Monday, 31 August 2015

The Sun Mousse - the SPF I never really got a chance to use this summer

With the vast majority of kiddies around the country going back to school today, I've resigned myself to the fact that the summer is officially over. I'm not terribly devastated about that to be honest because I love the cold evenings and snuggling up in front of the TV with the rain bashing against the windows. One thing I am devastated about however, is the fact that I never really got a chance to use many of my sun protection products properly over the summer, like 'The Sun Mousse'. I was very intrigued when 'The Sun Mousse' landed on my desk a few months' back- as a complete and utter sun protection advocate, I thought that I would get so much use out of these over the hot summer that we were promised... In reality, as all of my Irish readers will be aware, we got about 2 weeks of summer, and heck of a lot of humidity after that. In many ways, the sudden shortage of sunny weekends has meant that my presentation on this suncream has been somewhat hampered, which is a pity given that I would honestly burn sitting next to a candle as I am incredibly fair. I'm also hypersensitive about getting burned again- I was caught out a few years back and suffered some horrific water blistery sunburn on my arms- it was absolutely agony, looking back, I'm almost convinced that I suffered some sort of second degree burns, and my skin on my arms, though it completely healed, has never quite been the same since. 
I had only a handful of outdoorsy days over the course of the summer with himself, we headed over to Dun Laoghaire, down to Wicklow, up to Howth, and those were the only real opportunities I had to test these new Sun Mousses out. Apart from the weekends, I barely see the sun from one end of the week to the next unfortunately as when I enter the office in the morning, I don't see the light of day again until the evenings when the sun has retreated. My interest was definitely piqued in the Sun Mousse from the first minute I heard of it because of the novelty factor of the unique mousse formulation- I was both curious and terrified. I was expecting this to be sticky and crunchy like hair mousse (I never use hair mousses)- but I was wrong. The Sun Mousse feels like and fluffy in texture, applies incredibly smoothly and did not leave a greasy finish. I applied this on my arms, shoulders, chest and back of next on days I was touring around the countryside with himself, and was impressed by its instant absorption. It smells nice- not sickly perfumed like many sun creams, squirts from the bottle nicely and evenly- oh, it was shaping up to be a nice little lovefest with these until the sun decided to disappear.

This Sun Mousse offers up to 6 hours protection- and I would definitely say that this is a modest assessment. I have been out from 10 in the morning until 6 or 7 in the evening and even with my fair skin, I was not sizzled by the end of the day- in fact, I wasn't even pink. The Sun Mousse also offers protection from both UVA and UVB rays. The Sun Mousse also promises that it will not clog the skin's pore and thus it is suitable for face, but I have a mattifying sun fluid from Eucerin that I prefer to wear under makeup so I didn't even get the chance to try this out on my face. In terms of water resistance- again, I never got the chance to test this theory as I wasn't near any water over the summer but this claims to not only be water resistant, it is very water resistant. You probably are wondering how could it claim to be very water resistant- apparently this is due to the fact that it absorbs not only into the top layer of the skin but also the secondary layer, which makes it much less likely that it will be washed or splashed off. 
Even though I am 28 years young, I used the factor 50+ which is marketed for kiddies because when it comes to SPF factors, I'm greedy and want the highest level of protection possible, as well as the broad spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays. Honestly, when you have been very literally scarred by something, you become obsessive about avoiding that pain again. I wouldn't use anything less than factor 30 on my skin to be honest. My overall impressions of this were that it was pleasant to use, didn't feel sticky or uncomfortable, sank into my skin straight away, didn't have any strong fake smell, and most importantly, I did not get sunburned when I wore it. I know you may think it is strange that I am hailing a sun protection product when our weather has been, eh, changeable, but I'm sick of holding out for sunshine to spread the love. My first impressions of this product were highly favourable.

If you like the sound of this and are hopeful for a sunny September, The Sun Mousse is available from MedDirect for €19.99. The Sun Mousse is also on Facebook so check them out there if you are so inclined! 


