Monday, 21 December 2015

NY Haul #3 : MAC

Lord knows I love me some MAC so when I was in New York, I couldn't not pick up any MAC products. The MAC Holiday Kits this year didn't float my boat as they have done in previous years so I wasn't too enthused about those but I did have a couple of items on my wishlist that I was keen to pick up.  
First up was the Irresistibly Charming Glitters and Pigments in Gold. There was 25% off all MAC holiday gift sets in Macys so it would have been rude not to. The colours included are from L-R: pigments in Naked, Blonde's Gold, Out all Night and a glitter in Reflects Bronze. The pigments have 2.4g of product in each and the glitter has 1.9g, which is plenty as I have never been able to get to the bottom of a jar of MAC pigment.
 In the Cosmetic Company Outlet (CCO) in Woodbury Common, I picked up the Pro Longwear blushes in Rosy Outlook and Baby Don't Go. Both were on my wishlist for a while- the former being a gorgeous natural flush colour and the latter being a lovely colour for a light contour on pale skin. 
 I also picked up the Pro Longwear Eyeshadow in Hot Paprika and I love wearing this in the crease especially. In my mind, it's a little too red to wear all over the lid - it makes me look like I've been in a fight, but popped in the crease with some other neutrals, it is just perfection. I had not heard of this before I found it but I am so glad I got it. 
 I got another MAC Fix + and Prep + Prime Lip - neither of which are very exciting but anything to help your face last longer!
 I picked up two new lipsticks also - Midimauve which is a Lustre finish rosy mauve colour and Flat Out Fabulous, a gorgeous matte smokey magenta. 
In the CCO, I picked up a MAC Turquatic Rollerball perfume. I've long time heard about this but never actually got the chance to pick one up so I got it when I was there, It smells great, I just wish that this was a spray instead of rollerball, I'm really not a rollerball gal!
I got a backup of my current favourite MAC foundation, the Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation. I really love this foundation- I think it is my favourite MAC foundation to date, I already raved about it in this post.
Finally, I got a brand new paint pot in the shade Stormy Pink. The colour is a gorgeous smokey pink, similar to the Maybelline Color Tattoo in Vintage Plum.

My MAC haul probably would have been more substantial if the foreign exchange rate was more favourable but given how weak the euro is against the dollar currently, I preferred to pick up items from brands that are not so easily available here. All in all, I don't think I did too badly and I am very happy with my picks. 

If there is anything in particular you are interested in seeing in further detail, do let me know. Next haul tomorrow is a Bath and Body Works haul so stay tuned for that!


