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MAC Lipstick Collection and a MAC Lipstick Tag

I have loved MAC lipsticks for years and years now, and I've been slowly and steadily building up my collection over time. From the Back-to-MAC scheme (which has contributed at least a dozen lippies to the collection), airport duty free haulin' (cannot actually resist not picking up a few everytime I pass through an airport), random Brown Thomas splurges and, of course, gifts from my nearest and dearest who know me so well, my little collection has grown consistently over the years. I just love them- the various finishes, the colour selection and the performance- not all of them are A+ but enough of them are in my mind to justify expanding my stash. My favourite finish on a MAC lipstick is Lustre, followed by Amplified, Matte, Satin, Frost and then Glaze (in fact, I think I only have one Glaze). Some of them are unbearably drying (Ruby Woo I'm looking at you!!) and some of them are balmy and comfortable on the lips (aka my beloved Syrup) but all of them have a special place in my heart.

The shades I have are (from front row l-r)

Lickable - Lustre
Creme in Your Coffee - Cremesheen
Speed Dial - Cremesheen
Please Me - Matte
Syrup - Lustre
Ruby Woo - Retro Matte
Creme Cup - Cremesheen
Hang Up - Cremesheen 
Unlimited - Pro Longwear
Ronnie Red - Amplified - Limited Edition
Riri Woo - Retro Matte - Limited Edition
Russian Red - Matte
Shy Girl - Cremesheen
Hue - Glaze
Angel - Frost
Viva Glam V - Frost
New York Apple - Frost
Going Dutch - Frost
Captive - Satin
Cherish - Satin
Rebel - Satin
M.A.C. Red - Satin
Brave - Satin
Snob - Satin
Cut a Caper - Lustre - Limited Edition from Heavenly Creatures collection
Lovelorn - Lustre
Most Popular - Limited Edition
Soft Savour - Lustre - Limited Edition
Patisserie - Lustre
Cockney - Lustre
See Sheer - Lustre
Lustering - Lustre
Dish it Up - Limited Edition
Mehr - Matte
Sweetie - Lustre
Up the Amp - Amplified
Venus - Lustre - Limited Edition from Heavenly Creatures collection
Craving - Amplified
Chatterbox - Amplified
Ramblas Red - Amplified
Plumful - Lustre 
Blankety - Amplified
Twig - Satin
Girl About Town - Amplified
Viva Glam II - Satin
Impassioned - Amplified
Violetta - Amplified
Dubonnet - Amplified
Faux - Satin

Because I always get asked the same questions about MAC lipsticks time and time again, I thought I would do a little Q&A to address the 10 most-asked questions, If you're a MAC lipstick fanatic like myself, feel free to answer the questions below also and link your answers in the comments below, and I will also tag a few of my blogging chums to answer:

Q1: What was your first MAC lipstick?
The first lipstick I purchased was the shade Ramblas Red which is a gorgeous red that leans slightly pink toned. I will always remember this lipstick shopping experience as I handed the MAC sales assistant the lipstick so she could find it and when she was putting it back on the display, she stabbed my brand new cream coat with it (and didn't even apologise or acknowledge the fact that she did it!!) Thankfully, it washed out completely and didn't leave a stain but to this day, I am always guarding my personal space around the MAC lipstick display!

Q2: What was your most recent MAC lipstick acquisition?
I picked up the shade Twig about 2 weeks ago- it was one of those shades I had been swatching on my hand for months but finally bit the bullet and bought. It is a stunning colour and I can see it becoming a new fave!

Q3: What is your favourite MAC lipstick?
This is the hardest question ever to answer because it's hard to pick just one shade out of 49 lipsticks- so I'm going to cheat and pick my top 5 - Syrup, Patisserie, See Sheer, Faux and Chatterbox (and I feel so guilty thinking of all the other shades I love...tormented!)

Q4: What MAC lipstick do you think does it all?
Again, this is a really tough question! Patisserie is amazing in terms of shade depth- I find that this can look pink or nude on any given day and just looks perfect with pretty much any makeup.

Q5: Do you always wear lipliners with MAC lipsticks?
Definitely not always! I do sometimes if I want the colour to last extra long or if I want a specific colour that's only achievable by blending products. I'm currently obsessed with MAC Edge to Edge liner and love to pair it with Faux.

Q6: What's your favourite finish in a MAC lipstick and why?
I by no means hold myself out as an expert in all things MAC but I do consider myself to be a huge fan of the brand so the following observations are all from my own experience. I adore Lustres, they are my absolute fave. They don't pack the same pigmentation that the Mattes or Amplifieds do but they are alot creamier and glossier than any other finish and are so comfortable on the lips. I love Amplifieds for creamy pigmentation and of course, the Matte lipsticks are incredibly pigmented as well as being incredibly drying. I also find Satin lipsticks to be a little drying, and certainly the Cremesheen lipsticks are a lot less drying but a little too creamy for me. I also have a Glaze in Hue which is nice but I feel like it settles into every line and crack in my lips and is not very flattering.

Q7: Have you ever repurchased a MAC lipstick?
Yes- I've never used a MAC lipstick up fully but I have had to replace 2 MAC lipsticks over my lipstick wearing lifetime- the first was Ruby Woo which disappeared from my handbag on a night out  and was never found again, and the second was Chatterbox - don't ask me how I lost this but I still haven't found it three odd years later. 

Q8: Do you regret buying any MAC lipsticks?
I don't really regret any of them as I don't dislike any of them, but I do wonder what was I thinking when I bought Violetta in Belfast last year. I love a purple lip but Violetta is a crazy vibrant shade, I'll never be able to wear it to work, I'm too much of  wimp to wear it out, and it seems like a waste to only ever wear it when I'm playing dress up at home!

Q9: What is your favourite nude/pink/red MAC lipstick?
My favourite nudes are Patisserie, Viva Glam II and Brave.
My favourite pinks are Syrup, Sweetie and Faux.
My favourite reds are Ruby Woo, Russian Red and See Sheer.

Q10: What MAC lipstick is on your shopping list?
This is the impossible question. My next lipstick will be number 50 so I feel like it has to be a pretty special lipstick! I've toyed with the idea of getting Velvet Teddy but not sure if it's a bit too brown for my colouring. Some of my blogging chums have suggested going for a fancy limited edition colour as my 50th so I'll have to see what tickles my pickle.

So that's my two cents of all things MAC lipstick- if you would be interested in seeing lip swatches of all the lipsticks, let me know and I will try to organise- couldn't swatch all 49 of them in one sitting as my lips would surely fall off so I will have to space it out over a few weeks. If you are a MAC lipstick aficionado like myself, let me know what your fave is in the comments below, or even better, why not answer my questions above in a post of your own. In the meantime, I am going to tag my blogging chummies to answer these questions next :

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  1. Thank you for the tag, Aisling! I will have fun doing this, imagine this time last year I only had one.... they are fast breeders!! Lovely collection, can't believe that about the coat, aaagh... x

  2. What a lovely collection of Mac lipsticks! My favorite type of lip product is a liquid lipstick or a lip pencil, so this is an awesome post to feed my inner lipstick lover, just waiting to come out lol


  3. Great post! MAC lipsticks are my all time faves! I am new to your blog and I am loving your posts you have a new follower :)

  4. WOW! What a collection. I'm ashamed to say I don't own any MAC lipsticks but mainly because I don't really wear . Am I fired as a beauty blogger now?!!!


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