Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Limecrime Velvetine Dupes - $1 a piece from eBay incl. shipping! - Review and Swatches

*Firstly, I want to point out that I absolutely abhor the way Limecrime have treated their customers over recent months and I will NEVER ever buy anything from them so strong is my disgust for their shady practices!*

A few months back, towards the end of last year actually, I picked up four of the eBay Me Now Long Lasting Lip Gloss which are much celebrated dupes for the Limecrime Velvetine Liquid Lipsticks. I have never tried any Velvetines but I have it on good authority that these are pretty dang similar. Each of these four shades cost just $1 a piece with free shipping, and there are pinks, reds, corals, plums, peaches and nude shades available to chose from. Each shade is numbered, not named, which makes it a little difficult to differentiate between them. I wish all companies would give their products names. I am always bleating on about this. *le sigh* and I picked the shades 2, 7, 16 and 22. I have incredibly dry lips, despite my best efforts they are almost always dry and crispy (is that TMI?). I was a little loathe to try these as I presumed liquid lipsticks and I would be on opposite ends of the lip makeup spectrum but I'm always looking for a long lasting lip colour. The packaging of these is pretty generic, the brand Me Now is not known to me- but these remind me of the Inglot lipglosses in that they are packaged in little test tube like containers with black lids and neat little doe-foot applicators. 

These have no strong smell or taste, and I didn't find these offensive to wear at all. The formula appears like it is quite thin when you apply but these apply evenly and easily and set almost immediately. And when they set, they REALLY set. I've tested these out whilst talking, eating, drinking, chewing gum, singing to my hearts contentment- the colour payoff and longevity of these is phenomenal by any standards. I don't know why the brand chose to call these Lip Glosses because they are most definitely packing the pigmentation punch and lasting power of a liquid lipstick. For crispy lippied ladies like myself- these do not exaggerate any dryness or flakiness and are quite comfortable to wear. I found my lips were dry after using them but nothing significantly different to how they would feel after wearing any other lipstick for an entire day. The actual doe foot head is quite small which makes if very easy to apply without lip liner straight from the tube- great for busy gals on the go. 

I have to admit, I like these more than I thought I would and I would definitely consider picking up more, particularly now that I have knocked Limecrime Velvetines off my wishlist forevermore. I would definitely repurchase the shade 2 because it is a gorgeous classy mauvey pink (and you know how I feel about mauve!). If you're looking to dip your toe into liquid lipstick waters, you could do far worse than these. I prefer them to the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvets or the Rimmel Apocalips- they are just more comfortable, come in nicer shades and are seriously bargainous. I picked mine up from this eBay seller for less than a euro a piece (here is the most current listing) and they took about 3 weeks to arrive. Not too shabby at all!

Does these sound like something you might like? Would you be willing to part with a buck to try them out? 


  1. I ordered these a while ago when I missed the restock of Lime Crime Cashmere - also have wiped LC off my must-buy list (bought a L'oreal one that has satisfied me) but when I received my first one of these eBay ones I remembered that I'd had one before and thrown it out, after they set on me they are SO sticky, like my lips keep sticking together when I'm wearing them. It drives me bonkers and it puts me off wearing them, but for the price they give great payoff!

  2. Love these, ran straight off and bought four!


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