Sunday, 20 December 2015

NY Haul #2 : Ricky's NYC and Drugstore - Walgreens, CVS, Duane Reade

The second instalment of my New York hauls are items I picked up in Ricky's and in the drugstore. I was very fortunate in that our hotel was only a stone's throw from two Ricky's stores and there were three different drugstores on the same block - Duane Reade, Walgreens and CVS. It was such a novelty to walk into a drugstore and see makeup brands that you've long time coveted but are not easily available here- I was giddy with excitement perusing the CoverGirl and Milani stands and checking out the Maybelline and Wet n Wild stands for products we cannot get here. I could easily have spent the day in Ricky's also just perusing the aisles looking at all the beauty looty and I was a very proud Irish gal to see the Cocoa Brown display in two different Ricky's stores. This haul might seem excessive but let me tell you, it would be a lot more hefty if we were not able to get Wet n Wild, Physician's Formula and NYX so easily here in Ireland. 
The first thing that I picked up in Ricky's was the Unite 7 Seconds Condition Leave in Detangler on the recommendation of Fleur de Force. This is a professional only product and as far as I know is only available in the US so when I saw it in Ricky's, I didn't hesitate. I've been absolutely loving this for helping to detangle my hair. It smells amazing, doesn't weigh down freshly washed hair and definitely helps me to get my Wet Brush through my hair. I love this and if there was any way of repurchasing this over on this side of the pond, I definitely would. I think it was about $26.
I also picked up three bottles of CND Shellac in Ricky's - not necessarily because they were any cheaper than they would be here but because they are not very easily accessible to me here. I'm not a nail pro but I have been dabbling in DIY Shellac manicures over the last few months and I wanted to add some more colours to my collection. 
I couldn't not pick up some NYX when I was over the in the US but I was a little disappointed with the selection of products available as most of the stands had been picked over already. I picked up a Stick Blush in the shade Tulip because I have longtime heard favourable things about these. I got another NYX Butter Lipstick in the shade 'Pops' and it's a gorgeous neutral colour- it reminds me of a less opaque, creamier version of MAC Whirl lipstick - a NYX Butter Gloss in Raspberry Tart and a NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Prague. I also spotted a NYX Two Timer Eyeliner - a double-ended eyeliner with a kohl pencil on one end and a felt tip liner on the other side. Both swatched well but the real test is the longevity test so we will see how these fare on the eyes. 
One of the drugstore brands that I was most excited about raiding was the Milani Cosmetics stand. Anything from Milani that I have ever tried to date has always impressed me and I know it's easy enough to purchase Milani online but nothing beats getting up close and personal with the products in the flesh. 
From L-R:  Matte Naked, Matte Blissful, Matte Darling, Plumrose, Naturally Chic, Nude Creme, Uptown Mauve
I picked up a Color Statement Lipstick the first night - Naturally Chic - and I wore it the following day and was so impressed with the wear that I picked up a few more over the next few days. I love the packaging on these, it's definitely good quality, and the formula is smooth and comfortable but it stays put. The only thing I am not struck on is the scent/taste to these lipsticks but it does not last long and isn't too overbearing (I am really sensitive to highly fragranced lipsticks). 
Milani Luminoso is one of my favourite summer time powder blushes so I picked up three more blushes from the same Baked Blush line - Dolce Pink- a sheeny pink that reminds me of the MAC Mineralize Blush in Gentle, Berry Amore, a mauvey pink and Corallina, a vibrant coral.
I picked up one single eyeshadow from the Bella Eyes Gel Powder Eyeshadow line in the shade Bella Cappuccino- this is a satin matte light cool brown eyeshadow that I thought would look good in the crease to blend out a darker crease colour. It's quite an unusual colour and the only way I can describe it is it is to me what I hoped MAC Malt would be. The formula of these is great and I would definitely pick up more. 
I got three Milani Color Statement Lipliners in the shades All Natural, Haute Pink and Nude- these were cheap as chips and do what they say on the tin.
The award for the prettiest blushes ever has to go to the Milani Rose Powder Blushes. Not only are these beautiful in the pan but they are gorgeous on the skin too. I picked up one on my first night and loved it so much that I ended up picking the other two available shades. They apply so easily and sit on the skin like silk and wear incredibly well over the course of wear. You can apply with a light hand or easily build up the pigmentation and each of the three shades - Romantic Rose, Tea Rose and Coral Cove - are very wearable. I really want to use these but they are just so pretty that it will kill me to use these! 
Cherry Sue recommended this Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish in Terra Coppa as she said that it is one of those perfect one coat wonder that you can throw on and go. I'm obsessed with all things rose gold so I duly picked one up- I haven't tested it out on my talons yet but I'm sure this nail polish will get me out of a bind in the not too distant future. As far as I know, this polish is not available in the Sally Hansen range that we can get here. 
My last few forays into Revlon lip products has been rather uninspiring but I was intrigued by the new Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor in HD Seduction so I purchased. I'm not sure if they are available here yet and I have yet to try it out so I will duly report back when I have gotten a chance to put it through its paces. 
