Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick in Rose and Orchid - Review and Swatches

I've been hearing about these Revlon Ultra HD Lipsticks for months now as they have been available Stateside for quite a long time already, and despite the fact that I thought Revlon's previous lip launch, the Colorstay Moisture Stains, was absolute rubbish. I am the forgiving kind so I picked up two of the new line to put through the usual paces and today I am reporting back. Along with BB, I feel like HD is the next completely over-rated buzz acronym amongst the beauty world. These lipsticks promise to deliver revolutionary, high definition colour in a special gel formula to provide maximum colour payoff without the heavy feel. That's quite the promise for one little lipstick, eh? There were about a dozen shades available at the display I was at but I believe there are 20 in the line altogether, from a nude to a plum, many pinks and reds and even a few corals in the midst. I picked the shades 830 Rose and 810 HD Orchid. All shades names are named after various flowers. 
The packaging of these is not a thing of beauty IMO. The clear plastic packaging is simplistic, but I preferred the colour coded lids of the Revlon lip butters. The actual tubes feel sturdy enough but the product does not roll all the way down into the tube and, as you can see from the picture above, their little heads pop out and, knowing my clumsiness, are just waiting to be clipped and damaged whilst putting the lid back on. Sorry Revlon, I just think this is sloppy.
 You can see when the lipsticks are fully wound up that they do not contain as much product as you may think from the size of the packaging. These lipsticks have a very balmy texture, they feel really moisturising on the lips but I don't find them to be very moisturising but I do have VERY dry lips. I am probably nitpicking now- as these did not emphasise any lip dryness- they just didn't leave my lips as soft and moisturised as I thought they would. The texture is quite unique, and it does feel very comfortable and lightweight on the lips. There is a very strong sweet scent off these which I find a little nauseating when I first apply but it fades to nothing over time. 
Now, along with the unique formula of these, the absolute no.1 attraction to these lipsticks is the amazing pigmentation. One swipe delivers perfect colour payoff, and because you only have to apply one coat, I find this lasts well on the lips, but really needs to be topped up every 2 hours or so. They are smoothy and cooling on the lips and neither of the shades that I have contain any shimmer or glitter particles to take away from the balminess and smoothness.They apply like a really opaque balm- and they are so light on the lips that you can almost forget you are even wearing them, apart from that sickly sweet smell at the beginning. I didn't find any of the two shades I have to stain my lips in any way. HD Rose is a beautiful rosebud pink, which is almost like a MLBB shade on me, and HD Orchid is a (wearable) vivid blue pink.
I have to say, I quite like these despite the fact I don't like the packaging or the scent, just because they are quite comfortable to wear and they are so sheeny and balmy looking that I feel like they make my lips look plump and juicy all by themselves. I would definitely consider picking up another few shades. 

Are these on your radar or do you think you will give them a miss?


  1. I bought rose and really like it. I really want to try a brighter shade. Orchid looks lovely :)

  2. I have one of the Revlon moisture stains (in new york scene) and after playing around with it a lot, I found that patting the product onto my lips with my fingers give my lips a beautiful wash of color that stains my lips for the entire day. No touch ups needed. Of course, that's not using the product the way it's intended but I love that it gives me a wearable everyday red lip that lasts.
    Shame about the scent on these, that's usually a deal breaker because the smells often make me nauseous!


  3. Ooh I've never heard of these before! I actually like the shiny silver packaging. I don't think I have anything like that in my collection.
    Those two shades you picked are amazing. Rose looks like a great day time shade but Orchid is stunning! I will definitely be on the look out for these


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