Saturday, 10 October 2015

NEW! H&M have a new Beauty Department - don't mind if I do!

 So there I was on my twice annual clothes shopping trip in Liffey Valley when I happened to chance upon the new huge H&M Beauty display. I had heard rumours doing the rounds about this but I didn't really pay any attention. I thought that H&M were just going down the Topshop route of releasing a few shades of lipstick, a few eyeshadows, but H&M have outdone themselves and released a LOAD of new makeup bits. From foundations, powders, lipsticks, mascaras, nail polishes- and WAY more colours than I was expecting- this sheer breadth of the range is impressive. I picked up some items that caught my eye and have been trying them out for the last few weeks, and as much as it pains me to say this, I actually think the makeup from H&M is really rather good across the board. Let me chat you through what I have been using.
 I wasn't blown away by the colours or the textures of the lipsticks available- there were a few colours that appealed but they were sold out and the packaging wasn't really anything to write home about either. What I did do however was pick up one of the Gossamer Lip Stains in Storyteller (€7.99) and one of the Lush Lip Vinyls in Chic Chock (€7.99) and I'm very glad I did too because these are really excellent. The Gossamer Lip Stain reminds me very much of the YSL Glossy Stain because it is a glossy lip stain. It feels comfortable on the lips, does not dry them to crisps and fades nice and evenly, first losing the shine and then fading nicely over time. I also really like the little doe foot applicator and the colour 'Storyteller' is that perfect 90s nude lip that people have been championing in recent times. The Lush Lip Vinyl in Chic Chock is a gorgeous dark mauvey plummy colour that applies beautifully- pigmented, high shine, statement lip loveliness. This colour for the winter is just perfection to my mind and the formula of these lip vinyls are credit worthy. 
 H&M also have a few blush lines- cream and powder- and the one I went for is the Pure Radiance Powder Blusher in Golden Peach as this reminds me muchly of NARS Orgasm blush. This blush promises sheer coverage with a luminous finish and it delivers on that as you can see from the swatches above. It is easily buildable but if you like that lit from within glow, this blush is great for that. Longevity wise, these are not the longest lasting blushes but the compact is so dinky and cute that these are easy to carry for reapplication. I have to admit, I love the art deco vintage inspired packaging on these blushes. If you like the look of it too, you can pick one up for a mere €7.99.
 I'm all about the glow at this moment in time and when I swatched this liquid highlighter in store, I had to make it mine. This Halo Illuminser comes in three different shades and I picked up the shade 'Delicate Pearl'; In the swatch above, you can see it applied heavily in the top left and blended out in the bottom right hand corner. Pretty amazing! I love this under my powder highlighter when I am going for a really highlighted look. You get 30 ml of product for €9.99. 
 H&M also have a range of Colour Essence Eye Cream cream eyeshadows and whilst the testers in store were as dry as chalk and not swatchable, I did spy this gorgeous warm brown with little flecks of gold glitter called 'Earth Angel' and just had to pick it up. It applies beautifully to the lid and is the perfect easy wash of colour over the lid that makes you look like you have put way more effort into your makeup than you actually have. The con however is that this creases on my eyelids and I don't have the creasiest eyeballs to begin with so I'm inclined to think if you suffer from creasing that you should veer away from these. The texture is softer and moussier than say the MAC Paint Pots or Maybelline Color Tattoos so this may attribute to the creasiness. It's a real shame because this colour is beautiful and I will wear this on occasions where I don't need my makeup to last the whole entire day.
 H&M carry a heap of eyeshadows- from creams as we've seen already, to eyeshadow palettes (none of which caught my eye on the day) and a whole heap of single eyeshadows. I only intended on picking up one High Impact Eye Colour on the day but there were two shades in particular that caught my eye- Sahara Dawn which is a beautiful muted burgundy and Shitake, a gorgeous antique gold that's an absolutely dead ringer for MAC Woodwinked. These eyeshadows are €5.99 a piece and promise vivid pigments in captivating shades. I swatched many eyeshadows and they all looked great and I have gotten compliments on these two since I've worn them. Both colours look great when swept over the lid and paired together they are a perfect pair. I'm not blown away by the packaging of these compared to some other items in the range but for 6 eurobucks, can't really ask for much more. If you are near a H&M then I highly recommend you pick up one of their single eyeshadows. 
Lastly but not leastly, I picked up one eyeliner and one lipliner from the range. The display of liners looked like a bomb had gone off in the seconds before I happened upon it- makeup carnage, liners and corks everywhere, displayed badly etc. but I was able to rescue the Lip Definer in Prairie Sunset and a Colour Essence Eye Pencil in Over the Taupe, both of which were €4.99 a piece. In terms of reporting back, I don't have much to say about these really, they are both soft and apply easily but don't last the longest time either. I might pick up another lipliner if I found a colour amongst the wreckage that appeals but I love my black liner and I don't reckon the formula of the eyeliners will cut the mustard. They are by no means awful. they are just softer than I would go for.

So those are my preliminary thoughts on everything I have tried thus far from H&M Beauty and as you might be able to tell, I'm really rather impressed. Apart from the lipsticks which I didn't really like the look of, I think this makeup line is at the very least on a par with Topshop makeup and realistically even better than what Topshop has to offer. The pricing is very reasonable, the colour selection is vast. The only issue with H&M makeup is that, to the best of my knowledge, it is only available in the store in Liffey Valley, but will be rolling out nationwide in the near future. 


  1. These look great Aisling, hopefully the other H&M stores will be getting this soon 😃

  2. Ooh must check out the range next time I'm in Liffey valley

  3. These look way chic for H&M! Can't wait for them to show up around here :D

    Wing Me a Dream

  4. Never been drawn to their make up because the packaging was very bland but I love the look of these now.

  5. Ok time for a trip to Liffey Valley so!

  6. I haven't been to H&M in years! They're fantastic for kids jumpers! Those single eyeshadows look absolutely gorgeous.


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