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Gerard Cosmetics Lipsticks- Buttercup, 1995, Rodeo Drive and Fire Engine Red - Review and Swatches

It seems like every second US beauty youtuber raves about Gerard Cosmetics (and plenty more non-US beauty youtubers too) and I finally bit the bullet (see what I did there?) and ordered some lipsticks from the Gerard Cosmetics site during one of their recent promotions. I am aware that Gerard Cosmetics pay some bloggers and Youtubers to heavily promote their products so I didn't really know what to expect, but needless to say, I bought these with my own money, and like every other post on this little blog of mine, I will give you my honest opinion.

Gerard Cosmetics (formerly known as Whitening Lightening) is an online cosmetics store, particularly renowned for enticing Youtube beauty heavyweights like Jaclyn Hill to collaborate with their brand to release new lipsticks and lip glosses. They sell other products also- liquid illuminators, brow kits, etc. but are definitely most notorious for their lip offerings. As far as I can tell, they have quite a limited selection and don't carry different finishes (i.e. matte, satin, sheer etc.). These lipsticks retail for $19 a piece. The packaging of all the lipsticks is the same. None of the lipsticks particularly taste of anything and none of the lipsticks have a distinctive smell. I picked up four shades to try out- there are 13 shades available in the range altogether.
I didn't realise at the time but I actually ended up picking up 2 of the Jaclyn Hill collection shades in my order- the first is Buttercup, a pale pink nude colour. In terms of pigmentation, this lipstick was the poorest and it took a couple of swipes of this to build up colour and even then it applied patchily. It was a pity, because the colour really appealed in the bullet. This colour is hard work and is not very creamy on the lips. Beautiful colour but too much like hard work.
This is also another pick from the Jaclyn Hill collection and- as you can guess from the name, this is a 90s nude. I really like this shade as it is not too brown to look like melted chocolate on your lips but has a distinct, wearable 90s feel to it. I like this more than I thought I would and the formula, though waxy, sits nicely on the lips and lasts for quite a decent amount of time.  

Rodeo Drive
 This is my favourite out of the bunch and one of the newest shades available on the Gerard Cosmetics website- a beautiful, cool mauvey pink. You know how I am with my mauvey pinks, I cannot resist, I am weak! This colour didn't disappoint. Again, not as creamy as a MAC lippies but this one had decent staying power and didn't leave my lips in shreds.
Fire Engine Red
Again, have to admit I was not that struck on the formula of this lipstick, even though the shade itself is a beaut. If blue toned reds are your thing, this will appeal to you greatly, however, if long wearing reds are your thing, this isn't the longest wearing and faded off my lips in patches within hours of applying. 

The lipsticks have been compared to MAC lipsticks but I don't agree with this- the bullets are the same shape but that's where it ends- particularly in terms of texture. Where a MAC lipstick is creamy, these Gerard Cosmetics lipsticks are a little on the waxy, plastic side. Bottom line- they are not awful, but they certainly are not great. I don't think they deserve all the hype they get on Youtube, they just weren't that wow to me, but that's my experience. I won't pick up any more of these personally as I just have much better lipsticks in my collection that cost alot less than these did. If you are so inclined to try out Gerard Cosmetics for yourself, head on over to their website, They ALWAYS have some deal going- either combo deals or discount codes affiliated with their Youtuber collab partners and most of these will give you free shipping too. For any of you living in Ireland- I didn't have to pay any customs duties or charges on these.

Have you heard of Gerard Cosmetics? Do any of these lippies catch your eye? 



  1. I haven't heard of them! They look a lot cheaper in quality than $19 but I do love the colour of Rodeo Drive. They definitely don't give me the want at all, I'd probably pick a couple up if it were available locally but I wouldn't go looking for them online. Great swatches Aisling x

  2. I see these all over Instagram but heavily US based (like everything else I want to try). I loved 1995 since it popped up, and looks equally good on too x

  3. Just got "buttercup" "underground" and "berry smoothie" along with 5 lip glosses. I have yet to try them all, but I get what you are saying. They are in no way super amazing and ground breaking. And I would never pay full Price for these. I got mine in 2 bundle deals that were heavily discounted so I payed about $70 for 8 products. But I'm definately seeing some inconcsistencies within the products. One gloss came with a broken doe foot applicator, and my "underground" lipstick has a glob of yellow "materieal" of some sort stuck to the lipstick. But costumer service was really nice and has reshipped me 2 new replacements.

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