Thursday, 2 April 2015

Make Up For Ever Haul (and rant!)

Make Up For Ever is a brand that I'm honestly not crackers about- I've tried many of their products over the years but nothing really impressed me that much and, much and all as I can so very easily justify my high end spends, I cannot justify the prices of MUFE products across the board. I would much rather splash the cash in the likes of the Beauty Hall in Brown Thomas or Space NK than in the Make Up For Ever store. What does make MUFE more enticing though is the 50% off vouchers that GrabOne sell every couple of weeks. I've wanted to try a few bits so I picked up a couple of vouchers in earnest and headed into Clarendon Street to pick up some bits and bobs. Of course, NOTHING I wanted was in stock- which is honestly the story of my life when dealing with that place, and it made me realise why I have avoided picking up these vouchers for years. I literally have this problem every single time I have gone into the store, which must be at least a dozen times over the last 2 years. Zero foundations and a dismal collection of odds and ends of other products. Now even though the MUFE staff were very nice and very apologetic for the quite frankly embarrassing lack of stock in store, and of course they did the usual of taking my name and phone number and promised to call me when the stock came in (more about that later). I asked them why there never seems to be any stock in the store. The long and short of it is that the Dublin store handles the orders and supply for MUAs in both Ireland and the UK and they get preference when the stock arrives from France- so basically, whatever is left over after the MUAs have their pick is put into the store on Clarendon Street for the general public like you and I! Which is fine, it's their prerogative, but it's so annoying that they never have HD Foundation or Liquid Lift Foundation in my shade! Also, they do offer to take your name and number and call you when the stock comes in (and they can organise postage) - however. since I called in and left my details both 6 weeks ago and 4 weeks ago, I have not yet heard back - apart from a call that I could bring in my Liquid Lift foundation bottle to be refilled if I wanted (which, incidentally, I didn't, and never asked for!). So the moral of the story is, whilst these GrabOne vouchers do seem like a very enticing deal, they will be moolah wasted if you get to the store and there is no stock there to pick from. You have been warned, do with it what you will! 

Anyways- rant aside, I will show the bits that I did manage to pick up over the last few weeks:

Mat Bronze in '20 Honey'- I've not tried any MUFE bronzers before and this was the only shade out of the four that appealed to me. I plan to use this to warm up my face a bit more over the summer months. RRP €35.

I also picked up a Sculpting Blush in '12 Matte Rosewood' because I was intrigued by the cool, plummy shade- I definitely think a light hand will be the way to go with this but I am pretty happy that I have nothing else quite like this in my collection. RRP €28.

Now this was in the eyeshadow section- I'm sure of it- and it was only €10 because MUFE were selling off all of their eyeshadows before the new formula ones arrive- but the box states that this is a blush, and so does the label on the other side. I thought this would be interesting for the crease- it's not so much a burgundy as it is a deep reddy brown- I think it will be quite flattering on my blue eyes. This is no. 161,- blush, eyeshadow, whatever it is, it feels nicely pigmented and I look forward to using it.

The Full Cover Concealer has been on my wishlist for a long time, and I'm looking forward to seeing how this compares to my beloved MAC Pro Longwear Concealer. I picked this up in the shade '4 Flesh' and RRP is €28.

I have never tried the MUFE Smoky Lash Mascara before but bearing in mind that it is one of their best sellers and most raved about product, I thought the time was nigh, and I picked up the normal black and waterproof versions to test out over the coming weeks. RRP €23 each.

Lastly, but not leastly, I picked up the Aqua Cream in shade '2 Steel'. I like the dark grey base with little silver, purple and green flecks through it. I'm hoping this will be a nice base under a grey smokey eye and will aim to use this quicker than my last few Aqua Creams which spoiled within weeks of my first using them. RRP €22.50.

So that's my little MUFE haul and warning about that GrabOne vouchers that look too good to be true! Have any of you availed of these vouchers recently and been disappointed when you got into the store? Have you ever experience poor stock issues with the MUFE store below? And lastly- do you have any must-have MUFE products that you think we need in our lives? Let me know in the comments below! 


  1. Very annoying, MUFE are a brand I never even think of buying for some reason although lately I've seen pictures of their huge set of primers and that has me a little interested again but after this post I'm not sure I'll bother!

  2. You know I adore MUFE but the lack of stock is annoying. In saying that, I can't wait for the new eyeshadows!!!

  3. I was going to buy the voucher but I think I saw a warning from you about the stock issue! It's so stupid whoever looks after buying clearly doesn't do their maths on the demand, people are trying to give them money

  4. I've never tried the brand, it doesn't appeal to me for some reason. If I had €100 to spend on makeup I'd go to Brown Thomas!

  5. As you know I considered (and then bought) one of the vouchers, and the closest I got to the product I wanted was a sample, provided I supplied a sample pot. I haven't gone back looking for the foundation again yet, but these things do get annoying.


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