Sunday, 22 March 2015

NEW! Bourjois Rouge Edition Aqua Laque- Review and Swatches

What seems like WAY back when, but was actually less than a year ago, Bourjois took most of the beauty blogosphere by storm with their Rouge Edition Velvet  liquid lipstick offerings. I wasn't struck on them in the beginning but they did win me around. 11 months later, Bourjois have released the shiniest, glossiest additions to the Rouge Edition line- the Rouge Edition Aqua Laque. Available in 8 shades from a nude to a vibrant red, there is probably something for everyone in the line up, and at €12 odd a pop, you can afford to pick up all 8 if you are so inclined. These promise mirror-like shine and intense colour, a water light sensation, 10 hour hydration and a non-sticky formula thanks to the nymphea extract to soothe and moisturise. All very lovely indeed- but the real selling point of this and what really attracted me to this liquid lipsticks is the almighty promise that once applied, it doesn't run or feather or need a lip liner. 

Now all the promises in the world are useless if they don't come good, and I must say, these Bourjois offerings are puzzling little beasts. They are suuuuper watery, and I am paranoid about these when they are on my lips because they feel so soft and slippy slidy. Whilst they don't slip down my face, these are very transferrable and not long lasting. They feel nice and soothing and moisturising on the lips. and they are incredibly shiny and glossy, but they don't last long and they don't set. They don't stain the lips, but god, they are shiny. As charmed and all as I am with the shininess and the smoothness of them on the lips, I can't help but be hypersensitive about these when eating, drinking or any other activity involving my lipsies. So I am in the awkward situation where I really do like what these offer, but I cannot pretend the softness isn't a little offputting. See!? Puzzling little beasts.

I picked up three shades out of the eight available- 01 Appechissant (a peachy nude), 02 Rosé on the rocks (a natural rose) and 04 Viens si tu roses (a raspberry pink). Of the shades I picked out, 04 is the most difficult to apply, and applied quite patchily compared to the other too. These lipsticks are buildable, however, and a second coat soon put that right.

I guess it just depends what you are into and what you are looking for- if you don't mind the maintenance of a super shiny lip, you will love these, If you find them to be more trouble than they are worth, maybe skip on these, or just pick up the one to test it out. What you will get if you purchase one of these is super pigmented, intensely shiny, comfortable to wear liquid lipsticks.

Do these sound like something that would appeal to you? 


  1. This sounds very appealing. I love the colours!!

  2. I'm just not a shiny, liquidy lip lover at all. I might give a little test though just to see what they are like.

  3. Wow, they are so gorgeous! I'm in love with the rouge velvet line and I now I'll totally get some of these too. Great post!

    Kisses, Kali

  4. I wouldn't be one for shiny lips at all but I love the look of those first two shades. Glossy lips really are coming back to every brand this year - I will have to investigate at least one of these before I decide!

  5. i love the colours! i am so into products like this right now!

  6. Mmm, totally not for me. Meh.. :(


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