Sunday, 27 September 2015

Flormar - welcome to Ireland and the start of Flormar Week!

There are few things that bring me as much joy as the thought of a brand new makeup brand launching in Ireland, and us Irish gals have certainly been spoiled in the last few years with additions of brands like Wet n Wild, NYX, Physician's Formula and Charlotte Tilbury to name a few- we've been faring well. Another new brand which has taken up residence in several pharmacies around Ireland is Flormar. Now before I get into the brand and tell you my plans to show you a truckload of Flormar products, I will give you a little history on the brand, the origins and the ethos. I take quite a holistic approach when familiarising myself with new brands- heck, that's about half the reason I love blogging so much. I've tried a fair amount of products over the last few months so I feel like I have a good enough grasp of the products to give you my recommendations.
A little bit about the brand by way of context - the brand was originally developed back in the 1970s in Milan, Italy but production later moved to Turkey. The brand was available in a few pharmacies and in A-wear stores a few years back but it looked quite different, a lot of shiny white packaging! The brand underwent a revamp back in 2012 when French cosmetics giant Yves Rocher invested in the brand, and the shiny white packaging was replaced by sleek, matte black packaging. The brand itself began by specialising in, and has since been built on, the success of its nail polishes- there are over 200 nail polishes available and they have added new lines to their nails range over the years. Flormar is the top selling nail polish brand in Turkey- and over 50% of Flormar's global sales come from Turkey. The brand pride themselves on their vast selection of colourful, fun products at purse friendly prices. Flormar Ireland are currently in the process of rolling out across Irish pharmacies- to keep up to date with their stockists, keep an eye on their Facebook page as this is updated regularly.

When you do get to your nearest stockist, you should find something like this:
Flormar have plenty of offerings across the line- numerous eyeshadows, foundations, nail polishes, brow products, etc. and what I have decided to do instead of creating one huge post is to have a series on the blog which I have imaginatively called 'Flormar Week'- each day for the next five days I will focus on one particular part of the face and tell you what goodies Flormar have in store for you. We'll do Flormar Face, Flormar Eyes, Flormar Nails, Flormar Lips and Flormar Cheeks over the course of the week, and the posts will be a mix of mini reviews of the products I have tried, pricing information, swatches and an exposé of what is available. My hope is that by the end of this week, you will know all that there is to know about Flormar Ireland. 

So if you are interested in learning about Flormar, keep your eyes out on the blog every day this week. Please feel free to engage during the week and share your thoughts- what you've tried, what you've loved or what you are looking forward to trying. 

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