Sunday, 30 August 2015

NEW! Catrice Even Skin Tone Beautifying Foundation - Review

Catrice Cosmetics and their sister brand Essence Cosmetics are two of the best things that ever happened to the makeup scene in Ireland if I am honest. Both brands keep chugging out new product lines, new colours, new innovations and new limited editions on the regular, keeping the brand consistently fresh and exciting. I stalk the Catrice and Essence websites regularly to get a heads up on what products will be leaving, and more importantly, what new goodness we can expect. When I saw that there was a new foundation on the horizon, I didn't think twice about splashing the little cash that it cost (a princely sum of €8.49) to try it out for myself. This new foundation is the subject of this post and is the Even Skin Tone Beautifying Foundation. 

Now, note that the Even Skin Tone Beautifying Foundation promises to deliver medium to high coverage on wear, it allegedly also promises that continued use of this over 8 weeks will improve your skin tone, brighten pigmentation marks and leave your skin looking fabliss without foundations. I don't have any skin tone or pigmentation issues thankfully, and I haven't been trialling this for 8 weeks yet, so I cannot attest to those claims, but I'm going to report on the foundation as I found it. Firstly, props to Catrice for the packaging- a nicely slim frosted glass tube with an inbuilt pump- holla to the drugstore brands that include pumps when their higher end sisters still refuse to do so and insult us by expecting us to fork out another fiver for the privilege of using the product we just paid for! The bottle feels weighty and sturdy, the lid attaches securely and I found two pumps of this was plenty to cover my face. You get 30ml in the bottle and this also contains a rather generous SPF of 25.

The texture of this reminded me muchly of the Estée Lauder Perfectionist Foundation, which I wasn't terribly keen on to be frank. For the same reason that I never clicked with the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum, these serum/gel texture foundations just don't really float my boat. I prefer something creamier, something lighter, I prefer applying them and I prefer the finish also. This applied exactly like EL Perfectionist does and feels cool and hydrating on the skin, so if you're a dry skinned gal, definitely consider this one. If you are oily, I would probably veer away from it, as I noticed that about 12 hours into wear, my nose and cheeks were looking a little greasier than I would have liked, and I don't suffer from oily skin. If you're prone to oils breaking through your foundation anyway, I'm  just not convinced this is the right foundation for you. I also have to mention that I did not set this with a powder as I very rarely do that unless the weather is melting outside or I need my makeup to last longer than normal for some reason, so setting it with powder would probably go towards alleviating the shine. 

Top Left- naked faced with no foundation. Top Right- foundation applied.
Bottom Left- foundation freshly applied and colour added to my face.
Bottom right- foundation after 12 hours of wear, no primer, no powder.
What I will say though is that, my personal qualms about the gel texture aside, my skin looked even and radiant when I used this foundation. The coverage is excellent, definitely on the fuller end of the medium coverage spectrum- I had a couple of little blemishes which require some extra concealing but that is standard. The coverage on this was so high that until I introduced some colour back into my face with bronzer and blush, my face kind of looked like a white dinnerplate. Speaking of white, I picked up the lightest of the four shades available and it was definitely a little too pale for me. Catrice foundations usually start at the shade 010 but this one started at 005 (Even Ivory) and it was significantly paler than my natural skin tone (in MAC terms of reference, I would take an NW20). This foundation was also less yellow toned than some of the other Catrice foundations that I have tried. 

In terms of the overall, this is a nice foundation indeed, but I'm just not struck on the gel texture. It's not a fatal complaint, I will still use these, I just have to brace myself and have a good buffing brush on hand to buff straight away. Admittedly, I prefer the Velvet Finish Foundation and the Nude Illusion Foundation over this Even Skin Tone Beautifying Foundation- the Velvet Finish in particular was my go to foundation last week over the winter months. This is just hot on the shelves for the last week or so and seems to be in Penneys before the other retail stockists so swing by your nearest stand for a look. 

Is this foundation on your wishlist? How do you rate Catrice foundations or have you yet to experience them?

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Bando Ringleader Agenda 2015/2016 - review and sneak peek inside!

