Monday, 26 October 2015

What's new at Lush? A/W 2015 Edition - Hallowe'en and Christmas

I've said it before and I'll say it again, my favourite time of the year in the Lush calendar is the winter. Between the Hallowe'en and Christmas offerings, there is so much on offer in store. I was invited along to a press event last week where we were able to peruse what's on offer this winter in Lush and I've put together some photos just to show you and entice you in store if you are so inclined. I will also be following up in the next few weeks with a Lush Christmas Gift Guide to show you the kits and gifts on offer also. 

Firstly, on the Hallowe'en front, Lush have brought back some old favourites and introduced some new goodies to whet our appetites. They have brought us a new bath bomb and shower Scream going by the name of Lord of Misrule, a herbal blend of patchouli and black pepper oil and fair trade vanilla absolute. This line was inspired by the ruler if the pagan Feast of Fools and underneath the gruesome green exterior is a pink interior filled with popping candy. Our friend the Sparkly Pumpkin has made a comeback and is glitterier than ever - the bubble bar is not only covered in gold glitter which explodes into the water of your bath and contains juniperberry, grapefruit and lime oils. Keeping up with the spooky theme, Nightwing is a bat shaped shower jelly packed with lime juice, lime oil and aloe vera and leaves navy bubbles wherever you swipe this. There are also two gift sets - Heebie Jeebie Pumpkin which contains a Lord of Misrule bath bomb and a Sparkly Pumpkin and a Heebie Jeebie Bat which contains a Lord of Misrule Shower Scream and a Nightwing Shower Jelly.

And then onto Lush Christmas- how I love Lush Christmas! I go for a bath pretty much every single night over Christmas and as some of the bath bombs are repeated every Christmas, the smells remind me of certain Christmas movies or family visits and the like. This year, Lush have delivered a-plenty again of the Yuletide front with a host of new and old favourites. 
Peeping Santa is a new addition to this year's Christmas lineup and a very cute addition it is too with the (dairy free) chocolate drop eyes and red edible hearts in a strawberry scented, bergamot and geranium oil infused cone. This bubble bar is packed with shea butter and cocoa butter to leave your skin feeling soft and nourished. 
So White was on the Lush Christmas menu last year also. This bath bomb is completely white on the outside, rosey pink in the middle and smells like apples with neroli and orange flower thrown in for good measure.
Candy Mountain is from the Snow Fairy family - this in my mind smells the exact same as Snow Fairy- sweet, vanilla and gives you a bath full of pink bubbles.
Cinders - my ultimate favourite Christmas offering, this is a gorgeous warm, fruity and slighty spicy bath bomb that is oh-so Christmassy thanks to the cinnamon leaf oil. The kids at Lush call this the smell of hot fruit punch and it's packed with popping candy that gently sizzles as you bathe. If you get no other bath bombs this Christmas, then just try this one. It is amazing!
Star Dust is a combination of Ugandan vanilla and Peruvian rosewood and is packed with snowflake lustre and edible stars- this is not as glittery as last year's star shaped offering but is equally as spectacular in the bath. 
Snow Angel explodes in your bath into white foam followed by golden stream. This smells like marzipan with a tinkle of cassis absolute and rose and makes for the perfect softening soak.
Five Gold Rings are five little bubble bar rings that you crumble under running water for a gorgeous golden soak packed with moringa oil, tonka, fair trade vanilla and gardenia extract. 
Dashing Santa is a gorgeous citrus scented Santa that releases orange flower, bergamot and mandarin oil for an uplifting, zingy bath.
Golden Wonder is another zesty mood brightening bath bomb that's golden and sparkly on the outside but explodes into a stream of turquoise and gold glitter once it hits water. This was also one of my favourites from last year.
Yog Nog is the bath bomb equivalent of the soap with the same name that we have come to know and love. This is a warming, creamy comforting bath that smells like toffee and releases gold lustre to deliver a luxe bath experience.
ButterBear is a vanilla scented little bear infused with moisturising cocoa butter that provides a gorgeous softening skin treat, if you can bear to crumble up that cute little bear that is!
The Magic of Christmas is warm and spicy reusable bubble bar thanks to the cinnamon, orange, clove and almond scents running through it. This is like a more grown up, wintery version of Magic Wand which is the Snow Fairy inspired bubble bar. Swirl either of these in the bath to get the bubbles going. 
Shoot for the Stars is another favourite from last year and contains those citrus fragrances of orange and bergamot oils. It looks blue on the outside but dissolves purple/pink and contains both silver and pink glitter and white hearts.
Holly Golightly is another old favourite of mine and not only looks perfectly festive but smells it too- with cloves, cinnamon and patchouli notes, this festive green bath will do wonders for your soul.
Bar Humbug is new this year is an unusual licorice themed bubble bar that smells like fennel and tarragon- I didn't think I would like this one at all because it sounds very, eh, savoury, but I have one to use so keep an eye on my Instagram for a mini-review in the coming weeks.
Luxury Lush Pud is probably the most aesthetically pleasing of all the Lush bath bombs as well as one of my favourites. Packed with lavender oil, this is an amazingly soothing relaxing bath and it explodes a kaleidoscope of colour as you can see from the pic above. 