The L.A. Girl Pro.concealer is a cult beauty product that I have seen loads of Youtubers profess to be the best cream concealer so I picked up the lightest shade available just to see what the fuss was about. 
I'm not the biggest lover of EOS lip balms generally but I did read or see somewhere that the striped ones were more moisturising than the regular lines so I picked up the Coconut Milk variety- it's fine but it's nothing special. 
There was an ELF Cosmetics stand in CVS and all items were $3 and on a 3 for 2 deal so I picked up a few bits - the Lip Exfoliator seems like a ridiculously cheaty option but as a chapped lipped sufferer on the regular, I said I would pick one up. I also got the Matte Lip Color in Tea Rose (because I am obsessed with mauve lips) and the Hydrating Under Eye Primer because I'm all about keeping those undereyes hydrated, particularly where I have to treat dark circles with extra concealer. 
I also got a few brushes from the ELF Studio Line because I always remember these being quite good and I use the Complexion Brush on a daily basis anyway for bronzer so I got a back up. I forgot how much I rate the Powder Brush for applying foundation and buffing it out, and I appreciate the small heads on both the Blush Brush and Concealer Brush. The Angled Blush Brush looked like it would be quite good for applying contour right into the hollows of the cheeks so I got that too.
Even though you can get the Physician's Formula Eye Booster Eyeliner and Serum here, I got one in Duane Reade because there was a $4 dollar manufacturer coupon which brought the price down to about $8, which I think is about half of what it is here. Handy to have a back up even though this eyeliner is an absolute beast for not drying out. I love this stuff.
In CVS, I got a few Jordana Lipliners in a variety of shades - again, these were cheap as chips and do what is says on the tin. 
I am not a fan of the L'Oreal True Match foundations but the shade of this L'Oreal True Match blush in Tender Rose appealed to my cool toned heart- it reminds me of MAC Dame only I think I actually prefer this which is a big statement because Dame is the only MAC blush that I have ever repurchased. 
These Wet n Wild Fergie Centrestage Collection Shimmer Palettes were on my wishlist since before I even got to the States after Kathleen Lights gave them a glowing endorsement. I can't quite contain my excitement about how beautiful these are both in the pan and on the skin. They were hard to track down but they were so worth it. The shade on the left is Rosé Champagne Glow and the shade on the right is Hollywood Boulevard. These are gorgeous and the pans are huge so hopefully these will last a lifetime. I so very much wish we could get these in Wet n Wild stands here because I would definitely buy back ups. They are limited edition in the US also and I found them difficult to find so they might be phasing them out already. 
This purchase was inspired by two of my most trusted blogging ladies - Sinead from the Beautiful Truth and Orla from MakeupOverMind - when either of these girls recommend a product, I sit up and listen and mentally catalogue on my ever expanding wishlist. Both Sinead and Orla are big fans of the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser for Dark Circles, and as I suffer from dark circles myself far more regularly than I would care to admit, I had to pick these up. I got one of each of the Fair, Brightener and Neutralizer varieties and I have to say, out of the three, I am most impressed by the Brightener. I have been using this daily and I just love the brightening effect it gives even on my most tired or sick days. I love it so much that I picked up some backups!
My Maybelline Color Tattoo in On and On Bronze had dried out before I left so I took the opportunity to pick up a Bad to the Bronze when in the US. I also picked up the white shade Too Cool because I thought this might be a good eyeshadow base for brighter colours or greater colour opacity. 
I also have Orla from MakeupOverMind to thank for getting me hooked on the Maybelline Full N Soft Mascara - this is a pretty epic mascara by anyone's standard and it baffles me as to why the powers that be in Maybelline don't allow this to be sold in this neck of the woods. Great colour, great definition, nice volume, waterproof but easily removable. 
The CoverGirl Ready Steady Gorgeous Foundation was also on my wishlist going over to the States and I liked it so much that I picked it up in two shades - 105 Classic Ivory which was a perfect match for my winter skin and 110 Creamy Natural which I hope will be a good match for my summer skin or when my fake tan has faded. I also got the CoverGirl Stay Luminous Foundation in the lightest shade Classic Ivory and I can confirm that it is the exact same as the Max Factor Miracle Match foundation, which I really like and reviewed already on the blog. 
I also picked up a handful of CoverGirl mascaras to try out over the next few months because I have heard so much about CoverGirl mascaras through the years and only tried a handful. I got the Lashblast Volume, Clump Crusher Extensions and Full Lash Bloom varieties to try.
I was delighted to see that they had a The Balm stand in the Walgreens in the Empire State Building and happier again when I saw that they had the Meet Matt(e) Hughes Liquid Lipstick in the shade Charming - a shade I have been hunting for months now both online and instores.
Last but not least, not technically makeup but still from the drugstore, are the Crest 3D Luxe Whitestrips. These were about $70 and I definitely noticed a difference after one treatment. These are always very highly rated so I look forward to finishing the pack and hope to have some lovely pearly white gnashers at the end of it!

