Monday, 6 April 2015

Makeup Gallery (Dealz / Poundland) - CHEAP in every sense of the word

I can't deny that, as my love for makeup and cosmetics developed over the years, the more expensive my tastes have gotten, and now, I find myself more enticed by higher end spends. That's not to say that I don't love a high street find. I've heard rumblings of the new Makeup Gallery range in Dealz (or Poundland to those of you based in the UK) and I picked up a few bits last week to try out. Every single makeup item in the range- from nail polishes to lipsticks to bronzers, will set you back €1.49 in the Republic of Ireland or £1 in the UK. Because of the price point, I would compare these to the MUA £1 makeup range. I picked up 10 items to complete a full face of makeup for review purposes, and tested these over the course of a day to scrutinise the wear time of each of the items. In all honesty, some of these were abysmal, and some were not so bad, but I have to say, out of the items I picked up, not one really wowed me at all. 

I'll go through them one by one in order of application:

The Makeup Gallery Long Lasting Foundation was probably amongst the most disappointing of the products that I tried, I picked up the lightest shade, which was fine shade wise on the back of my hand, but by the time I had finished applying this on my face, there was no colour left and instead just a greasy thin layer on my face. It didn't smell too strong or funny like some other cheaper foundations do, but this just did not perform well at all. It has absolutely zero coverage, and whereas I am the kinda gal that likes to apply my foundation to even out my base and conceal any redness, this foundation failed on both counts. I know it was only €1.49 but this was a miss for me. 

Next up, I tried the Makeup Gallery Smoothly Does It Pressed Powder, and I picked up the second lightest shade because the first lightest almost looked stark in comparison. This powder was ok, you get quite a decent amount for your pound or €1.49, it's quite talcy and powdery so the powder brush would need a firm tap to knock off the excess but it did a better job at providing some sort of coverage than the Long Lasting Foundation did. I wouldn't repurchase and I wouldn't be in any rush to either recommend or warn against this powder- it's just ok.

I also picked up the Makeup Gallery Good to Glow Bronze Shimmer with the intention of using this to warm up my face slightly. The shimmer is not too strong- none of the matte shades even remotely appealed to me, not even in the name of research for the blog- so I passed on those. I would probably prefer the MUA £1 bronzers over this one, it was fine, but have to say it didn't apply too smoothly and took a little bit more work to blend than I would have liked. Still enough, I was happy with the end result. 

One of the better Makeup Gallery products that I tried out was the Feeling Blush Blusher in Spice which is a lovely neutral shade. This applied well enough but didn't last that long on my skin unfortunately - I would say the colour had almost faded into oblivion about four hours after application- but the colour is really nice. I know I shouldn't expect more for £1/€1.49 but if I spend one euro or a million euro, I still expect to get the bang for buck. 

The best of the bunch in terms of what I tried were the Makeup Gallery Colour Story Eyeshadows in Vintage Rose and Deep Plum. I applied Vintage Rose all over the lid and Deep Plum in the crease and these both applied and blended nicely in fairness. They lasted longer on my lids without creasing than I thought they would- in fact, at the end of the day, these eyeshadows were practically the only thing left standing on my face. I also applied these without any primer because I wanted to test them as is and I have to say, these lasted well. I'm probably not going to go out and buy any more of these even though there was a decent colour selection available, but Deep Plum in particular was a gorgeous colour in the crease. 

I somehow forgot to take a close up shot of the Makeup Gallery Pro Liquid Eyeliner but I can summarise my thoughts of this pretty quickly and efficiently- this was awful in every sense of the word. From the watery, grey liquid to the gammiest of applicators, it felt wet and present on my eyelids when I put it on and it just kind of crumbled and faded away to nothingness in no time at all. Furthermore- and I'm not sure whether to attribute this to this eyeliner or the mascara but my lash line (as opposed to my eyelid) was red and itchy at the end of the day when I removed all the makeup from my eyes. Needless to say, not a fan, do not recommend, use at your own peril!

Another bitter disappointment was the Makeup Gallery Plump Up The Volume Mascara. The brush was fine but the actual formula of the mascara was so thin that it struggled to catch any of my lashes when I applied this and no matter how many coats I tried, I was not able to, despite the obvious, "plump up the volume". The formula was not very black, it didn't lengthen, volumise, curl my lashes. Just awful, I would have rather spent my €1.49 on an ice cream. 

The Makeup Gallery Shine On Intense Colour and Shine Lip Gloss was another disappointing find- I tried this on but it felt so sticky and so grainy on my lips that I couldn't bear to keep it on for any longer than was necessary. Honestly, if you applied this, smacked your lips together and then tried to open your mouth, this lip gloss would form little stringy icky lines. Plus it tasted absolutely disgusting.

Lastly, I picked up one of the Makeup Gallery All About the Pout lipsticks. This was fine, felt ok on the lips, tasted a bit manky though, and was alot smaller than the equivalent £1 lipsticks from the MUA line. 

Now I know I look very grumpy in this picture but bear in mind I am essentially hating everything that it is on my face, but this just gives you an idea of the end result. Overall, the Makeup Gallery line was a miss from me and I won't be visiting the stand again any time soon in all honestly. These products just felt cheap, looked cheap, and for the most part, acted cheap. And no, I don't mean inexpensive, I mean plain C-H-E-A-P. 

Have you tried out this makeup range yet? Did you find any gems? 


  1. I have to say you still look fantastic, even with shit quality makeup! I tried one of their lipliners, it was like trying to draw on my face with a colouring pencil. I didn't buy anything else from the range, as you mentioned MUA and similar brands have much better stuff at similar prices.

  2. Cheap make up aside, your cheekbones are actually incredible!

  3. I agree with Sharon even with crappy quality makeup on you look pretty!


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