Saturday, 3 October 2015

Flormar Week #5 : Flormar Nails

So finally we are on the last instalment of #FLORMARWEEK and tonight we are talking about what Flormar have to offer in the nails department. I mentioned it already last week but Flormar are the number 1 selling nail polish brand in Turkey and there are certain Flormar stores that carry over 200 nail polishes and whilst we're not that lucky here (yet), you can see from the pic below that there is plenty of choice. There are a few different ranges of nail polish available- the regular Nail Enamels which are €2.99 a piece, Jelly Look, Neon, Matte, Quick Dry and a variety of colours in each and as far as I can tell, I think these are all around €4.49. There are also some nail care or top coat items- Mattifying top coat, nail growth treatments, and no more breaks treatments at around the €4.49. 
So out of all of these lovely colours, I've tried out four polishes to date- Baroque Bordeaux from the regular nail polish line, Extreme Grape from the Matte line, and Plum and Turquoise Green from the Jelly Look line. The packaging of all of the nail polishes and nail treatments is very similar with little details to match the products. For the small price tag, these were surprisingly robust across the board- applied nicely, pretty opaque with just the one coat and no dramatic chippage. The matte shade Extreme Grape in particular is one of the best matte polishes I have ever dried as it does dry down completely matte as you can see from the pics below.
If you are looking for decent, cheap and cheerful nail polishes, I would advise you to look no further. I really rate the polishes I have tried from Flormar so far and I will definitely pick up some more in the near future. 

So that concludes #FLORMARWEEK on TotalMakeupAddict.- I hope you have learned alot about Flormar products and that you can be armed with wishlists when you pop in store to pick out your goodies. Flormar is also available online from SimplyFoxy so if you cannot find a stockist in your locality, try that. As always, keep an eye on the Flormar Ireland facebook page for product details or details of stockists. 



  1. Brilliant idea for a series of posts!

  2. First post I come across concerning Flormar nail polishes - very popular in Eastern Europe, especially in Bulgaria, where I am from. Ratio quality to price is absolutely astonishing and their nail polishes are a beauty product I always recommend. Thank you for spreading the word! :)


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