Friday, 3 April 2015

Max Factor Creme Puff Blushes- Entire Collection, Review and Swatches

A few months back, when I first heard that Max Factor were bracing themselves to launch a new blush range as part of their standard offering, I do admit I fistpumped. Max Factor is one brand that has been consistently delivering the goods over the last few years, and a brand that is continuously getting younger, fresher and more and more on my radar as the years roll on. My earliest Max Factor memory is my Nana touching her face up with the Creme Puff powder on special occasions, every so often she would pop some on my nose, and I loved the smell of that powder and the fact that it made my Nana look so glamorous. I thought back then that I would use that powder too when I am a Nana. I digress- but with good reason- because these new Creme Puff blushes are so christened because they are a fusion of pigment and Creme Puff powders to create buildable, wearable blushes. This is probably sounding a little familiar to you now right, and you are probably thinking of the Hourglass Ambient Lighting blushes- well, you're on the right track!

So, 60 years after Mr. Max Factor brought his Creme Puff powder to the people, the people are being treated to a new innovation in blush. The new Max Factor blushes are lightweight, baked powders containing finely milled, multi-tonal pigments that promise to blend evenly, enhance individual skin tones and leave a truly natural, polished skin finish. Switswoo. I certainly can testify to the fact that these blushes leave a lovely warm glow and radiance, are perfectly buildable to your own tests and pass the test of time but staying in place and on form for hours on end. For a mere €11.49 each which is less than a third of the price of the Ambient Lighting Blushes from Hourglass, these blushes perform remarkably well, and since I got these a few months back, I've honestly worn little else. These add so much life and not just colour to the face, they are fresh and illuminating and absolutely guilt free to use. 

I have all six shades in the range and I love every single one of them, particularly the two mauve shades (Nude Mauve and Lavish Mauve) which are gorgeous blush/highlighter hybrids. To give you an idea of the different colours in the range, I have a line up and individual shots of me wearing each of the blushes. I hope these give you a decent idea of how these blushes perform in the pigment stakes! 

L-R: Lavish Mauve, Nude Mauve, Lovely Pink, Seductive Pink, Alluring Rose, Gorgeous Berries

The great thing about these blushes is that because of the multi-toned, multi-dimensional finish to them, I feel like I can get away without separately contouring and highlighting the rest of my face, which is really quite unusual, and something I very much appreciate. If I had to describe these in one word- I would say fresh- from the concept to the finish, these are new, innovative and exciting finds in the drugstore, and definitely my favourite high street blushes of the minute. I can't really pick a favourite because I love all of them in different way, and the only criticism I have is that there is no coral shade in the bunch, which I think would be very much appreciated- then again, that's not really a criticism of the product is it! 

I have to be honest and tell you you 100000% need to have at least one of these in your spring/summer makeup bags- they are just exquisite! Have you experienced these blushes yet or are they on your radar? Which one of the lineup stands out to you the most?


  1. I have and like Nude Mauve a lot, I wouldn't be attracted to any of the others but would lovea coral shade! You look beautiful Aisling x

  2. The two mauves look the best of the bunch but the berries blush looks very pretty too! I agree, a coral shade would be very welcome! xx

  3. I WANT A CORAL TOOOOO! Quelle surprise there ;P And hello there with your cheekbones! You look gorge :)

  4. I have Nude Mauve and laaaav it - will definitely be picking up more of these! x

  5. I have three of these and I really like the effect on my skin-it gives a beautiful ethereal glow. One small criticism I have is that I find when I swirl my brush in the pan a lot of powder flies out everywhere. Also I have to apply quite a few layers to get the desired colour punch. But they're so dinky and pretty that I'm willing to overlook any downsides.


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