Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Bando Ringleader Agenda 2015/2016 - review and sneak peek inside!

The internet has been set alight with stationary lovers declaring their undying love for the agendas, and for good reason too! These colourful personal organisers are compact and cute and will help to keep your life on track. I always have some sort of an agenda or calendar in my bag, and I am still ancient enough to appreciate pen and paper and not completely embrace the digital yet, so I can completely see how enticing keeping a diary is, and the fact that this ones are so cute and so functional pleases me muchly. I just wanted to do a little show and tell of all things in case you too are thinking of investing in one. I picked up the Ringleader agenda from Irish website My Shining Armour a fortnight ago and it arrived 20 hours later and I've been filling it in since. I took the liberty of taking some photos just to give you a sense of what's contained within in case you are on the fence about ordering.
The Bando agendas come in a larger ringbound size as well as the smaller hardback size pictured above. I was originally going to go with the 'I AM VERY BUSY.' agenda in the middle but I changed my mind and went for the one of the far right which is the Ringleader version instead. The floral one on the far left is called the Florabunda agenda. Apart from the outside covers, each of the three diaries are the exact same from what I can tell. They all contain illustrations, quotes, colourful touches, little notes and instructions, all enshrined in one sturdy hardback case. There is an elastic and page marker for convenience and a little pocket at the back to save your receipts or smaller documents. The pictures below should give you an idea of what to expect in the diary without spoiling too much of the surprise...
There are a few little tweaks that I would make to this agenda if I had the opportunity- I don't find that there is a lot of space for notes or lists in the agenda so I had to buy some post-its from Paperchase to be able to get these in there, I am a lists fanatic and I like space for jotting down some notes so the two pages per month won't cut the mustard with me. I love the coloured tabs down the side for dividing the different months but I wish these were laminated or thicker than the paper as I can envision these getting dog earred over the next 16 months! Still and all, these are only small tweaks but they are little touches that I personally would have appreciated! 

Overall, I am chuffed with this agenda and I think it is well worth the hype it has been getting. I have been enjoying organising my life muchly since I got this- there is just something about commiting a plan to writing and seeing it through, all the good feels. If you're looking to pick up one of this agendas, check out My Shining Armour to see what they have in stock. They also offer a 10% discount code if you sign up to their mailing list which means you can nap this agenda for €24.75 instead of €27.50 and they also offer free international shipping. As I said I ordered mine at 1pm on a weekday and it arrived at 9am the next morning- incredible! 

How do you feel about good old fashioned paper agendas? Have you ditched the written word to embrace electronic organisation?


  1. I couldn't forfeit a diary for just using my phone, I just love having everything written down! I like the look of this one - would be tempted if I hadn't already bought a Kate Spade! xx


  2. I've been waiting to order from Hippenings but I can't wait, I changed my mind about the Busy one too - could see myself getting sick of it before 2017 - so I'm going to get the Florabunda one, they're taking over the blog world!

  3. Soooooo pretty.. very tempting... gonna wait til next year tho I think and get one/ something similar for the lead up to my wedding in OCT 2017...
    I've a serious case of the *wants* now tho

  4. I love this review, Thanks for the shout out! Nicki from My Shining Armour :)


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