And for a selection of non-bath specific Lush Christmas cheer, there are face cleansers, shower creams and gellies, body creams, soaps - the works! 

Buche de Noel is a festive fresh face cleanser with satsumas, cranberries and a drop of brandy for good measure to buff and brighten your skin, and fair trade cocoa butter will ensure your skin stays soft.
Fairy Dust / First Snow are glittery loose dusting powders for application on the body over the festive season.
Snowman is a milky white shower jelly unusually packed with lemon and bergamot oil and carrot infusion believe it or not.
Snow Fairy is loved and revered by many but not me personally. Candyfloss scented shower gels do not not really tickle my personal pickle but I know that many fellow Lushies yearn for the day every year when it comes back in stock.
Santa's Belly is a fresh apple juice jelly containing red wine, bergamot oil and star anise infusion.
Christingle is a body conditioner that you apply liberally on wet skin in the bath or shower before rinsing off. This contains menthol, peppermint oil, an invigorating spearmint and grapefruit oil for both a citrus and mint hit. I think this would be great in the shower on a cold winters morning to get your circulation flowing.
Yog Nog is a soap made with fudgey, toffee esque soap containing soya yogurt, ylang ylang oil, clove bud oil and nutmeg oil.
Salt and Peppermint Bark is a peppermint oil infused sea salt solid scrub with a cocoa butter base. I tried this out in store on my arm and my skin felt great so this is definitely on my shopping list.
In the lip maintenance department, the usual suspects aka Santa's Lip Scrub (cola flavoured sugar scrub) and Santa Baby (red lip tint) have also made a comeback this year.

So that's a very quick whirlwind through the various Hallowe'en and Christmas Lush offerings this year. When I start my Christmas gift guide series later this month, I'll show and tell what is on offer in the gift department.Also keep an eye on my Instagram (totalmakeupaddict) for Lush bath bomb pics and mini-reviews as I plough through the very generous gift that the Lush team bestowed on us a few weeks back.

Have you experienced a Lush Christmas yet? If so, tell me what your favourite Lush Winter offering is!