The internet has been set alight with stationary lovers declaring their undying love for the agendas, and for good reason too! These colourful personal organisers are compact and cute and will help to keep your life on track. I always have some sort of an agenda or calendar in my bag, and I am still ancient enough to appreciate pen and paper and not completely embrace the digital yet, so I can completely see how enticing keeping a diary is, and the fact that this ones are so cute and so functional pleases me muchly. I just wanted to do a little show and tell of all things in case you too are thinking of investing in one. I picked up the Ringleader agenda from Irish website My Shining Armour a fortnight ago and it arrived 20 hours later and I've been filling it in since. I took the liberty of taking some photos just to give you a sense of what's contained within in case you are on the fence about ordering.
The Bando agendas come in a larger ringbound size as well as the smaller hardback size pictured above. I was originally going to go with the 'I AM VERY BUSY.' agenda in the middle but I changed my mind and went for the one of the far right which is the Ringleader version instead. The floral one on the far left is called the Florabunda agenda. Apart from the outside covers, each of the three diaries are the exact same from what I can tell. They all contain illustrations, quotes, colourful touches, little notes and instructions, all enshrined in one sturdy hardback case. There is an elastic and page marker for convenience and a little pocket at the back to save your receipts or smaller documents. The pictures below should give you an idea of what to expect in the diary without spoiling too much of the surprise...
There are a few little tweaks that I would make to this agenda if I had the opportunity- I don't find that there is a lot of space for notes or lists in the agenda so I had to buy some post-its from Paperchase to be able to get these in there, I am a lists fanatic and I like space for jotting down some notes so the two pages per month won't cut the mustard with me. I love the coloured tabs down the side for dividing the different months but I wish these were laminated or thicker than the paper as I can envision these getting dog earred over the next 16 months! Still and all, these are only small tweaks but they are little touches that I personally would have appreciated! 

Overall, I am chuffed with this agenda and I think it is well worth the hype it has been getting. I have been enjoying organising my life muchly since I got this- there is just something about commiting a plan to writing and seeing it through, all the good feels. If you're looking to pick up one of this agendas, check out My Shining Armour to see what they have in stock. They also offer a 10% discount code if you sign up to their mailing list which means you can nap this agenda for €24.75 instead of €27.50 and they also offer free international shipping. As I said I ordered mine at 1pm on a weekday and it arrived at 9am the next morning- incredible! 

How do you feel about good old fashioned paper agendas? Have you ditched the written word to embrace electronic organisation?

