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Flormar Week #3 : Flormar Eyes

Another day of #FLORMARWEEK and today I'm talking eye products (with some eyebrow products for good measure. Let talk numbers- 5 matte mono eyeshadows, 5 mono eyeshadows, 4 terracotta (baked) eyeshadows, 4 5pan eyeshadow palettes, 4 lines of mascara, 3 brow powders, brow pencils, liners, primers and mascara and 5 types of eyeliner. Not too shabby at all for a brand that's new to Ireland! I'm a bit dubious when it comes to inexpensive eyeshadows to be honest, I often find the pigmentation and payoff to be dismal, chalky mess. I have tried loads of different Flormar eye bits so keep reading for more info!


Flormar have a range of mono eyeshadows and eyeshadow palettes in a variety of neutral and popping colours. The colour range isn't the vastest- each line has either 4 or 5 variations- but there is enough there to appeal to neutral lovers and the colour poppers. There are testers at the stand so you can swatch the products to your heart's contentment before deciding what products to pick. The packaging of these, particularly the mono eyeshadows, is divine- sturdy matte black with windows and mirrors and huge pans of decent pigment. 
The Mono Eyeshadows come in five different shades and are only €3.45 each. The shade on the far left is a beautiful gold and I highly recommend this one! 
There are five Matte Mono Eye Shadows also- again only €3.45 which is seriously good value- I have that brown shade in the middle and it is crease colour perfection.

The terracotta eyeshadows are more pricey than the mono eyeshadows but you get three times as much product in these as you do in the others, and at €7.95, it's great value. There are four shades available and I love the ivory shade in the middle as a shadow, inner corner highlighter and highlighter for the tops of the cheeks. MUST HAVE.
There are four different 5 pan eyeshadow palettes - a grey/smokey one, a pink/burgundy one, a nude one and a blue one. I have the two palettes in the middle- I very much like the burgundy one- the shadow on the far right of that palette is perfection, I prefer it to MAC Cranberry. I also have the nudes palette which I don't love as much as the other one, I find that the shades are a bit too similar for my liking and it's missing a good dark crease shade. Still though, €9.95 a piece is a good deal!


I am having a serious love affair with one particular Flormar mascara...
THIS MASCARA IS ONE OF MY FAVOURITE MASCARAS EVER. I bought the Volume Spiderlash mascara a few weeks back (one in the red packaging) and I have used little else since I got it. It reminds me so much of one of my other fave mascaras, the MakeUpForEver Smokey Lash mascara, only is one fifth of the price and a bit better if I am honest. The wand picks up every single lash, fans them out, provides length and curl- it is a phenomenal mascara and probably my favourite Flormar product to date! Just look at what one single coat does:

I've since gone back and purchased the regular Spider Lash mascara and I cannot wait to see how it compares to the volume version.
Another two mascaras that Flormar have brought to us- the Maxxl Mascara and the x10 Sculpting Mascara. Given my love affair with Spider Lash, it's only a matter of time before I try these!
And like the Revolution lipsticks, there is also a line of Revolution mascaras tucked into the very bottom right hand corner of the stands. 

Brow Products

Now I am not an eyebrow person at all so I can't tell you my personal experience of any of these brow products as I never fill in my brows. What I will do is show you what is available! I know Leonard Daly was a big fan of the eyebrow liner markers in the range and he knows his stuff so definitely keep an eye out on that.
Three eyebrow shadows in little compacts like the eyeshadows- all of them quite cool and ashy toned.
Eyebrow pencils in 2 shades, brow liners in 2 shades, an eyebrow primer and brow mascara.


One notable omission from the Flormar line up is the lack of pencil eyeliners in my mind. I'm not sure if this is because my nearist stockist (Medipharm Pharmacy, Dundrum) doesn't stock them (as they don't have the lip liner pencils either) or whether there are none in the line-up, I have a sneaking suspicion that there may be so if you come across any in your local stockist, please let us know in the comments below. Enough of talking about what they don't have and on to talking about what they do...three different types of eyeliner including a liquid eyeliner (which is jet black, looks glossy when applied by shine fades as it dries down), a dipliner and gel eyeliner in two colours which come with little brushes for applying. 

Flormar Eyes

Overall, I think that Flormar eyes are very enticing. The single eyeshadows are great, and I have found a new absolute HOLY GRAIL mascara in the Spider Lash mascara that comes in the red tube- it is absolutely amazing, I love it more than a lot of other more expensive mascaras I have tried in recent months. In terms of value for money, I think Flormar is right up there, and even though the colour selection seems to be quite limited for now with a handful of colours available, I love the colours I have tried so far. The only eyeshadow product I wasn't blown away by yet was the eyeshadow palette in Nude Dudes- but as you can see from the pic and swatches above, it's not awful, it just doesn't tick every box for me. Overall, the quality of the eyeshadows are smooth and deliver on the pigmentation and they can last up to 12 hours on my eyelids without budging or creasing.

I would love to know what Flormar products you have tried or even what has caught your eye- are there any Flormar eye products are on your wishlist yet? 


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