Saturday, 24 October 2015

Rimmel "The Only 1" Lipstick - It's a Keeper, Naughty Nude - Review and Swatches

 Whenever a brand has the audacity to call their new lipstick range "The Only 1", I feel a little offended. Rimmel- it's not for you to tell me which lipstick is "the only one", I'll work that out myself. Historically I've gotten on just grand with Rimmel lipsticks- my favourite red ever is a Rimmel offering (Colour Show Off in 'Red Fever' - discontinued from stores but still available from Fragrance Direct) so chances are, I would likely have been excited about trying your new lipstick launch anyways. I feel that if you call your lipsticks "The Only 1" that you really better deliver on that or else you are setting yourself up for a mighty fall. These lipsticks are nice enough- but these will never be my only ones. I will elaborate.
 Rimmel's newest lipstick launch is the latest in a long line of new lip innovations from the brand. It's been a little while now since their last traditional lipstick drop- last year we have the Provocalips, the year before we were brought the Apocalips, and the Moisture Renew lipsticks were reformulated and repackaged two years ago, new Kate Moss offerings including the mattes and nudes, but a whole new line of lipsticks is most welcomed. Rimmel lip products are generally very very good, so I was excited to hear there was something on the horizon (before I found out that ridiculous name). This new lipstick line has been self professed by the Rimmel folks as being the ONLY lipstick you will need offering high impact cover and an ultra comfortable, weightless feel. The packaging is all curves and angles, it kind of looks like some sort of feat of modern architecture- round at the bottom but the lid gets wider as it goes nearer to the top which is slanted and emblazoned with the Rimmel logo. I'm not a huge fan of the packaging on this line, I just think it's a bit too fussy, and I would must prefer a traditional bullet shape instead of the slanted lipstick contained within (more surface area makes it more difficult to apply).
 I believe there are 15 shades of this new lipstick available altogether but I've not yet found a Boots big enough to stock all 15 colours. The colour spectrum ranges from nudes, light pinks, fuchsias, reds, berries and of course when it came to picking out lipstick shades to try, I went for the nude and the cool mauvey pink. I LOVE the shades I picked out- in the swatches below, shade 200 It's a Keeper and shade 700 Naughty Nude, you can see that the colours are beautiful, they are right up my street. What you will not be able to see from the swatches below however is the incredibly strong, dare I say it, overpowering, sickening scent. My god, it is hard to bear, especially on the lips. It smells like hair dye or like a really strong version of fake tan or something- I cannot put my finger on it. WHY RIMMEL, WHY? I could have gotten over the packaging, the colours are pretty but the smell of these is offputting in my mind. I love the colour, love how it feels on the lips, but a few minutes after applying these, I feel so nauseous. I don't understand why you would put so much money into developing a product only to destroy it with some fragrance.

Naughty Nude is one of my favourite nude shades of recent times. It has that hint of rustiness without looking brown and I think this would universally appeal to the masses- it's not too pale, not too pink or peachy- it is a lovely shade. 
If you've read my blog for any length of time, you will know that I am mad for a nice mauvey pink and this one delivers in buckets. I love my work appropriate pinks and I adore the shade of this one, I just can't wear it because I find the scent of the lipstick so sickening. 

In terms of lasting power, I get about 3/4 hours out of it, which is fine by me. They are not drying on the lips and not particularly moisturising but I did find them to be very comfortable (apart from the smell). The finish is quite satin and one swipe delivers great colour payoff. At €8.99 a piece, these are affordable. I said it at the start of this post and I will say it again- if you are going to call a lipstick 'The Only 1', you should really deliver. These lipsticks, whilst nice (apart from the scent), are definitely not the only ones for me. 

Have you tried these lipsticks and if so, do you like them? Were you able to get over that scent?

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Professional Beauty Show 2015 Haul

In very not true-to-form form for me, it has taken me a week to get my haul from the Professional Beauty Show up. I went to the show last Sunday, I was there bright and early with the larks and tried to get as much of my business down as early in the day as possible. The very lovely Waxperts team invited us down to the back for some refreshments and I met lots of lovely blogger friends and had the chats, it was great to catch up with so many people. All my usual favourite stands were there on the day, bigger and better than ever before.

This year was hard going, more so than other years, I really just couldn't cope with the heat and the crowds in the RDS so when I packed my bags into the boot of my car after my first tour around the hall, I couldn't bear to go back in. I was also disappointed that some of the card machines at the various stands were not working and the queue for the ATM was beyond ridiculous that I had to leave without picking up some bits from my favourite stands. PLEASE next year have functioning card machines for those of us that don't like to carry a lot of cash. 