Monday, 24 August 2015

Makeup Geek Pigments - Collection, Review and Swatches

I've been a huge fan of Makeup Geek for ages now and I felt like dipping my makeup toe (wut?!) into their pigments a few months back, so I placed an order of the pigments that I had been mentally bookmarking for years. I'm not really a pigment person as I couldn't be faffing about with loose pigments but these have come so highly recommended that I just had to pick up a few. The pigments are usually $8.99 a piece but I've noticed in recent months that some of them have been reduced in price so it could be that Makeup Geek are discontinuing these so if you like what you see, get on to the Makeup Geek website asap to order! I picked up 5 pigments and didn't get stung for any customs fees on this order (though I have been in the past so be careful when ordering from MUG).
Each of the pigments were well wrapped in bubble wrap and bubble packed envelopes and came in individual boxes so I wouldn't have any of the usual concerns about goods getting damaged in transit and it took about 8 days from placing the order for the goods to arrive to my door. The cost of postage on the MUG website is very reasonable, I think all of these came to $9 postage. 
I picked up 5 colours altogether- in the swatches pic above from left to right these are: Afterglow, Enchanted, Poker Face, Utopia and Insomnia. I know historically the pigments did not come with a sifter so they were a little on the messy side but each of these pigments came with a sifter built in to save any excess wastage of the 2g of product in each. I can't ever see myself ever getting to the bottom of one of these jars of pigment as they are so incredibly, unbelievably pigmented that a little of these goes a very long way. In terms of texture, each of these in my small cross selection differ- Afterglow is an incredibly fine and smooth whereas Utopia is a thick, chunky glitter. I don't mind this difference in texture as I would use these in different ways- the finer pigments are great for sweeping on lids or cheekbones or wherever your heart so desires, whereas packing on the chunkier pigments like Utopia with a mixing medium like Inglot Duraline leaves such an intense, foiled look. 
Afterglow is a soft, smooth highly reflective champagne colour. It's gorgeous on the lid, in the inner corners, on the brow bone, as a cheeky light or placed over a darker colour on the lid for a spotlight eyeshadow effect. The name of this is incredibly appropriate as the colour has such a warmth and a glow to it that I am convinced that you would not be able to achieve with a pressed shadow. 
Enchanted is another incredibly soft smooth shimmery light plum colour. I love this against blue eyes but I feel like there are enough undertones in this to make it pop against any eyecolour- it's a smoky plum that leans warm. It can be washed over the lid for a hint of plum or wet or mixed with Duraline for a more plummy shade. I can't wait for the autumn to (officially) kick in so I can get more use out of this. 
Poker Face is a beautiful warm rich intense bronze which, like Enchanted above, can be applied sheer for a wash of colour or wet for a more metallic, bronze effect. I am completely biased when it comes to coppers and bronzes I admit but I have to admit that this is a good 'un.
Utopia consists of chunky gold glitters on a brown base so it leaves a beautiful duochrome effect when applied wet. This is so chunky and has so much fallout that I would not recommend applying this dry as a wash of colour over the lid. When applied wet with some Inglot Duraline, this is something special- it looks rich and expensive. It reminds me of MAC's Antiqued Gold pigment but for a fraction of the price. It's unusual and when applied, it looks like you put in a lot more work into your eyeshadow than you actually have. 
I intentionally saved my favourite for last because this is not only my favourite Makeup Geek pigment, but my favourite pigment of all time EVER. Insomnia is hard to describe- duochrome in the truest sense- it's a dark brown leaning base with lots of teal/purple reflects- the main colours are brown and blue but this pigment is so much more than that. I saw swatches of this for years and have wanted it for years- MAC have a similar pigment called Blue Brown - and this pigment was just $4.50 when I picked it up (edit- it still is selling at $4.50 which is half price for a limited time only so if you want it, now is the time to get it). I love this on so many levels I can't convey, it is exquisite. Apologies for my grumpy face below but I just wanted to give you an idea of how I like to wear Insomnia.
I'll definitely consider picking up more Makeup Geek eyeshadow pigments in the coming months, and you can bet your bottom dollar that I'll also be adding to my eyeshadow collection too as I think Makeup Geek products, for the tiny prices, are top notch. The only word of warning I will give is to my Irish friends and that is to be careful of customs- I try to keep my orders to around the $30 dollar mark excluding postage and this seems to be the best way to avoid getting caught. Order little and often is the key, and as the shipping is quite reasonable from the MUG website, this is the best way to build your collection.

Are you more of a loose pigment or pressed pan fan? Do you have any Makeup Geek recommendations for us?


Thursday, 20 August 2015

Reverse Hair Washing / Cowashing feat. Kerastase Therapiste

I first heard about the "reverse hair washing" or "cowashing" bandwagon a few years back and it wasn't something that immediately piqued my interest to be frank. Reverse hair washing basically entails using conditioner before shampoo, so you wash all the conditioner out of your hair before stepping out of the shower. Straight up, this sounded like crazy talk to me! You see, I am from the thick, textured, dry hair brigade, and I also choose to wear my hair long and indulge in highlights and heat styling on the regular which means that I have the most tangled, driest hair ever in the world. I struggle to get a brush through it after washing it and I use a deep conditioning "mask" as a conditioner every single time I wash it because my hair just needs the help. So naturally enough, I balked at the thought of conditioning my hair first and applying shampoo afterwards when I literally tear clumps of hair out of my heads trying to brush it post shower after a big thick heavy rich hair mask. I tried it once before with another shampoo and conditioner and it was just disastrous- I wrote off reverse hair washing, deemed it wasn't for me and moved on. 