That concludes my drugstore haul which I hope you will agree was a little more refined and sensible than my Sephora haul! As I mentioned at the beginning, we are very lucky in Ireland to be able to get so much amazing drugstore US makeup brands in Ireland now so I didn't have to pick up as much when I was over in the US, very helpful indeed! I'm looking forward to trialling out all of these products so if there is anything you would like to know more about or have a more detailed look at in the next few months, let me know and I will try to prioritise. 

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more NY hauling!

Saturday, 19 December 2015

NY Haul #1: Sephora, CCO, Duty Free

There was no doubt but that severe damage to my bank account was going to be done when I got near a Sephora, but I really exceeded myself when I was given a Sephora VIB Rouge card on my first visit. That surely was a sign of things to come but at least I can say I have come back from the States with no regrets. Unfortunately I have been dying sick for the best part of the last two weeks so I still have to play with a lot of this loot but I am very much looking forward to it- a lot of this stuff is stuff that I had catalogued on my mental wishlist for years so it's nice to finally be able to play with it. Without further ado because I have ALOT of stuff to get through, I'm just going to jump straight in. 
Tarte was bound to be one of my first ports of call and I picked up a few bits and pieces. I'm a long time fan of their Amazonian clay blushes so first up was their holiday blush palette. The Bling it On Amazonian Clay Blush Palette contains five gorgeous colours, every one of which I could see myself wearing.
Still on the Tarte blush theme, I picked up the Amazonian clay blush in Exposed - this has been on my wishlist for years and is the perfect neutral blush. In Macys, I picked up the Tarte At First Blush kit and it contains four mini blushes in a range of peachy hued shades. 
The Tartelette eyeshadow palette was also on my wishlist for ages- I've yet to try Tarte eyeshadows but if they live up to the same quality I've come to expect from the blushes, I'll be very happy indeed. The shades are gorgeous- all matte neutral shades.
Tarte mascaras have also been on my wishlist for a few years now - I picked up the Lights, Camera, Flashes mascara because Fleur de Force has raved about this in the past, and the Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara as it is the top selling Tarte product in the US and I tried a mini size of this and was very impressed with both the wand and formula - so impressed in fact that this mascara might be cruising into my top 5 list of great mascaras. I also picked up an Amazonian Clay full coverage foundation as I have heard great things about this for years and I found the shade match to be pretty impressive.
Finally from Tarte, I picked up a $10 Black Friday doorbuster Fanciful Favourites Deluxe Discovery Set which contains deluxe sample sizes of their Maracuja Oil, an Amazonian clay blush and a mini size of the Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara.
Another brand that I have been absolutely gagging to try is the Kat von D line exclusive to Sephora (even though rumour has it that the brand is set to arrive into Boots stores in Ireland in the new year, here's hoping!). I picked up the lock-it foundation and concealer and the shade matches are good- I have used both of these already and they are perfect for an absolutely flawless finish. I'm a long time lover of the Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks since I got Lolita earlier this year so I picked up the shades Lovesick, Mother and Double Dare in full sizes, as well as the Lolita/Lolita II lip kit and the Lip Vixen duo. I couldn't not pick up the Tattoo liner as that's one of the most raved about Kat von D products. Following glowing recommendations from both Sinead from the Beautiful Truth and Cherry Sue, I picked up a couple of the Metal Crush eyeshadows too. I've yet to try these but they are right on top of my list. 
I'm obsessed with my Kat von D Shade + Light Contour palette that I had to pick up the Shade + Light eye palette. If I rate this half as much as the face palette, it will be worth every cent. 