Aside from the heat, the crowds, the vicious women and the non-functioning card machines, anyone who went to the show on Sunday was also subjected to the absolute travesty of counterfeit makeup being sold from one of the exhibitors there. It was beyond disgraceful and I am not even going to set out my opinion of the integrity of the organisers of the show in this post- allegedly they say they were not aware counterfeit makeup was being sold yet they are meant to be professionals in the beauty biz- there are no flies in my eyes and I don't buy it for a second. A very very poor decision on their part.

All that aside, I did manage to get some shopping done on Sunday morning.

Now I did make a promise to not pick up any OPI nail polishes from the Hennessy stand as I have dozens of OPI polishes that I barely even look at in my collection, I really wanted to try the new Infinite Shine ones (I have this inate curiosity about new things) so I picked up the pink (Girl Without Limits) and the red (Raisin' the Bar) to test out. It will be hard for me to take a break from my beloved Vinylux or new love Shellac for long enough to try these but at €6.99 a pop, they were a good price. I also picked up some OPI Nail Envy which I do like and this one came with a free Avoplex Cuticle Oil and was only €13.50. Finally, I picked up the a repurchase of the Glamglow Supermud face mask- I adore Glamglow and at €38, it was a pretty good price so I got one. They also three in a 10g sample size which will be handy for traveling. 
I've long time been looking at the Cailyn Ireland 'O! WOW BRUSH' as a toothbrush shaped foundation brush is quite a novelty in anybody's eyes, especially when you are a flat top kabuki gal like I am. The girl at the stand tried this out on my hand and it felt nice, and again, that insatiable makeup curiosity that I have got the better of me and I wanted to try one out for myself. I think these are usually about the €30 mark (stockists on their website) but the show price was €25. Keep your eyes peeled on the blog for a review of this in the coming weeks, I feel like this will be a Marmite product that you either love or hate. I'm looking forward to trying it for myself on the face.
The team from National Beauty were out in force with the first Kent Salon stand to grace the hallowed halls of the RDS. I've long time heard of Kent Salon brushes but had never tried. I'm a lover of the Wet Brush for going through my tangles so I was looking for style/finishing brushes and I picked up three altogether. I picked up the no.13 (smaller) and the no.10 (larger) for blow drying my hair, there is a nice bit of weight to them so I think they will serve my hair well, and I also picked up the large paddle brush no.1 to bring some shine to my long hair. I think the small blow dry was €13, the larger one was €16 and the paddle brush was €19 and they all came in very fancy carbon fibre finish cases which I know my manfriend is going to rob on me. 
I picked up some random essentials from a stand that I cannot quite remember the name of. The Uniq One Leave in Hair Treatment was on my shopping list- I'm a huge fan of this stuff and have blogged about it on here before. I couldn't get near the Salon Savers stand to purchase it but was delighted when myself and the beautiful Gemma from spied it at a different and less busy stand. I also picked up some lint free wipes for my at-home manicures and a nail file to have as a spare. All three together were €15, cannot remember the individual prices.
I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Celtic Candles in that some of them are amazing, some are sickening and some are useless because they kick off no scent at all. After picking up a lot of different scents at the last show, I just went back for three of my favourites this time around. They were €15 quid a piece and I got the scents White Jasmine, Fresh Cotton and Relaxing.
Butter London also had a stand there and I picked up my first Butter London products- four nail polishes in (l-r) Chimney Sweep, Brown Sugar, Lovely Jubbly and Pillar Box Red. The polishes were €5 each and I also picked up a box of "Scrubbers" for a fiver which are nail polish removal wipes and I've been promised that these are amazing for taking off glitter nail polish. I hope they live up to the salesperson's hype!
Lastly (but actually was my first port of call on the day given the huge queues always at this stand) was the Sweet Squared stand which stock a load of beautiful nail products, including of course, my beloved Vinylux which you know I love ever so dearly. I have been wanting to try my hand at my own Shellac for a while now so I picked up some Shellac bits today also. I got the Scrubfresh, Nourishing Remover and Cuticle Away for the first time, as well as a repurchase of my much loved Rescue RX nail treatment.
I got the Shellac base coat, the new Xpress5 top coat and three shades of Shellac to keep my ticking over - the shades Rose Bud, Red Baroness and Cake Pop - and all of these were about €19 a piece including VAT. 
I picked up two back ups of my beloved Vinylux as they are only 6 quid a piece including tax from the show and this is a brilliant top coat not only over Vinylux but over any nail polish. 
Then of course, my pride and joy, I picked up 10 bottles of Vinylux (again it's only 6 quid a bottle so it is sinful not to stock up). I got the shades (l-r) Winter Glow, Thistle Thicket, Lilac Longing, Gotcha, Tango Passion, Decadence, Masquerade, Nordic Lights, Dark Lava and Dark Dahlia. I cannot even convey my love towards Vinylux and will have a post up very shortly on the four gorgeous new colours from the new Winter 2015 collection so keep your eyes peeled for that. 