So what happened in the interim? Well, I am a huge devotee to all things Kerastase- to my mind, there is not one other single brand that performs the way that Kerastase does on my hair. I alternate between all the various ranges, and because I am constantly having my hair bleach or heat styling it,I feel like I have to compensate by using the best products tailored to my hair woes. When I first heard of the Bain Therapiste line, I was excited, and I spoke to my hairdresser at the time about it and she said it would be too much for my hair type. The Bain Therapiste range is geared for very damaged, distressed and brittle hair, which sounds exactly like my hair type. Of course, I was of the conviction that nobody knows my hair the way I do, so I went ahead and got it regardless and tried it out with glee. However, my hair felt like it was absolutely loaded with product, sticky, heavy and more brittle than ever. I was thinking that maybe my hairdresser was right all along and I should have taken heed of her advice.

Until the start of July when both Vivianna Does Makeup and Lily Pebbles both mentioned in their beauty favourites roundup that they had been loving the Bain Therapiste range. This ignited a little fire in me again, particularly when they mentioned how they were not really into reverse hair washing etc etc. All sounded very familiar but then I realised I made a rookie mistake- I didn't read the bottles! Doh! I washed my hair with these in the normal way and my hair rejected but when I reverse washed my hair- applied the conditioner first and the shampoo afterwards- HOLY MOSES my hair felt fabloosh. I mean it felt stronger, shinier, more manageable and waaaaay easier to detangle post shower. I have been con-ver-ted!

So a little on the products themselves if you are feeling like you would also wish to be sufficiently converted- Kerastase is a professional only range and is only available to purchase from certain salons or online beauty retailers like here in Ireland or HQHair/Look Fantastic if you are shopping in the UK (also ship worldwide). The conditioner retails for €23.50 and the shampoo will set you back €19.50, which might seem pricey but these shampoos and conditioners are so concentrated that a little really goes a long way and they are full of top notch active ingredients carefully selected to nurse your over processed hair back to health. The conditioner feels thick, creamy and quite heavy- I put a €2 coin sized amount on my hand, rub my hands together and apply to the lengths and ends of my hair. It smells amazing, it does a great job of detangling the hair and rinses out easily. The shampoo has a thick, almost jelly like texture, I pour a splodge of this on my hand, work it between my hands and apply all over from root to tip. It lathers up nicely, smells amazing and rinses away easily without taking clumps of hair with it. Post shower, my hair blowdries quicker, styles better and just looks generally more healthy- also, my post-shower 'fro is definitely less than an inch high off the top of my head whilst other shampoos have left me with up to a six inch high 'fro of tangled mess to sort out.

I love this range, I've been (at long last) converted to the cowashing way of life and I don't think I'm going to jump ship any time soon, my hair is having far too much fun for that! If you have overprocessed, weakened hair, definitely consider the Therapiste range from Kerastase. They also have a mask and a serum which I will definitely pick up in my next online order!

What do you think about reverse hair washing? Is it something you have tried or would consider trying? 

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Becca Cosmetics + Jaclyn Hill - Champagne Pop - Review, swatches, comparison to Moonstone

Lord knows I love me some highlighter, particularly in these glorious (not!) summer months. Having been a long time fan of Becca Cosmetic's Shimmering Skin Perfector in Moonstone, when I heard that Becca Cosmetics were collaborating were Youtube beauty guru heavyweight Mrs Jaclyn Hill, I was SO excited. I really like Jaclyn, she's can be as mad as a box of frogs in her videos but she knows her stuff about makeup and even though she seems to be collaborating left right and center these days (Morphe Brushes, Gerard Cosmetics, Makeup Geek), I think she is trustworthy and I don't think she would put her name on just anything (Gerard Cosmetics must have been a blip in judgement). Anyways, no matter how much I enjoy watching Jaclyn, there is no way I would buy something just because it's celebrity endorsed if I didn't feel that I would absolutely love it. When I saw the first swatches of 'Champagne Pop' on her Twitter, I just knew there and then that it would be mine. 