Bite Beauty is a brand I have been dying to try for the longest time and like so many other brands, it's exclusive to Sephora and not available on this side of the pond. The Discovery Kit seemed like the best place to start as you get several deluxe samples and two full size products inside. 
I also picked up the Best Bite Rewind Kit and this contains four deluxe sample sizes of the Matte lip crayons and two mini double-ended lipsticks which are just the cutest thing you will ever see!
Finally, given my obsession for all things mauvey toned, I picked up a full size of the Bite Matte Creme Lip Crayon in Glace because I was so impressed with the sample size- a new favourite for sure!
I had mad intentions of picking up the holiday Make Up For Ever eyeshadow palette but instead I went with the Artist Palette Volume 1 in Nudes which contains nine glorious neutral shades. The brighter colours of the other palettes were very pleasing but I know in my heart I am a neutral kinda gal so I went with what I know I will love and get so much use out of.
I eventually was able to track down the shade of the MUFE Ultra HD foundation that suited me so I nabbed that when I saw it and I also filled a MUFE palette with three warm, autumnal eyeshadows.
Buxom was another brand that was new to me so I was looking forward to trying some of their pieces. On the far left is a set that was actually a free gift with my VIB Rouge points. The middle set is the set called Buxom Mauve Mavens lip duo (because I am evidently obsessed with all things mauve) and the set on the far right is the $10 doorbuster set Strut Your Stuff Lip and Eye Trip which contains a liquid lip stick, lip crayon and pencil eyeliner. 
I have the driest and most chapped lips known to man so I was obviously going to try to pick up a few Fresh products. The first I picked out was a full size Rosé lip treatment. I wanted something quite natural esque and the colour appealed to me no end. 
I also picked up the Sugar Lip Party Favors kit as it contained four lip treatments and a little pot of the sugar lip polish.
I am not the world's greatest advocate of the beauty blender as I really am more of a flat top kabuki kinda gal but I want to broaden my foundation application horizons so I picked up a kit with two blenders in and a liquid blendercleanse, as well as a solid blendercleanse and a blotterazzi. 
This Too Faced Most Loved kit was only $25 and contains pretty decent sized samples of five of the most popular Too Faced products.
And I couldn't not pick up the Born This Way foundation as I was in the US. I picked up the lightest shade Porcelain which was so difficult to trace but I'm pretty confident that it was a good match. I also have heard great things about the Too Faced Hangover Face Primer so I got that too.
I dipped my toe into Marc Jacobs waters and picked up not one but two lipsticks - Role Play from the New Nudes Collection and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang from the Le Marc Collection - and the little red lipstick was a gift that was given to me when I was given my VIB rouge membership. The packaging of these lipsticks is absolutely divine with that satisfying magnetic click closure and nice weighty bullet, this could be the start of a very expensive habit!
The Ole Henriksen Cleanse and Glow on the Go kit was also part of the doorbuster deals at Sephora and set me back just $10. I've wanted to try this brand for ages and I know Fleur de Force speaks highly of those wipes for when she is caught in a bind so I picked some up.
Ever since Caroline Hirons herself professed her love for the Kate Somerville Goat Milk cream, I have made a mental note to purchase at my earliest opportunity, so when I saw it I made it mine. I also picked up the EradiKate Acne treatment to treat some pretty nasty spots that erupted on my neck over the course of the holiday and it seemed to be pretty effective.
Now I could have picked up the Urban Decay/Gwen Stefani collab palette at home when I got back from holidays but as soon as I saw it, I couldn't leave it behind. It is stunning!
And the Urban Vices palette was a free gift with purchase from Sephora with my VIB rouge points.
I needed to repurchase my all time favourite bronzer which is Nars Laguna so I did so in Sephora. This bronzer is life, I think it's the perfect shade for adding a bit of life to your face. I also got one of the mini travel size Laguna/Orgasm duos mostly because it was cute and miniature. I am a sucker for miniatures!
