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Inglot HD Sculpting Powders - collection, swatches, review

If you've been following me on the Twitter or Facebook machines, you will know that I am absolutely obsessive compulsive about contouring at the moment. I honestly cannot get enough of sculpting, shading and highlighting the face. I don't know if it's because we are coming into the summer months or because a ton of brands are releasing contouring palettes currently, but either way, I am hooked. One palette that I have particularly been embracing over the last month or so since I picked it up is the Inglot HD Sculpting Powder palette that I pulled together last month. There are 11 powders available altogether, and like everything else from the Inglot Freedom System, you can mix and match different palettes to cater to your own needs. Each of the HD Sculpting Powders is €10 each, the palette price varies depending on how many pans you wish to include and if you would like to include a blush like I did, those pans will set you back €8. All very reasonable I am sure you will agree. I picked out a highlight, 2 contouring shades and a blush in my palette. I'll go into a little more detail below on the colours I picked out and why. 

All of the powders are completely matte with no shimmer, sheen or luminosity, and each of them are extremely finely milled.  One thing I notice will all Inglot powder products- be they eyeshadows, blushes, whatever, is that I plough through them in no time at all, and already, some of these powders are significantly dented. I feel like there is a not insignificant amount of wastage with these powders because they are incredibly soft and not the most tightly pressed- that said, it's also the thing I love about Inglot powders- they are silky, blendable and just melt into your skin. I can always justify the pace I seem to get through these powders because of the tiny prices.

The first HD Sculpting Powder I went for is the shade 503 which is a gorgeous pale yellow/cream powder. I prefer to traditionally highlight with something a bit more luminous but I thought this would be a perfect undereye setting powder and my hunch was right. This is just yellow enough to brighten the undereye area but not enough to leave you looking like you got smacked with a banana across the face. I typically use my Nima Brush 'Wendy' brush to apply a little touch of this under my eyes.

The next HD Sculpting Powder I picked up is probably my favourite and the most distinctive colour of the bunch and that is the shade 304. This is a gorgeous very pale, very cool brown, absolutely perfect for casting shadows on fair skin. If you only buy one product from Inglot in the next few months, I strongly recommend this. Not only that, this is an amazing transition colour for the crease too when you apply eye looks- it's quite natural looking, I just feel like this colour looks expensive when you compare to other more bronze or warm contour colors. 

The final HD Sculpting Powder I picked is a more traditional contour shade. 510 is still more of a cool brown than a warm brown, and significantly darker than 504. I use the two together but I focus the darker colour higher up my cheekbone to make my actual cheekbone pop out a bit more. A little of this goes a long way and I find you have to be careful not to apply too much of this so as to avoid it looking muddy. 

The last space in my Inglot Face Sculpting Palette is a blush pan in the shade 28. This is a beautiful pink-come-coral, again it's a matte shade, and it looks fresh and natural on the apples of my cheeks. 

Swatches L-R: HD Sculpting Powders in 503, 504 and 510 and Blush in 28

As you can see from the end result, I think the powders give quite a natural finish but go far to hike up those cheekbones. Obviously with contouring, you can apply as much or as little as you like, What I really like about using 504 as a lighter contouring shade is that it is a lot more subtle and daytime appropriate than most of the darker shades doing the rounds.

All in all, I've been thoroughly impressed with this palette and have no qualms whatsoever in recommending the Inglot HD Sculpting Powders to anyone. I would definitely repurchase any of the shades that I selected- that said, I personally didn't think that there were any other colours that appealed to me, so I would definitely recommend calling into your nearest Inglot store and testing out the shades against your own skin tone. 

Is anyone else sharing my contouring buzz at the moment? What contour products have y'all been reaching for? 


  1. This is amazing, this is going straight on the shopping list for the next time I'm in Dublin. Really love that it's matte, you can make your own and the price! They look amazing on you too x

  2. This looks great & a good price too. Love that you can have your blusher in there too! xx


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