Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Maybelline Master Sculpt in Light/Medium

I don’t care if strobing or baking are the new “in” things, I am still loving a little bit of contour. I’m not made for the stripes or making my face look more angular but I do very much love adding a bit of warmth, shadows, light and radiance to the face by contouring it up. This summer has been the summer of the contour in my mind and it seems that every brand is jumping on the bandwagon- so naturally enough when I heard that Maybelline were jumping on the contouring bandwagon, I had to get my fix.

The new Master Sculpt contour/highlight duo has been endorsed by new Maybelline ambassadress Mollie King from The Saturdays (do they even exist any more?) and even though she is a babe, the promotional pics from the campaign neither did Molly nor the product any justice- I have to admit I was a little aghast when I saw them first. This comes in 2 shades- Light/Medium and Medium/Dark. I picked up the lightest shade because I just preferred the sculpt colour but to be brutally honest, there is not that much of a difference between the 2 shades, and other bloggers paler than I have picked up the darker of the two because the shade appeals to them more than the lighter one.

I have really enjoyed using this little kit- the packaging is a bit chunky for my liking but still, this is the perfectly portable little kit. If you prefer grey/taupey shades for contouring, you’re probably not going to be too impressed with this, because in my humble opinion, the shades are too warm for traditional contouring. Even though the colour is quite fair, I did find that it was perfectly blendable and buildable- a really silky smooth finish. The highlight shade is not a traditional sheen/shimmer highlighter but more of a traditional pale powder- great for setting undereye concealer- but you get so little of it in the pan. This palette retails for €9.99 if you would like to give it a whirl for yourselves and available from Boots, Superdrug, supermarkets and independent pharmacies nationwide. 

Have you tried the Master Sculpt kit yet or does it sound like something you would like to try? Are any of you still continuing to embrace the contoured/bronzed look or are you veering more towards strobing and all the other cool kid trends these days?


  1. I still use Kevyn Aucoin sculpting powder and find that the best!

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  3. I think this might be a little warm for me but looks lovely on you!

  4. It looks great on you, I have a similar one from L'óreal but it's a little orange on me - would like to check this out in reality but very much enjoying a love affair with MAC Delicates at the moment!


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