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Makeup Geek Pigments - Collection, Review and Swatches

I've been a huge fan of Makeup Geek for ages now and I felt like dipping my makeup toe (wut?!) into their pigments a few months back, so I placed an order of the pigments that I had been mentally bookmarking for years. I'm not really a pigment person as I couldn't be faffing about with loose pigments but these have come so highly recommended that I just had to pick up a few. The pigments are usually $8.99 a piece but I've noticed in recent months that some of them have been reduced in price so it could be that Makeup Geek are discontinuing these so if you like what you see, get on to the Makeup Geek website asap to order! I picked up 5 pigments and didn't get stung for any customs fees on this order (though I have been in the past so be careful when ordering from MUG).
Each of the pigments were well wrapped in bubble wrap and bubble packed envelopes and came in individual boxes so I wouldn't have any of the usual concerns about goods getting damaged in transit and it took about 8 days from placing the order for the goods to arrive to my door. The cost of postage on the MUG website is very reasonable, I think all of these came to $9 postage. 
I picked up 5 colours altogether- in the swatches pic above from left to right these are: Afterglow, Enchanted, Poker Face, Utopia and Insomnia. I know historically the pigments did not come with a sifter so they were a little on the messy side but each of these pigments came with a sifter built in to save any excess wastage of the 2g of product in each. I can't ever see myself ever getting to the bottom of one of these jars of pigment as they are so incredibly, unbelievably pigmented that a little of these goes a very long way. In terms of texture, each of these in my small cross selection differ- Afterglow is an incredibly fine and smooth whereas Utopia is a thick, chunky glitter. I don't mind this difference in texture as I would use these in different ways- the finer pigments are great for sweeping on lids or cheekbones or wherever your heart so desires, whereas packing on the chunkier pigments like Utopia with a mixing medium like Inglot Duraline leaves such an intense, foiled look. 
Afterglow is a soft, smooth highly reflective champagne colour. It's gorgeous on the lid, in the inner corners, on the brow bone, as a cheeky light or placed over a darker colour on the lid for a spotlight eyeshadow effect. The name of this is incredibly appropriate as the colour has such a warmth and a glow to it that I am convinced that you would not be able to achieve with a pressed shadow. 
Enchanted is another incredibly soft smooth shimmery light plum colour. I love this against blue eyes but I feel like there are enough undertones in this to make it pop against any eyecolour- it's a smoky plum that leans warm. It can be washed over the lid for a hint of plum or wet or mixed with Duraline for a more plummy shade. I can't wait for the autumn to (officially) kick in so I can get more use out of this. 
Poker Face is a beautiful warm rich intense bronze which, like Enchanted above, can be applied sheer for a wash of colour or wet for a more metallic, bronze effect. I am completely biased when it comes to coppers and bronzes I admit but I have to admit that this is a good 'un.
Utopia consists of chunky gold glitters on a brown base so it leaves a beautiful duochrome effect when applied wet. This is so chunky and has so much fallout that I would not recommend applying this dry as a wash of colour over the lid. When applied wet with some Inglot Duraline, this is something special- it looks rich and expensive. It reminds me of MAC's Antiqued Gold pigment but for a fraction of the price. It's unusual and when applied, it looks like you put in a lot more work into your eyeshadow than you actually have. 
I intentionally saved my favourite for last because this is not only my favourite Makeup Geek pigment, but my favourite pigment of all time EVER. Insomnia is hard to describe- duochrome in the truest sense- it's a dark brown leaning base with lots of teal/purple reflects- the main colours are brown and blue but this pigment is so much more than that. I saw swatches of this for years and have wanted it for years- MAC have a similar pigment called Blue Brown - and this pigment was just $4.50 when I picked it up (edit- it still is selling at $4.50 which is half price for a limited time only so if you want it, now is the time to get it). I love this on so many levels I can't convey, it is exquisite. Apologies for my grumpy face below but I just wanted to give you an idea of how I like to wear Insomnia.
I'll definitely consider picking up more Makeup Geek eyeshadow pigments in the coming months, and you can bet your bottom dollar that I'll also be adding to my eyeshadow collection too as I think Makeup Geek products, for the tiny prices, are top notch. The only word of warning I will give is to my Irish friends and that is to be careful of customs- I try to keep my orders to around the $30 dollar mark excluding postage and this seems to be the best way to avoid getting caught. Order little and often is the key, and as the shipping is quite reasonable from the MUG website, this is the best way to build your collection.

Are you more of a loose pigment or pressed pan fan? Do you have any Makeup Geek recommendations for us?



  1. Utopia doesn't look a million miles away from MAC's 'Club' either, there's a Topshop shade too that's similar (or maybe it's Urban Decay) I haven't bought a pigment since the days of the Barry M Dazzle Dust! I'm a bit afraid of them to be honest, all I can imagine is fallout, but these are stunning. I never thought you'd get pigmentation like this from a loose powder, I love the third one! Gorgeous.


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