Overall, a pretty restrained trip for me but like I said, once I got out into the fresh air, I couldn't bear the thought of going back in again. 

Did you make it to the Professional Beauty Show this year? How did you get on? 


Saturday, 10 October 2015

NEW! H&M have a new Beauty Department - don't mind if I do!

 So there I was on my twice annual clothes shopping trip in Liffey Valley when I happened to chance upon the new huge H&M Beauty display. I had heard rumours doing the rounds about this but I didn't really pay any attention. I thought that H&M were just going down the Topshop route of releasing a few shades of lipstick, a few eyeshadows, but H&M have outdone themselves and released a LOAD of new makeup bits. From foundations, powders, lipsticks, mascaras, nail polishes- and WAY more colours than I was expecting- this sheer breadth of the range is impressive. I picked up some items that caught my eye and have been trying them out for the last few weeks, and as much as it pains me to say this, I actually think the makeup from H&M is really rather good across the board. Let me chat you through what I have been using.
 I wasn't blown away by the colours or the textures of the lipsticks available- there were a few colours that appealed but they were sold out and the packaging wasn't really anything to write home about either. What I did do however was pick up one of the Gossamer Lip Stains in Storyteller (€7.99) and one of the Lush Lip Vinyls in Chic Chock (€7.99) and I'm very glad I did too because these are really excellent. The Gossamer Lip Stain reminds me very much of the YSL Glossy Stain because it is a glossy lip stain. It feels comfortable on the lips, does not dry them to crisps and fades nice and evenly, first losing the shine and then fading nicely over time. I also really like the little doe foot applicator and the colour 'Storyteller' is that perfect 90s nude lip that people have been championing in recent times. The Lush Lip Vinyl in Chic Chock is a gorgeous dark mauvey plummy colour that applies beautifully- pigmented, high shine, statement lip loveliness. This colour for the winter is just perfection to my mind and the formula of these lip vinyls are credit worthy. 
 H&M also have a few blush lines- cream and powder- and the one I went for is the Pure Radiance Powder Blusher in Golden Peach as this reminds me muchly of NARS Orgasm blush. This blush promises sheer coverage with a luminous finish and it delivers on that as you can see from the swatches above. It is easily buildable but if you like that lit from within glow, this blush is great for that. Longevity wise, these are not the longest lasting blushes but the compact is so dinky and cute that these are easy to carry for reapplication. I have to admit, I love the art deco vintage inspired packaging on these blushes. If you like the look of it too, you can pick one up for a mere €7.99.
 I'm all about the glow at this moment in time and when I swatched this liquid highlighter in store, I had to make it mine. This Halo Illuminser comes in three different shades and I picked up the shade 'Delicate Pearl'; In the swatch above, you can see it applied heavily in the top left and blended out in the bottom right hand corner. Pretty amazing! I love this under my powder highlighter when I am going for a really highlighted look. You get 30 ml of product for €9.99. 
 H&M also have a range of Colour Essence Eye Cream cream eyeshadows and whilst the testers in store were as dry as chalk and not swatchable, I did spy this gorgeous warm brown with little flecks of gold glitter called 'Earth Angel' and just had to pick it up. It applies beautifully to the lid and is the perfect easy wash of colour over the lid that makes you look like you have put way more effort into your makeup than you actually have. The con however is that this creases on my eyelids and I don't have the creasiest eyeballs to begin with so I'm inclined to think if you suffer from creasing that you should veer away from these. The texture is softer and moussier than say the MAC Paint Pots or Maybelline Color Tattoos so this may attribute to the creasiness. It's a real shame because this colour is beautiful and I will wear this on occasions where I don't need my makeup to last the whole entire day.
 H&M carry a heap of eyeshadows- from creams as we've seen already, to eyeshadow palettes (none of which caught my eye on the day) and a whole heap of single eyeshadows. I only intended on picking up one High Impact Eye Colour on the day but there were two shades in particular that caught my eye- Sahara Dawn which is a beautiful muted burgundy and Shitake, a gorgeous antique gold that's an absolutely dead ringer for MAC Woodwinked. These eyeshadows are €5.99 a piece and promise vivid pigments in captivating shades. I swatched many eyeshadows and they all looked great and I have gotten compliments on these two since I've worn them. Both colours look great when swept over the lid and paired together they are a perfect pair. I'm not blown away by the packaging of these compared to some other items in the range but for 6 eurobucks, can't really ask for much more. If you are near a H&M then I highly recommend you pick up one of their single eyeshadows. 
Lastly but not leastly, I picked up one eyeliner and one lipliner from the range. The display of liners looked like a bomb had gone off in the seconds before I happened upon it- makeup carnage, liners and corks everywhere, displayed badly etc. but I was able to rescue the Lip Definer in Prairie Sunset and a Colour Essence Eye Pencil in Over the Taupe, both of which were €4.99 a piece. In terms of reporting back, I don't have much to say about these really, they are both soft and apply easily but don't last the longest time either. I might pick up another lipliner if I found a colour amongst the wreckage that appeals but I love my black liner and I don't reckon the formula of the eyeliners will cut the mustard. They are by no means awful. they are just softer than I would go for.

