Thursday, 20 August 2015

Reverse Hair Washing / Cowashing feat. Kerastase Therapiste

I first heard about the "reverse hair washing" or "cowashing" bandwagon a few years back and it wasn't something that immediately piqued my interest to be frank. Reverse hair washing basically entails using conditioner before shampoo, so you wash all the conditioner out of your hair before stepping out of the shower. Straight up, this sounded like crazy talk to me! You see, I am from the thick, textured, dry hair brigade, and I also choose to wear my hair long and indulge in highlights and heat styling on the regular which means that I have the most tangled, driest hair ever in the world. I struggle to get a brush through it after washing it and I use a deep conditioning "mask" as a conditioner every single time I wash it because my hair just needs the help. So naturally enough, I balked at the thought of conditioning my hair first and applying shampoo afterwards when I literally tear clumps of hair out of my heads trying to brush it post shower after a big thick heavy rich hair mask. I tried it once before with another shampoo and conditioner and it was just disastrous- I wrote off reverse hair washing, deemed it wasn't for me and moved on. 

So what happened in the interim? Well, I am a huge devotee to all things Kerastase- to my mind, there is not one other single brand that performs the way that Kerastase does on my hair. I alternate between all the various ranges, and because I am constantly having my hair bleach or heat styling it,I feel like I have to compensate by using the best products tailored to my hair woes. When I first heard of the Bain Therapiste line, I was excited, and I spoke to my hairdresser at the time about it and she said it would be too much for my hair type. The Bain Therapiste range is geared for very damaged, distressed and brittle hair, which sounds exactly like my hair type. Of course, I was of the conviction that nobody knows my hair the way I do, so I went ahead and got it regardless and tried it out with glee. However, my hair felt like it was absolutely loaded with product, sticky, heavy and more brittle than ever. I was thinking that maybe my hairdresser was right all along and I should have taken heed of her advice.

Until the start of July when both Vivianna Does Makeup and Lily Pebbles both mentioned in their beauty favourites roundup that they had been loving the Bain Therapiste range. This ignited a little fire in me again, particularly when they mentioned how they were not really into reverse hair washing etc etc. All sounded very familiar but then I realised I made a rookie mistake- I didn't read the bottles! Doh! I washed my hair with these in the normal way and my hair rejected but when I reverse washed my hair- applied the conditioner first and the shampoo afterwards- HOLY MOSES my hair felt fabloosh. I mean it felt stronger, shinier, more manageable and waaaaay easier to detangle post shower. I have been con-ver-ted!

So a little on the products themselves if you are feeling like you would also wish to be sufficiently converted- Kerastase is a professional only range and is only available to purchase from certain salons or online beauty retailers like here in Ireland or HQHair/Look Fantastic if you are shopping in the UK (also ship worldwide). The conditioner retails for €23.50 and the shampoo will set you back €19.50, which might seem pricey but these shampoos and conditioners are so concentrated that a little really goes a long way and they are full of top notch active ingredients carefully selected to nurse your over processed hair back to health. The conditioner feels thick, creamy and quite heavy- I put a €2 coin sized amount on my hand, rub my hands together and apply to the lengths and ends of my hair. It smells amazing, it does a great job of detangling the hair and rinses out easily. The shampoo has a thick, almost jelly like texture, I pour a splodge of this on my hand, work it between my hands and apply all over from root to tip. It lathers up nicely, smells amazing and rinses away easily without taking clumps of hair with it. Post shower, my hair blowdries quicker, styles better and just looks generally more healthy- also, my post-shower 'fro is definitely less than an inch high off the top of my head whilst other shampoos have left me with up to a six inch high 'fro of tangled mess to sort out.

I love this range, I've been (at long last) converted to the cowashing way of life and I don't think I'm going to jump ship any time soon, my hair is having far too much fun for that! If you have overprocessed, weakened hair, definitely consider the Therapiste range from Kerastase. They also have a mask and a serum which I will definitely pick up in my next online order!

What do you think about reverse hair washing? Is it something you have tried or would consider trying? 


  1. I love this range so much, look fantastic often have offers or discount codes and it's a little easier on the pocket! I'm still afraid to try this, it seems so alien to use conditioner first but I'll give it a go on your recommendation!

  2. I tried it once & it wasn't for me, but I am a huge Kerastase fan so am very tempted to try this! xx



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