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FOTD feat. IsaDora Spring 2015 'Nude Essentials' Collection

IsaDora is a Swedish cosmetics brands that has been on my radar for over a decade (gulp). Growing up as a teenager back in Cork, one of the few makeup displays in the pharmacies in my town was IsaDora, and it was this brand that fuelled my early makeup obsession. In fact, my oldest and most sentimental piece of makeup (that I no longer wear but can't bear to part with) is a frosty ivory IsaDora eyeshadow that I wore to my debs. So, it's safe to say that IsaDora and myself have form, we get on famously together. Over the years, I've been coming across displays less and less but that is certainly not to say that this brand has waned in my estimation. IsaDora are undergoing a relaunch in Ireland and they very sent me a pack of products to try a few weeks back and I've been putting them through their paces. I'm going to quickly flit through some of the products they sent and give you my (as always) honest opinion on how I believe they performed. At the end of this post, you will find my typical IsaDora FOTD.

IsaDora Protect Face Primer (€21.25) This primer contains a whopping SPF 30 which is miles ahead may of the other primers on the radar at the moment. It's got quite a creamy texture, not silicone- like a la Benefit Porefessional. I just do not like the feeling of silicone primers on my skin. hen you apply this to the face,  it feels so lightweight, it just melts into your skin without feeling greasy or sticky. I'm not typically a primer person but I have been enjoying using this and I do believe it helps with the longevity of my foundation. The sun protection in this makes me very happy indeed and this protects against both UVA and UVB rays. It also contains a unique collagen peptide which promises to reduce wrinkles, plumps and firms the skin. This is said to be suitable for all skin types.

IsaDora Nude Sensation Fluid Foundation (€23.25). This foundation has been a revelation to me! Even though it is more expensive than your typical pharmacy foundation, it's still half the price of a high end foundation, and this, to me, performs like a high end foundation, so that makes it bargainous. The foundation itself is very liquidy, it comes with a little pipette instead of a pump. This applies like a dream, provides medium coverage on the first application and is incredibly easily to build. It feels light on the skin, almost weightless, it lasts beautifully over the course of a day, it provides great coverage but still retains some luminosity. I have the shade 10 which I believe is the lightest shade and it is a perfect match, I could not be any happier with this and I would most definitely repurchase! 

IsaDora Colour Corrector Concealer Palette (€21.25) Isa Dora sent me two of these- shade 32 Neutral and shade 34 Anti-Dullness. These cream concealers are to neutralise the discoloration in the skin- the Neutral one contains a peach shade to cover dark circles, a light and medium concealer and a highlighter to lighten and illuminate the skin. The Anti-Dullness palette contains a lilac shade to banish any yellow or grey tones, a peach to cover dark circles, a concealer and a highlighter. The texture of these is nice, not too creamy, and I use my ring finger to pick up some product and blend wherever I need some extra coverage. I've been using the peach and light concealer shades under my eyes and it's quite effective when topped with a powder. There is quite a bit of product in each pan so I imagine this is going to last me ages,

IsaDora Face Sculptor (€25.50) This, along with the Nude Sensation foundation, is an absolute standout to me. It comes it two different shades- Warm Peach and Cool Pink (I have Warm Peach). This piece of kit is genius- contains a decent bronzer, highlighter and a peachy blush- or everything you need to sculpt your face. The bronzer is a nice tone, not too orange, and the highlighter has a gorgeous gold sheen. The blush is matte. All 3 colours are incredibly pigmented the way all Isa Dora powder products are and all of them apply beautifully. Since I'm on a contouring buzz at the moment, this palette has been a godsend and I carry this in my handbag to top up on the go. I've been using the IsaDora Face Sculptor brush to apply the powders and it is SO soft to run along your face. 

IsaDora Nude Essentials Eye Colour Bar (€17.50) Ah, Isa Dora eyeshadows, one of my first guilty pleasures. I have a few Isa Dora eyeshadows and I've never had a complaint- soft, pigmented, buttery, easy to apply and blend. The good news is that this palette is equally as impressive- packing 6 neutral shades, mixture of matte and pearl finishes, from a light cream colour up to a dark brown. The options with this are in the multiples- you can use it to create a light, fresh daytime look or smoke it up for something more intense for an evening look. These feel like silk and can also be built up from a sheer wash of colour to a deep, more opaque look.

IsaDora Twist-up Gloss Lipstick (€13.25) has made me reconsider my typically strong reluctance to embrace the glossy lip. I'm wearing this is my FOTD pick below so you can see how shiny it actually is. The texture of this is beautiful- creamy, hydrating- it's almost feels like a balm on the lips. I have this in the colour 29 Clear Nude. IsaDora Twist-up Matt lips (€13.25) are matt lipsticks with a difference- gone are the days of hard formulas that drag your lips hither thither when you are trying to apply your lip colour, and matt lipsticks that leave your kissers looking crispy and dry. These are quite unusual in that they are lipstick shaped in the twist up formula, and they certainly perform like lipsticks also. I have the shades Posh Peach and Candy Store. Even though these are matte and pigmented and deliver great opacity with just one swipe, they are not a powdery or dry matte but more of a creamy, lightweight and intensely pigmented velvet matt finish. 

All in all, I feel like Spring line has stirred up all those old IsaDora feels and this brand is firmly back on my radar. I was very impressed with all the products I tried in all honestly, particularly the Nude Sensation Foundation and the Face Sculptor palette- these are essentials in my mind. I look forward to seeing what is up and coming on the IsaDora horizon. The brand is more expensive than your traditional pharmacy brands, and trust me, if they were not delivering with the goods, I would be the first to call this out, but I genuinely believe these products perform like high end products. I have ALOT of foundations, the vast majority of them high end like Chanel, Dior, Bobbi Brown, Estee Lauder, Lancome etc., and this IsaDora Nude Sensation Foundation outperformed many of them in my mind. The powder products are exquisite- I'm a long time fan of the eyeshadows like I said, but the Face Sculptor palette has been in constant rotation since I got it. Where else can you find a primer with SPF 30 and protection against UVA and UVB in the pharmacy? These products are quality- the line is quality. I've yet to try any mascaras or eyeliners from the brand but these are at the top of my list to try because I have built up such a positive experience with IsaDora. For more information on stockists and products, head over to their Twitter (@IsaDoraIreland), Facebook (IrelandIsaDora) or Instagram (@isadora_ireland) pages 

As for my typical IsaDora FOTD, I didn't go for anything too dramatic! I'm wearing the Protect Face Primer, one layer of the Nude Sensation, the light and peach shades from the Colour Corrector Concealer Palette in 32 Neutral, all three shades from the Face Sculptor Palette, various shades from the Nude Essentials Eye Colour Bar and the Twist-up Gloss Lipstick in Clear Nude. 

Have you tried anything by IsaDora in recent times that you would like to recommend? What IsaDora products from this line appeal to you? 

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