So those are my preliminary thoughts on everything I have tried thus far from H&M Beauty and as you might be able to tell, I'm really rather impressed. Apart from the lipsticks which I didn't really like the look of, I think this makeup line is at the very least on a par with Topshop makeup and realistically even better than what Topshop has to offer. The pricing is very reasonable, the colour selection is vast. The only issue with H&M makeup is that, to the best of my knowledge, it is only available in the store in Liffey Valley, but will be rolling out nationwide in the near future. 

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Flormar Week #5 : Flormar Nails

So finally we are on the last instalment of #FLORMARWEEK and tonight we are talking about what Flormar have to offer in the nails department. I mentioned it already last week but Flormar are the number 1 selling nail polish brand in Turkey and there are certain Flormar stores that carry over 200 nail polishes and whilst we're not that lucky here (yet), you can see from the pic below that there is plenty of choice. There are a few different ranges of nail polish available- the regular Nail Enamels which are €2.99 a piece, Jelly Look, Neon, Matte, Quick Dry and a variety of colours in each and as far as I can tell, I think these are all around €4.49. There are also some nail care or top coat items- Mattifying top coat, nail growth treatments, and no more breaks treatments at around the €4.49. 
So out of all of these lovely colours, I've tried out four polishes to date- Baroque Bordeaux from the regular nail polish line, Extreme Grape from the Matte line, and Plum and Turquoise Green from the Jelly Look line. The packaging of all of the nail polishes and nail treatments is very similar with little details to match the products. For the small price tag, these were surprisingly robust across the board- applied nicely, pretty opaque with just the one coat and no dramatic chippage. The matte shade Extreme Grape in particular is one of the best matte polishes I have ever dried as it does dry down completely matte as you can see from the pics below.
If you are looking for decent, cheap and cheerful nail polishes, I would advise you to look no further. I really rate the polishes I have tried from Flormar so far and I will definitely pick up some more in the near future. 