Now unforch for us on this side of the Atlantic, Champagne Pop is exclusive to Sephora which means we cannot get it here in Ireland easily particularly given the issues with international ordering from the Sephora website which have come to light in the last few weeks) but where there is a will, there is a way. Whereas Champagne Pop does come in a beautiful rose gold box as opposed to the dark grey of the normal line, there is no other way of differentiating the packaging from any of the other Becca Cosmetics Shimmering Skin Perfectors from the packaging alone. It's the same UFO shaped compact but the sticker on the blog will differentiate your collection.
When I saw the colour in the pan first, I was worried that it would pull too orange on my skin but this is an extremely shimmery highlighter and a little goes a long way so I really wouldn't worry yourself too much about that if you think it looks a little crazy in the pan. It's hard to describe the colour- it's kind of like a light gold with peachy/pinky undertones that leans a little warmer than my other Shimmering Skin Perfector in Moonstone. Whereas Moonstone is brighter, Champagne Pop is more shimmery and the actual shimmers are a little chunky, which means you need to be careful with application. This highlighter has such amazing colour payoff that you will need to be very very careful when applying if you are someone who likes a more subtle highlight. It is so soft, it almost feels like a cream product instead of a powder. 
Moonstone on the left, Champagne Pop on the right
This applies on the skin very smoothly but I did notice, and you may see from the pictures below, that this really enhances the actual texture of your skin, so best to be careful when applying to not go in too heavy. I usually use a small duo-fibre brush or a Blank Canvas Cosmetics F28 brush when applying this to try to ensure a lighter touch.Also, one thing I would definitely say about this is that I would not travel with this if at all possible- just looking at it in the pan, it looks quite soft and delicate and I would definitely be worried that this is something that could fall apart very easily (plus, it's limited edition so can't risk not being able to get your hands on it again.) 
All in all, I've been thoroughly enjoying Champagne Pop since I got it and I'm glad I have it. I personally prefer it more to Moonstone at this moment in time, something about the shade of Champagne Pop just tickles me. If you were planning on picking this up, I would do so asap because it is not going to be around forever sadly.

Have you been lured by Champagne Pop or are you not swayed by the hype? Let me know below what highlights you have been loving in recent times!

Friday, 14 August 2015

Wet n Wild Megalast Nail Polishes - Limited Edition - Silver Lake - Review and Swatches

I've gone on the record before and professed my love for the Wet n Wild Megalast Nail Polishes- in terms of drugstore offerings, these are seriously impressive and definitely in my top 3 high street nail polish brand estimation. So you can imagine my delight when the very lovely PR crew for Wet n Wild surprised me with a lovely package of Wet n Wild Megalast goodness to try out. All of these nail polishes are limited edition from the Silver Lake collection, so if you like what you see down below, be prepared to dash to your nearest Wet n Wild display before the disappear forevermore. The first thing I thought when I saw these was that they are very Essie-esque colours- maybe it's just me, but I swear I have Essie equivalents for all of these colours, yet these ones are less than a third of the price, and for the most part, more creamier, longlasting and opaque. 
All Wet n Wild Megalast nail polishes come with a nice wide curved brush so you can literally do one swipe per nail and coat your entire nail which appeals to the lazy side of me so much. The colours are pretty long lasting for a drugstore offering- I get about 3 chip free days as I have brittle nails- but some of my chums get up to a week from these polishes. For a bottle that will only set you back €2.99, that's pretty dang impressive. 
 Tree Hugger- now normal I hate green on my nails, I just feel like they do me no favours, but this is a beautiful, milky, pastel, minty green that applies beautifully, two coats for full opacity, and looks incredibly shiny and creamy once applied. I definitely don't have any other shades like this in my collection so if greens are your thing, or even if they're not, keep an eye out for this.
 Wear Skinny Jeans is a dead ringer for my fave blue polish of all time, Essie's Bikini so Teeny. This is an AMAZING blue shade, again creamy enough to be completely opaque after two coats, and so summer appropriate. 
 Warm Filter- on first impressions, I thought this was going to be my fave of the bunch because I do love a coral nail at this time of year, but actually, it turned out to be my least favourite- it's not a bad polish but it does take a little more work than the other ones to apply. I find the formula of this is thicker, streakier and I needed three coats of this for it to be streak free and opaque. The colour is a beautiful vibrant coral, definitely not as pastel as the rest, but I wouldn't hold that against it.
 Reject the Mainstream is a gorgeous creamy lilac colour, probably one of my favourite ever lilac polishes and I love my lilacs. Two coats is perfect to build up the opacity, and when I look at this shade on my nails, I actually find it hard to believe that this is a drugstore polish. In terms of ease of application, colour payoff- this is a winner.
A Latte Love - now I have deliberately saved my favourite until last. This is that gorgeous beige cream shade that I have been searching for forever. The amazing formula built up the opacity you see in the picture in two thin little coats. Incredible! This polish has performed in ways that I wish my Essie or OPI or Jessica nail polishes couldn't. I adore this colour so much- I have small hands and small nails and I think this just looks so demure and I know you love when I say it- work appropriate. This is a phenomenal colour for sure and I will most definitely pick up a half dozen of these before they go out of stock. If you only buy one from this whole collection, make it this one!
So if you like the look of what you have seen, get yourself to your nearest Penneys/ Dunnes Stores/ pharmacy and grab them whilst you can. Which one is catching your eye? 

