I reviewed a batch of single Morphe eyeshadows that I had ordered (click here and here to jog your memory) and I recently reviewed their much hyped 35O eyeshadow palette. Back in January, Morphe Brushes or Morphe released a whole new array of single eyeshadow colours, and I duly ordered some to try out. My original order seemed to have gone missing in the post - I contacted Morphe twice by email after 6 weeks to enquire as to the status of my order and only got a response when I opened a Paypal dispute a week later... I know these companies are busy and I don't like having to go nuclear but it worked - Morphe reshipped the eyeshadows to me. I've been trialling them for about 2 weeks now and I've collected my thoughts. 

Overall, in this new range of colours, there are some hits and misses. The hits are epic and the misses are pretty dire. Each eyeshadow now costs $2.29 (this is an increase of 30c per shadow) but using codes like 'JACATTACK' will get you an extra discount if you were thinking about ordering, plus Morphe do special discount codes every so often, 20% off and the like. There is no denying that these are inexpensive but the shipping from Morphe is more expensive than other US websites with similar products (e.g. Makeup Geek) so I do factor in the cost of postage when making Morphe orders.

The new shadows are overwhelmingly neutral / mauvey when looking at them collectively. There are a lot of mattes and a lot of transition colours and a few shimmery shades. Unlike previous versions, I found some of the mattes in this collection to be extremely grainy, almost like sand, and quite poorly pigmented. The shimmery/metallic shades were, for the most part, more pigmented but I also found that they would crease and fade more than any of the other colours so a good primer is absolutely essential. More detail is provided on each of the colours individually below. 

1st Row: Perfection, Flawless, Peanut, Swine, Sweets, Sweet Escape, Golden Glory (old collection)
2nd Row: Peekaboo, Undress Me, Candy Bloom, Celebration, I Heart You, Magic, Marry Her
3rd Row: Hanky Panky, Private Agent, Infinity and Beyond, Vixen, Mocha, Tipsy
4th Row: Matte, Buckle Up, Drive In, Attitude, Castlebay, Bitter, Treasure