So that concludes #FLORMARWEEK on TotalMakeupAddict.- I hope you have learned alot about Flormar products and that you can be armed with wishlists when you pop in store to pick out your goodies. Flormar is also available online from SimplyFoxy so if you cannot find a stockist in your locality, try that. As always, keep an eye on the Flormar Ireland facebook page for product details or details of stockists. 


Thursday, 1 October 2015

Flormar Week #4 : Flormar Cheeks

Another day, another #FLORMARWEEK instalment. I've brought you LIPS, FACE and EYES so far and today I am going to bring you on a tour of Flormar Cheeks. I can't vouch for y'all but I love my blushes, I love wearing them, I love collecting them, I love trying new colours and experimenting with them. To me, my face is not made up until I have my blush on! In terms of blush offerings, Flormar offer two lines- the Blush On regular blushes (€6.95) and the Terracotta Blush-Ons (€11.95), as well as a range of Terracotta Powders (€12.95).
The Blush-Ons is the regular blush line in the Flormar collection and there are three shades available- a cool pink, a warm pink and a peachy pink. The compacts are €6.95 a piece and the blush is housed in a gorgeous matte black case with see through lid and it comes with a little blush. In my opinion, I would rather ditch the brush and put in more product as I am not usually a fan of the brushes that come with cosmetics but if you are the kind of person that likes to apply your makeup on the go, this might be a dream little kit for you. The shade selection is very limited but that might just be because the brand is still in rolling out phase in Ireland. I just haven't picked up one of these yet as I have fallen head over heels for the other blush line (keep reading!). 

Now these beauties are something special. These are the MAC I mean Flormar Terracotta Blush-Ons. Do they not bear a striking resemblance to a certain MAC Mineralize Skinfinish powders to you? These look like quality, feel like quality, and in all honesty, really perform like quality. I have loads of MAC MSFs and I would easily easy rate these in the same category. The pans are huge and the powder is baked so it is gorgeously finely milled and marbled and they come in gorgeous colours- Pink Bronze, Touch of Apricot, Touch of Rose and Pure Peach. These just apply like silk to the face and are so pigmented that a little goes a long way. I know for a fact I will end up buying all of these and I highly recommend you to pick one out. 
Along with the Terracotta blush-ons, there is also a Terracotta Powder range which also contains lovely compacts. Like the blush-ons, the texture and consistency of these is fantastic- smooth, silky, not chalky. The colours vary from Marble Beige Gold, Dual Gold, Marble Pink Gold to a matte beige shade that definitely reminds me of a MAC MSF Natural. At €12.95, these are the most expensive Flormar products on the stand but a MAC MSF will set you back over twice that so really- you're getting a great deal. 

As you can see from the pics below, I've picked up three of these so far- the Terracotta Blush-on in Touch of Rose and the Terracotta Powders in Marble Pink Gold and Marble Beige Gold. I just love these so much that I haven't really worn anything else on my cheeks for the last few weeks. Touch of Rose is a gorgeous blush- not sparkly or glittery but sheeny. Marble Beige Gold is a gorgeous neutral blush whereas Marble Pink Gold is a great as a blush or highlight depending on your skintone or personal preference. They are actually so pretty that it's almost shameful to swirl your brush in these and disturb them. LOOK.AT.THEM!
So that's it for Flormar cheeks and as you may be able to tell, I have been very very impressed with the blushes, particularly the Terracotta range. The quality of them is absolutely brilliant- if you visit your nearist stockist (remember to keep checking this list for updates). Check back in tomorrow for the final instalment of #FLORMARWEEK where we will be talking all things NAILS, and I will have achieved everything I set out to achieve at the beginning of this week having promised to show my lovely readers who may not yet have had a chance to visit a Flormar stockist exactly what is in store for you, In terms of your wishlists friends, I really strongly recommend the Terracotta blush-ons or powders, and I would love to know what you think of them if you have either tried or are thinking about trying them. 
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