Monday, 10 August 2015

Mac Pro-Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation – Review and Swatches

I’ve been a longtime fan of the original MAC Pro Longwear foundation so when I first heard that MAC were unleashing a new Pro-Longwear foundation, I was on it like a car bonnet. I picked up the same shade as I take in every other MAC foundation, NW20. I feel like I prefer this shade of NW20 to all the other shades as it seems to run a little lighter and not as pink. MAC promise, as the name suggests, a weightless, waterproof and nourishing foundation that is said to last 24 hours (who actually leaves their foundation on for 24 hours to test this theory?). In summary, this is my favourite MAC foundation to date and one of my favourite foundations in my overflowing foundation drawer- yes, I’m loving it that much.

This is definitely a high coverage foundation and I found one layer of this was perfect to cover and conceal my whole face. If you love super high coverage foundations, I would say that this is easily buildable. I like to apply this with a flat top kabuki and then bounce a damp beauty blender over the top to make it look a little fresher and more dewy. It provides a satin/matte finish and the coverage, despite covering up any imperfections or blemishes, feels weightless on the skin. In fact, it kind of boggles my mind that the foundation is both lightweight but so full coverage, and blurs all imperfections so you can skip the concealer too. This hasn’t set in the fine lines around my eyes which is a bit of a bug bear in my eyes now. My skin generally is not at all oily but I do struggle to keep foundation on my face in this weather with the incessant heat/rain/humidity/tropical thunderstorms. It contains no SPF at all so it’s great for photography also as you won’t get the flashback and it’s also oil free.

The reason why I have fallen head over heels for this foundation is because, in this tropical Irish summer weather that we have been getting, this is one of the only foundations that stands up to the heat, rain and humidity. The finish and coverage of this foundation lasts the whole entire day in spite of what our horrific Irish weather throws at it, and any of my readers in Ireland will know that we have had it ALL in the last 2 months. MAC also claim that this is waterproof and whilst I haven’t submerged my face in water or gone for a swim, I have been subjected to summer showers and subjected my foundation to sweaty face syndrome and this foundation survived and coped. 

I quite like the black squeezy tube packaging of this foundation also, but my only gripe with this foundation is that you only get 25 ml of product as opposed to the standard 30 ml that you get in most other foundations, but it still costs €36.50. I wish MAC stuck a few more ml of this precious liquid into the squeezy tubes, similar to the MAC Studio Sculpt, but that alone is not going to deter me from picking up another- it just means I’ll be going back to MAC that little bit more often! If you’re in the market for a new foundation, definitely consider picking this one up, especially if you are struggling to find a foundation to last in this weather. I would definitely recommend picking up a sample of this first though- as I mentioned earlier, the shades run lighter than the original Pro Longwear foundation, so don't just take it for granted that your usual shade is going to be the best choice for you for this new foundation. 

Have you tried this yet or are you contemplating it? 
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