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What's new at Lush? Summer 2015 edit

God knows I love me some Lush products and as the autumn is creeping in, I find myself getting more and more excited about those inevitable scentsy soaps in bubble baths and indulging in my favourite face masks and shower treats. I was recently invited along to Lush to check out their newest items in store and I took my camera and my notes with you so I can fill you all in on the goodness that's on the Lush shelves at the moment. This is a picture heavy post so brace yourselves!

Shower Gels

I love Lush shower gels and there are five new beauts on the horizon for us. Yuzu and Cocoa might sound familiar to you as there has been a bubbleroon of the same name available for a while now, but Yuzu and Cocoa - the shower gel - is hot off the press. This is supposed to smell like chocolate oranges but I didn't really get any scent off it, and it contains fair trade organic cocoa butter for prime skin conditioning. I can't quite get past the colour of this- it is the colour and consistency of a raw egg yolk! Don't Rain on my Parade smells exactly the same as the purple toning shampoo Daddy'O in my mind and contains violet leaf, fair trade vanilla extract, blueberry juice, cassis absolute, sandalwood oil, ylang ylang to tempt your senses. Beautiful is meant to be the Lush equivalent of a peach bellini with fresh peach juice and dried apricots- however, to my mind it smelled more musky and floral than fruity- perhaps courtesy of the murky myrrh. Wash that Man right out of my Hair contains fresh guava and fig juices, lavender, jasmine flower and rose petal oil as well as ylang ylang and sandalwood oil for a soothing and uplifting fragrance. Lastly, but by no means leastly, is The Comforter - yes, like the bubble bar we all know and love so well. This is packed with blackcurranty goodness courtesy of the sweet cassis absolute, bergamot, cypress and almond oil. This is a very creamy shower gel, it doesn't lather too much, but the suds it does generate are purple and the whole bathroom smells of juicy blackcurrants after using this... I should know, I'm on my second bottle!

 Don't Look at Me is one of the new fresh face masks Lush are stocking at the minute. Packed with lemon juice, neroli, rice syrup, grapefruit oil, murumuru butter, ground rice and rice milk. Cup o'Coffee is one that I am still on the fence about, I love my coffee don't get me wrong but the thought of having it in a face mask somewhat nauseates me. This mask comprises exfoliating coffee granules, fair trade vanilla extract, cocoa extract and caffeine powder. My fear with this is that I would want to lick it off my face!

Body Scrubs and Smoothies
 I was very impressed to see my beloved Rub Rub Rub body scrub has now been compressed and compacted into a solid scrub bar, and it smells the exact same as the original (which is still available for purchase fyi). Life's a Beach! is a loose scrub that comes in a little box that looks like washing powder, and consists of a loose scrub to which you add water to get in on the scrubbing action. This contains that smoky Ugandan fair trade vanilla, sea salt, tonka and gardenia extract. I'm very much looking forward to trying this out for myself. Another new scrub is The Rough with The Smooth and this one uses sugar as the exfoliating base instead of salt like the previous two. This contains the fair trade vanilla extract, black pepper oil, patchouli oil and murumuru butter. Also, just for your info, I took a pic of the new packaging of Dreamwash- the Dreamwash Roulade- but it's the same soothing aloe vera and chamomile offering, packed with tea tree, rapeseed, coconut and lavendar oils and also fresh honeydew melon pulp.

Shower Jellies
 93,000 Miles is a new jelly designed to soothe aching muscles and relieve cramps and pains courtesy of the invigorating eucalyptus, mint, cinnamon and coconut oil contained within. Refresher is a lemon extreme jelly with organic lemon infusion, lemon oil and lemon myrtle- yeah, basically like rubbing a lemon all over your skin! Whoosh is not new but provides an uplifting zesty, refreshing, citrus blast with lemon, grapefruit and lime, as well as moisturising and anti-septic honey water. Needles and Pine is a shower jelly comprised of a fresh forest scent- pine needles, cypress leaf and pine nut oil fill your shower with crispy wintery scents.

Bath Bombs
Now, my main Lush love affair is without a shadow of a doubt, their bath bombs, bath ballistics, bubblebars, bubbleroons and other bath goodies. Amongst the new additions to the lineup include The Experimenter which contains vetivert, tonka, ugandan fair trade vanilla. This one has a very smokey smell to me and to be honest, it did not really appeal to me at all. This is full of popping candy, and as demonstrated to us on the night, creates a rainbow of colour in water. Yoga Bomb is a woody, relaxing scent comprising of sandalwood oil, relaxing olibanum oil, cassis absolute, ho wood oil. It's orange on the outside but has a purple and turquoise hidden exterior and is packed with gold glitters. Frozen, like the movie, is supposed to be able to melt the iciest of moods from the uplifting neroli, rose oil and grapefruit oil. This is filled with little silver glitters to make your icy blue steaming hot bath shimmer. Finally, Intergalactic is a peppermint/grapefruit and cedarwood oil concoction packed with neon colour  and popping candy. According to the Lush website, this "evokes the warmth of 80s aftershave" which made me chuckle muchly, and even though it's a little too minty for me (to the extent is smells like some sort of soothing foot soak), it looks so pretty and sparkly in the bath and contains popping candy and multiple glitters. 