I love that Sephora do these little mini sampler kits so I picked up a few- this Mascara Mania kit was exclusive to Sephora in JC Penney and I got it because there were loads of mascaras inside that I had not yet tried. 
Another kit from the Sephora inside JC Penney was the Pout Perfector Lip Sampler kit which contained 6 lip products (3 full sized and 3 deluxe samples) across a variety of different brands. I wish kits like these were easily available here on this side of the pond for us because they are great ways of trying out different brands and colours that I otherwise would not have tried.
I also got the Draw the Line kit which contains 6 different eyeliners including 3 full sizes and 3 deluxe samples. The colours are all dark- 4 blacks, a brown and a purple- so I will most definitely get use out of them all.
I got a x-large Z palette from Sephora because not only are these the handiest things ever to have to hand, but the black and white striped packaging made me all sentimental for Sephora so I had to get one to remember my happy place.
The Luster Matte Long-Wear Lip Color in Fig Lustre has been on my wishlist since Sinead from the Beautiful Truth who understands my mauve obsession down to a tee, told me that I would love this over the summer. Sinead was completely right because I absolutely adore the colour of this and I really rate the formula also - it didn't dry the bejaysus out of my lips, it didn't have any lingering taste and it stayed put for hours without needing to be touched up. My only regret is that I did not pick up another one just to have it to hand!!
Becca was another brand that I was also keen to hit up and one of the things I hunted down was the Becca and Jaclyn Hill Champagne Glow palette. I got the Champagne Pop highlighter over the summer and I have been using it non-stop since that I wanted to pick up this palette too.
I also got the Becca Backlight Priming Filter, a backup of the Champagne Pop Highlighter, a travel size Shimmering Skin Perfector in Moonstone and the Glow on the Go kit which contained a mini Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal in both liquid and powder form. 
I love the thought of the Cover FX Custom Cover Drops as I have loads of foundations in my arsenal that I wish would just provide a little extra coverage or were just a half shade paler to suit my complexion better. I got this beaut to mix in with other foundations to provide a little more coverage or change the shade ever so slightly so I am looking forward to getting all mad scientist with this over the coming months.
I am cheating here slightly as only one of these Anastasia Beverley Hills products came from Sephora and that is of course the Brow Wiz. I don't do much with my brows on any given day so this was a bit of a curveball for me but should I feel the need to fill them in slightly, at least now I have the perfect product. In Macys, I also picked up a lip gloss in the shade Vintage and it is lovely but I was disappointed that they didn't have any liquid lipsticks in stock because I was dying to try them. I also got four eyeshadows in a little palette for $40 which was rather bargainous and I picked out gorgeous matte warm shades as I am obsessed with warm browns and I stick to what I know. The colours of these are so gorgeous that I think I will actually do a standalone post on these- the formula is just incredible. These have rocketed into my top 5 eyeshadow brands for sure. Again, I'm only sorry I didn't pick up more!
This Clarisonic Luxe head was only $10 instead of $30 as part of the Sephora doorbuster Black Friday deals so I picked one up- it might encourage me to use my Clarisonic a little bit more in coming months as mine is shamefully gathering dust!
Amelia Liana is always raving about this Boscia MakeUp-BreakUp Cool Cleansing Oil so I picked up a smaller size and used it consistently to take off my makeup when we were in NY, but I haven't really reached for it since we came home, so read of that what you will. It's fine, it was nice, but I don't think it is anything earth shattering. I'll definitely use it up but I don't think I will be in any mad panic to repurchase. 
