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NEW! Catrice Even Skin Tone Beautifying Foundation - Review

Catrice Cosmetics and their sister brand Essence Cosmetics are two of the best things that ever happened to the makeup scene in Ireland if I am honest. Both brands keep chugging out new product lines, new colours, new innovations and new limited editions on the regular, keeping the brand consistently fresh and exciting. I stalk the Catrice and Essence websites regularly to get a heads up on what products will be leaving, and more importantly, what new goodness we can expect. When I saw that there was a new foundation on the horizon, I didn't think twice about splashing the little cash that it cost (a princely sum of €8.49) to try it out for myself. This new foundation is the subject of this post and is the Even Skin Tone Beautifying Foundation. 

Now, note that the Even Skin Tone Beautifying Foundation promises to deliver medium to high coverage on wear, it allegedly also promises that continued use of this over 8 weeks will improve your skin tone, brighten pigmentation marks and leave your skin looking fabliss without foundations. I don't have any skin tone or pigmentation issues thankfully, and I haven't been trialling this for 8 weeks yet, so I cannot attest to those claims, but I'm going to report on the foundation as I found it. Firstly, props to Catrice for the packaging- a nicely slim frosted glass tube with an inbuilt pump- holla to the drugstore brands that include pumps when their higher end sisters still refuse to do so and insult us by expecting us to fork out another fiver for the privilege of using the product we just paid for! The bottle feels weighty and sturdy, the lid attaches securely and I found two pumps of this was plenty to cover my face. You get 30ml in the bottle and this also contains a rather generous SPF of 25.

The texture of this reminded me muchly of the Estée Lauder Perfectionist Foundation, which I wasn't terribly keen on to be frank. For the same reason that I never clicked with the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum, these serum/gel texture foundations just don't really float my boat. I prefer something creamier, something lighter, I prefer applying them and I prefer the finish also. This applied exactly like EL Perfectionist does and feels cool and hydrating on the skin, so if you're a dry skinned gal, definitely consider this one. If you are oily, I would probably veer away from it, as I noticed that about 12 hours into wear, my nose and cheeks were looking a little greasier than I would have liked, and I don't suffer from oily skin. If you're prone to oils breaking through your foundation anyway, I'm  just not convinced this is the right foundation for you. I also have to mention that I did not set this with a powder as I very rarely do that unless the weather is melting outside or I need my makeup to last longer than normal for some reason, so setting it with powder would probably go towards alleviating the shine. 

Top Left- naked faced with no foundation. Top Right- foundation applied.
Bottom Left- foundation freshly applied and colour added to my face.
Bottom right- foundation after 12 hours of wear, no primer, no powder.
What I will say though is that, my personal qualms about the gel texture aside, my skin looked even and radiant when I used this foundation. The coverage is excellent, definitely on the fuller end of the medium coverage spectrum- I had a couple of little blemishes which require some extra concealing but that is standard. The coverage on this was so high that until I introduced some colour back into my face with bronzer and blush, my face kind of looked like a white dinnerplate. Speaking of white, I picked up the lightest of the four shades available and it was definitely a little too pale for me. Catrice foundations usually start at the shade 010 but this one started at 005 (Even Ivory) and it was significantly paler than my natural skin tone (in MAC terms of reference, I would take an NW20). This foundation was also less yellow toned than some of the other Catrice foundations that I have tried. 

In terms of the overall, this is a nice foundation indeed, but I'm just not struck on the gel texture. It's not a fatal complaint, I will still use these, I just have to brace myself and have a good buffing brush on hand to buff straight away. Admittedly, I prefer the Velvet Finish Foundation and the Nude Illusion Foundation over this Even Skin Tone Beautifying Foundation- the Velvet Finish in particular was my go to foundation last week over the winter months. This is just hot on the shelves for the last week or so and seems to be in Penneys before the other retail stockists so swing by your nearest stand for a look. 

Is this foundation on your wishlist? How do you rate Catrice foundations or have you yet to experience them?


  1. I bought this recently and love it, I got a different shade though - think it was the next one up, I must have a look at this one because I'm NC15 and found the shade I had a tiny bit dark. Love how this applies - also thought it was similar to Estee Lauder but more like Double Wear on me, coverage wise. Really impressed!

  2. This looks really impressive, your skin looks so radiant with it!

  3. Hello :) Can you please tell me what concealer do you use with this foundation? I use the same shade and I don't know what concealer to use :/ I hope you will see this. Cheers :)


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