Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Mad for Morphe and even more eyeshadow swatches !

So a few weeks back, I raved about my latest eyeshadow brand find, Morphe Eyeshadows, and I showed and told (that doesn't really work does it?) my first haul. So impressed was I with the eyeshadows that I ordered another batch to add to my collection and fill up my Z palette, and they arrived two weeks ago. I'll refer you to my previous post (click here) for the details on the company, the website and the various shade finishes, but for today, I just wanted to show you some clear swatches of the latest (and by no means last) batch of eyeshadows that I picked up. Again, I didn't incur any customs charges and the package arrived perfectly packed in 2 weeks

My entire Morphe eyeshadow collection 
Top L-R: Crystal, Caffé Macchiato, Birthday Suit, Deep Cocoa
Middle L-R: Starlight, Velveteen, Gun Powder, Granite
Bottom L-R: Rosewood, New Year's Love, Grape Day
L-R: Crystal, Caffé Macchiato, Birthday Suit, Deep Cocoa
L-R: Starlight, Velveteen, Gun Powder, Granite
L-R: Rosewood, New Year's Love, Grape Day
Granite - Coffee brown with bronze pearl
Caffé Macchiato -  Peachy brown with shimmer
Rosewood - Vibrant cran-purple
Velveteen - True gray
Birthday Suit - Soft muted beige taupe
Deep Cocoa - Intense Reddish Brown
Grape Day - Violet Blue
Starlight - Intense Gold
Gun Powder - Deep purple/ gray
Crystal - Soft creamy beige
New Year's Love - Grey with silver sheen

Hopefully these swatches and the swatches in my last post on Morphe Brushes were useful to you if you're considering placing an order anytime soon. If you are ordering, don't forget to use the 10% discount code 'JACATTACK'- the eyeshadows are cheap as chips anyways so it's just the cherry on the cake! If you've any questions on my Morphe experience, feel free to pop me a comment/tweet :)

Have you succumbed to Morphe Brushes yet? Any shades in particular catching your eye?

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  1. Ooh that purple has impressed me! They always say (and many brands prove) that purple is one of the hardest eyeshadows to make in terms of pigmentation so considering that purple is so bold, I I have high hopes for all of their shadows


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