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Rimmel "The Only 1" Lipstick - It's a Keeper, Naughty Nude - Review and Swatches

 Whenever a brand has the audacity to call their new lipstick range "The Only 1", I feel a little offended. Rimmel- it's not for you to tell me which lipstick is "the only one", I'll work that out myself. Historically I've gotten on just grand with Rimmel lipsticks- my favourite red ever is a Rimmel offering (Colour Show Off in 'Red Fever' - discontinued from stores but still available from Fragrance Direct) so chances are, I would likely have been excited about trying your new lipstick launch anyways. I feel that if you call your lipsticks "The Only 1" that you really better deliver on that or else you are setting yourself up for a mighty fall. These lipsticks are nice enough- but these will never be my only ones. I will elaborate.
 Rimmel's newest lipstick launch is the latest in a long line of new lip innovations from the brand. It's been a little while now since their last traditional lipstick drop- last year we have the Provocalips, the year before we were brought the Apocalips, and the Moisture Renew lipsticks were reformulated and repackaged two years ago, new Kate Moss offerings including the mattes and nudes, but a whole new line of lipsticks is most welcomed. Rimmel lip products are generally very very good, so I was excited to hear there was something on the horizon (before I found out that ridiculous name). This new lipstick line has been self professed by the Rimmel folks as being the ONLY lipstick you will need offering high impact cover and an ultra comfortable, weightless feel. The packaging is all curves and angles, it kind of looks like some sort of feat of modern architecture- round at the bottom but the lid gets wider as it goes nearer to the top which is slanted and emblazoned with the Rimmel logo. I'm not a huge fan of the packaging on this line, I just think it's a bit too fussy, and I would must prefer a traditional bullet shape instead of the slanted lipstick contained within (more surface area makes it more difficult to apply).
 I believe there are 15 shades of this new lipstick available altogether but I've not yet found a Boots big enough to stock all 15 colours. The colour spectrum ranges from nudes, light pinks, fuchsias, reds, berries and of course when it came to picking out lipstick shades to try, I went for the nude and the cool mauvey pink. I LOVE the shades I picked out- in the swatches below, shade 200 It's a Keeper and shade 700 Naughty Nude, you can see that the colours are beautiful, they are right up my street. What you will not be able to see from the swatches below however is the incredibly strong, dare I say it, overpowering, sickening scent. My god, it is hard to bear, especially on the lips. It smells like hair dye or like a really strong version of fake tan or something- I cannot put my finger on it. WHY RIMMEL, WHY? I could have gotten over the packaging, the colours are pretty but the smell of these is offputting in my mind. I love the colour, love how it feels on the lips, but a few minutes after applying these, I feel so nauseous. I don't understand why you would put so much money into developing a product only to destroy it with some fragrance.

Naughty Nude is one of my favourite nude shades of recent times. It has that hint of rustiness without looking brown and I think this would universally appeal to the masses- it's not too pale, not too pink or peachy- it is a lovely shade. 
If you've read my blog for any length of time, you will know that I am mad for a nice mauvey pink and this one delivers in buckets. I love my work appropriate pinks and I adore the shade of this one, I just can't wear it because I find the scent of the lipstick so sickening. 

In terms of lasting power, I get about 3/4 hours out of it, which is fine by me. They are not drying on the lips and not particularly moisturising but I did find them to be very comfortable (apart from the smell). The finish is quite satin and one swipe delivers great colour payoff. At €8.99 a piece, these are affordable. I said it at the start of this post and I will say it again- if you are going to call a lipstick 'The Only 1', you should really deliver. These lipsticks, whilst nice (apart from the scent), are definitely not the only ones for me. 

Have you tried these lipsticks and if so, do you like them? Were you able to get over that scent?


  1. Feck it. Now I need that Mauve one!!!!!!

  2. "It's a Keeper" really is a very nice shade, and I am not as put off by the scent as the author. This is a great lipstick, and I have worn it two or three times a week since I got it. Totally flattering to my coloring - freckled pale Irish skin, blue eyes and starting to grey dark ash blonde hair.

  3. put "It's a Keeper" as a gift with an order I just got delivered. I was very surprised. It's a color I would usually think of as too light for me. It went on very smooth but felt dry and drying on my lips. I didn't care for the look, but I figured putting a slight bit of clear balm on my lips first might help--and it did! Now I enjoy the look and feel of this lipstick, and it's not a waste.

  4. Just bought this on a whim, quite nice doesn't feel sticky and love the color, however I did notice the smell putting it on but that didn't last long thank goodness.


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