Bubble Bar Makeovers!
I couldn't not draw your attention to the fact that two of our favourite products have been reformulated and had a little facelift. Granny Takes a Dip is now available in bubble bar format, whereas Karma is no longer a little orange slice of heaven but a purple and gold pyramid.


 Lush also have some new hand goodies for us. The Golden Handshake is a new concept - a hand mask if you like - so you fill a large bowl with hot water, pop in your hand mask, leave it melt and then stick your hands into the bowl for 15 minutes to soak and absorb the goodness. It contains avocado, argan and castor oil and is full of cupuacu and murumuru butters. Salted Coconut is a hand scrub with a fine sea salt in coconut oil and lemon, neroli and argan added in for good measure. Love and Light is a handcream packed with cocoa butter, neroli, Brazilian orange, orange blossom and jojoba oil. 

 Now, I have to admit that Lush soaps are not really my thing- I never really use them as I find them a little drying in the shower. That said, there are some new beautiful works of art in store currently.
Outback Mate- zingy blend of eucalyptus, lemongrass and peppermint.
Layer Cake- multicoloured with a different fruit scent per layer- raspberry, blueberry, orange, white grape, pineapple and orange.
Maypole- peppermint oil, looks and smells like a stick of rock!
Devil's Nightcap- woody scent of oakmoss, oakwood and orange flower, contains Fullers earth.
Sandstone- sandy scrub soap, lemon, coriander oil, gardenia extract.
Respect Your Elders- contains blackcurrant, elderflower and olibanum oil.
Sea Vegetable- seaweed soap, lavender, seaweed, sea salt and lime oil.
Apandapand- grapefruit juice, grapefruit oil, sicilian lemon oil and gardenia extract.
Serendipity- French lavender and chamomile.
Miranda- fresh kiwi fruit, citrus oils, juniperberry oils, bergamot oils, ylang ylang.

Hot Oil Hair Treatments
 Another new innovation in Lush this season are the hot oil hair treatments which are basically little blocks of oil on the end of a stick which you have to blend with boiling water and mix into a paste before applying to your hair, leaving for 20 mins and then rinsing off. Kinky is aimed at curly hair and contains olive, rosewood, ylang ylang and vetivert oils. Tangled is aimed at knotty hair and contains olive, jojoba, ylang ylang and rosewood oils and orangle flower absolute. Damaged feeds thirsty hair and containsolive, almond and avocado oils as well as vanilla extract. 

Hair Corner
 Sugar Daddy-O is the solid conditioner equivalent of the purple toning shampoo Daddy-O and contains linseed infusion, argan and coconut oil, violet leaf, rose and bergamot, as well as cocoa and shea butters. Copperhead is a coffee and cocoa solid shampoo which contains persian red henna, fair trade vanilla extract and vetivert oil. Avocado Co-Wash is a nod to the latest co-washing/reverse hair washing trend and contains avocado, olive oil, cider vinegar, lime and bergamot fragrance. The Plumps is a volumising conditioning bar containing sea salt, cedarwood, honey and sandalwood.
Jersey Bounce is a volumising shampoo similar to BIG shampoo that we all know and love, only with more volumising powers. It contains honey, linseed, sea salt, organic lemon juice, olive oil, bergamot oil, sicilian lemon oil and lavender oil. Trichomania is the creamy coconut, scalp friendly shampoo repackaged into a new pink and white round. Mr Dandy's Hair Candy is a lightweight, texturising cream packed with bananas, oakmoss, rosewood, almond oil, lime oil and brazil nut oil. Finally, Hair Custard is an eggy wonder for hair- quite literally eggs. This eggstravaganza is to be applied from root to tip before blowdrying and as well as eggs, contains argan and coconut oils, Ugandan fair trade vanilla extract, grapefruit juice, strawberry juice, cider vinegar, beeswax, honey and orange peel. 

So I know this was a lengthy post just packed with information, but I just felt like there was so much on the Lush menu now that it would be worth while introducing them formally. Have you tried any of these new Lush goodies yet? Are you excited for winter baths yet? 

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