Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Essence 'Try It. Love It!' Collection - my picks, review and swatches

I genuinely could rave about Essence Cosmetics until those proverbial cows come home- their longlasting lipsticks are at the very least in my top 3 highstreet / drugstore lipstick estimation, the lipliners are epic, I've repurchased the Longlasting Eye Pencil in Black Fever probably a dozen times by now, their eyeshadows are decent, the nail polishes are amazing for the price and they do some pretty nifty mascaras too. You see where I'm going with this? I've got a lot of Essence love in my heart. Sooo when I spied the new 'Try It. Love It!' display at my nearest Essence counter, I duly snapped up some of the pieces that called out to me the most. 
First up were the new 8 pan eyeshadow palettes in different hues of 'all about...'. I saw a bronze one, a nudes one, a roses one, a greys one and a vintage one and went for nudes (obvs) and greys (for a change and I used to be quite partial to a grey smoky eye). I think these palettes were €5.49 a piece, somewhere around the fiver mark anyways, and for that you get 8 decent enough sized pans of eyeshadow in a variety of different finishes, most of them glittery or shimmery in some manner.
 As you can see from the swatches above, these are pigmented, but I found I needed a primer on the lids to get these to last to their full potential over a day. I used the Essence I heart Stage eyeshadow primer and it worked a treat. I would definitely consider picking up another one of these bad boys as they are absolute robbery for the price they are and for what you get for your eurobucks.
I also picked up both of the matt touch blushes in the line as I was impressed by both the colour selection and the texture of the tester at the counter. The peachy shade is no 10 Peach me up! and the raspberry shade is no 20 Berry me up! The texture of these, for matt blushes, is very impressive. I would suppose that matt blushes from such an inexpensive brand would be chalky but these are incredibly smooth and incredibly matt without being powdery and dry. 
They apply beautifully to the cheeks, both colours are beautiful on, and they can be easily built up in pigmentation also which appeals greatly. These look incredibly natural on the cheeks, and I've included heavy and light swatches above so you can get a feel for the colour payoff.
Lastly but not leastly, I picked up two of the new Sheer & Shine lipsticks in 13 Like a Princess and 12 Candy Love. The regular Longlasting Lipsticks are my absolute favourite Essence products of all time, followed closely by the new Longlasting Nude lipsticks (girls you need nos 3 and 5 in your lives, in fact, I have just decided I shall dedicate a post entirely to those beauties).  I'm not really a sheer lipstick kinda gal to be honest as I prefer a bit more pigment on my lips but I picked up the two colours that sang to my soul instore. Candy Love is your typical blue toned fuchsia pink whereas Candy Love is a blue toned light pink that leans ever so mauvey. I love the packaging on these- the lids are colour co-ordinated to the little stickers on the bottom of the product which let you know what colour is in the bullet- that is mighty impressive from a €2.49 lipstick which is how much one of these would set you back. Now, whilst I have tried them and loved them, I realise that sheer lipsticks are not my cuppa tae. I quite like Candy Love over my Essence Satin Mauve lipliner (of which I literally have about a dozen because a) when I wanted to pick it up the first time, I found it hard to find it b) it seems to be out of stock all the time, c) it's a dead cert dupe for MAC's Soar lipliner which is one of my favourites in life and d) they are only €1.29 a piece which is crazy for the quality of what you get. Anyways, I digress, I will probably give Like a Princess to my 16 year old sister who likes sheer, glossy, brightly coloured lipsticks, but I most certainly would not be discouraged from trying out more muted shades of these in future. 

Overall, I am impressed with the new Essence pieces that I have tried in recent weeks and I look forward to raiding the stand again in the near future to find more goodness. Essence Cosmetics are going from strength to strength and if ever in Penneys, I always make it my business to swing near a display to see what new stuff they have on the shelves. 

I love that there are limited editions and product revisions continually. Even though some of my favourites have been discontinued- I will shed many tears over the loss of my beloved long lasting lipstick in the shade 09 Wear Berries which was cruelly discontinued before I got a chance to purchase a back up- I do love that Essence is a brand that is constantly reinventing itself and churning out the limited editions and new product lines a couple of times per year, always retaining the incredible prices without compromising on quality. If you too are interested in seeing what is on the agenda for Essence or what products will be going out of stock shortly, keep an eye on the Essence Cosmetics EU website where they provide all the details. 

How do you rate Essence as a brand? Have you tried out any Essence products in recent months that have impressed? 

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