 Attitude is a mid tone metallic brown that looks cool enough in the pan but is quite warm when swatched. Gorgeous colour, decently pigmented, applies easily.
 Bitter is a warm toned metallic brown that reminds me a lot of MAC Mulch - again, good pigmentation, applies easily, but needs a good primer underneath.
 Buckle Up is a mid tone warm brown that reminds me a lot of MAC Uninterrupted in the pan but not necessarily on the eyelid. This is more satin than matte, is nice and smooth and applies evenly without a ton of fallout, but the colour itself is not very pigmented and it took a couple of swipes to build up the opacity to the colour you see above. 
 Candy Bloom reminds me of one of my most cherished Makeup Geek eyeshadows - Cupcake - but it doesn't hold a candle to Cupcake. It's slightly darker and smokier than Cupcake but again, needs to be built up a little more in fine layers. I love this colour in the crease and outer V for a subtle daytime mauve smokey eye.
 Castlebay is an unusual colour - I was hoping it would be a neutral khaki colour but I find that swatched on the lids, it just looks like dirt. No matter what I do with this, it looks dirty. The formula is matte and extremely powdery which means that you get a heck of a lot of fallout which I think adds more to my overwhelming feeling that this looks dirty. I don't know if it's as simple as I don't really like the colour or whether this is a bad shadow but I can't see myself reaching for this too often.
 Celebration is a gorgeous transition crease colour for both mauve and neutral eye looks, it applies beautifully, is decently pigmented and lasts well. One of the highlights of the bunch for me, and again, very similar to but not quite in the same league as Makeup Geek Cupcake.
 Drive In is another mid toned brown that's cooler in tone than Buckle Up and disappointing in the pigmentation stakes also. Unlike most of the other matte Morphe eyeshadows which are very soft and powdery, I found Drive In to be quite hard to pick up on the brush, hard to blend, just too much hard work. 
 Flawless is like the lovechild of Makeup Geek's Peach Smoothie and Creme Brulee eyeshadows. I love this colour as a transition colour, I think it makes blue eyes just pop out of your head and the formula is quite good for a matte formula. There is a fair bit of powder disturbance when you dip your brush into this shadow and your brush will pick up a LOT of product but a good tap will knock off some of the excess and the rest can be easily blended out. A must for your shopping list. 
 Hanky Panky is a cool toned plum shade which was quite hard to pick up pigment from and hard to blend out on the eye. I love the shade but it's just too poorly pigmented for me. 
 I Heart You is another shade that I have been, eh, hearting over the last few weeks. It's VERY pink and even though I like warm tones, I generally try to stay away from anything too pink around my eyes as I feel like it undos all the good work that I do concealing redness. I really like the shade buffed out alot as a transition colour with a dark cool toned brown. Decently pigmented and not too much fallout.
  I was hoping that Infinity and Beyond would be a dupe for MAC Sketch but it's not quite there - it's missing the burgundy undercurrent from Sketch. It is a pretty decently pigmented colour - again because it's a metallic colour - which in Morphe terms means you need a pretty decent primer underneath to stop this creasing and disappearing.
 Magic is probably one of my faves of the entire bunch - not as ruby toned as MAC Cranberry but a damn worthy alternative (I'm not going to say dupe, I only say dupe is a product is actually a true dupe, I'm pedantic like that and I think more should follow suit instead of trying to mislead - I digress) The formula of this reminds me of the Makeup Geek foiled eyeshadows in that it is very metallic and very pigmented- it almost feels like a cream eyeshadow to swatch - so a good primer with this is a must.
 Marry Her is like a strong, darker, more pigmented version of one of my teenage MAC eyeshadow favourites, Stars and Rockets. Really love the shade (but don't know how often I will actually wear it) but the formula of this is great and it's not too powdery.
 Matte was one of the biggest disappointments in my mind because it was very powdery and very poorly pigmented and took a couple of swipes to get it up to the opacity that you see in my hand. Very meh.
 I thought Mocha would be like MAC Mystery with a little bit of warmth but it's not - again, the shadow is quite tough to pick up and blend so this is too much like hard work to actually use.
 Peanut, like Flawless, is a nice transition colour. It's soft and you pick up a lot of product on the brush but it's one of those shades that lends itself to being blended and buffed to the moon and still retain its integrity, it's forgiving like that.
 Peekaboo is a lot warmer than I thought it would be- lightly swatched, it would be a lovely blush, it reminds me of a matte version of Nars' Orgasm, but on my eyes, I'm just not able to think about bringing myself to do it. Time will tell.
 Now you know I don't throw the term 'dupe' out there lightly but Perfection is a dupe for MAC Nylon. Application wise, they feel different, but when applied, these are the exact same - bright, yellow toned, see the glow from Mars type colour. 
 I love the colour of Private Agent but it's not as pigmented as I would personally like - again, a litte dry and chalky so not the biggest dreamboat to be blending in the crease. 
 Sweet Escape is a nicely pigmentation shadow but I think it would make a nicer blush than eyeshadow. It's easy to blend and not too powdery to pick up with a brush.
 Since I clapped eyes on Sweets, I've wanted to wear it on the lids with a gorgeous burgundy shade like Makeup Geek Bitten in the crease. This screams autumn to me, I really love the shade. Another must have for your shopping lists I would say.
 Swine is very poorly pigmented, very powdery, had great potential to be a great transition colour but fell flat.
 Tipsy looks dark in the pan but is very poorly pigmented. Not worth purchasing in my opinion.
 Treasure is a gorgeous colour- reminds me of MAC Sable. I think this would be a lovely lid single colour buffed well out into the crease.
 Undress Me is a gorgeous shade, one of my faves for the crease and an absolute must have on your next Morphe order.
 Vixen was the worst and most disappointing shadow of all the Morphe shadows that I got in this batch. So poorly pigmented, so patchy and dry and chalky, I don't care if it was only $2, I think it was a waste of $2! Avoid!
So as you can tell from the above, there were definitely some hits and some misses in this new batch of Morphe Brushes eyeshadows. To be honest, overall I felt quite underwhelmed - sure, there were a few nice shades - but I felt overall that the quality of these was lacking, particularly in comparison to the two Morphe pre-made eyeshadow palettes that I have. I think I prefer the quality of the eyeshadows in the palettes than I do the individual eyeshadows, and usually it is the other way around for me. I wouldn't go running to purchase more shades again any time soon. If you are looking to purchase any of these eyeshadows, head over to the Morphe website now.

Have you bit the Morphe cherry yet? If you have, what have your thoughts been? If not, what would you like to try? 


  1. Great swatches, Aisling! I really like a couple of the berry toned shades in there, and some of the warm browns, but it's disappointing to hear that a few of the darker ones are chalky. I haven't used my Morphe shadows in ages, must dig them out again x

  2. Is peanut darker than flawless? & what's the difference in the undertones?


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