This Alterna Caviar Hair kit was also part of the $10 doorbuster deals so I picked one up and I used it twice when I was in NY in the place of my usual Kerastase. I looked like I was dragged through a hedge backwards when I woke up in the morning as this kit seemed to wake up my hair's tendency to go curly even though it does not say that on the packaging. Either way, it was fine and I am delighted I got to try out the products but it's definitely not even remotely near Kerastase in the love scale. 
I got a few new fragrances also over the break. I picked up Gucci Guilty in the airport on the way over as I was gifted with a travel size of this a few months back at the launch of the Gucci Bamboo perfume and I was just obsessed with the smell, it is gorgeous! The first day in Sephora I got a rollerball of both the black and white versions of Elizabeth and James' Nirvana, and I ended up loving the white perfume so much that I had to purchase a full size before I left. 
I'm a huge GlamGlow fan and have gone through pots of the YouthMud and SuperMud so I picked up a little ThirstyMud and ThirstyCleanser to try out. I haven't used these yet as I was so poorly since I came back but I feel like a home facial night is fast approaching so I will report back on how thirst quenching these were at a later date. 
The Cinema Secrets Brush Cleanser is one of those cult favourite products that I have always wanted to try so I got a 60ml size to try out and I have yet to do so. This was only something like $8 in the aisle of doom (i.e. leading up to the checkout) so it wasn't much of an investment and I am eager to see what it's like.
I also found this Hourglass Veil primer mini in the aisle of doom so I grabbed it. I've heard massively great things about this from so many bloggers but the pricetag here always deterred me so I wanted to get the travel size whilst I had the chance and then decide if I like it or not. I used this once but I used it with a new foundation so I need to use this with one of my existing foundations to see how it really performs. 
Peter Thomas Roth masks have become a bit of a phenomenon and I was delighted to find a kit with a sample pot of the Pumpkin Enzyme, Cucumber Gel and Rose Stem Cell masks and I think it was only $20 ish. These masks as far as I know are also available on Cult Beauty so at least I will be able to repurchase if my heart so desires. 
I got the Living Proof Perfect Hair Day 5-in-1 styling treatment purely because I am a sheep and everyone who goes to the States seems to pick this up as we can't get it here and it's meant to be amazing. I have yet to use it so I hope it lives up to the hype!
Finally, my shopping concludes with a little haul from a CCO (Cosmetic Company Outlet) in Woodbury Commons where I got the Clinique Cheek Pop in Nude Pop, the Estee Lauder Eyeshadow Duo in Raisins and the Clinique Take the Day Off eye makeup remover. The very nice staff also threw in the little goodie bag in the picture below which contains a handful of different Clinique products in trial sizes.

All of the above were 100 point perks with the Sephora Beauty Insider / VIB Rouge Card so essentially all of these were freebies also, as were the products in the picture below.
The boxed items were 500 point perks- the Josie Maran kit was very welcome as I have not tried anything by the brand before. and the Lancome kit contained several samples (as demonstrated in the pictures below). I've included a picture of the Urban Decay Urban Vices palette further up this post if you recall, and the nice lady at Sephora very kindly gave me two NARS kits for my birthday month (which was October) as she didn't have the VIB NARS kit in stock. 

So that concludes the Sephora contingent of my NY haul- I did pick up some gifts too but I won't be showing and telling those. Just to point out that whilst this does seem like an excessive amount of makeup, I had been saving for months and these things were picked up over the course of multiple visits to different Sephoras. If you are planning on going to a Sephora any time soon, I would highly recommend having a list and trying multiple Sephoras if possible- if they don't have items in one Sephora, they might do in the next. Also, Sephoras at JC Penney stock some different products to regular Sephoras so do pop in for a look there also if there is one near you.

I know this post is lengthy but long time readers of my blog will have expected nothing less. If there is anything you are particularly curious about and would like me to review first, let me know and I will get my ass in gear!
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