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NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation- Review and Swatches

I love lots of things about NARS, their powder products are heavenly, their palettes are exquisite, the Audacious lipsticks are my favourite ever lipstick formulas- but one thing I have never personally been impressed with was their foundations and base products. I was one of the minority that absolutely HATED Sheer Glow- and believe me, I tried to love it so much. So when I heard that there was a new foundation on the horizon, I was not overcome with excitement vibes. However, when I heard this foundation promised to be both long lasting AND luminous, I was all over it, and I duly picked up a bottle and have been trying it out for the last week and a half composing my thoughts on it.

What NARS promise is an oil-free foundation that delivers full, natural-looking coverage with one drop, for lightweight, 16-hour wear. As the foundation is oil free, the NARS girl at the counter recommended shaking the beejay out of the bottle before squirting a pump out to cover your face. The frosted glass bottle is nice, and the fact that NARS have thrown in the pump with this as opposed to making you buy one separately is very much appreciated. I *HATE* when foundations don't come with pumps, it's messy, wasteful and annoying...anyways, I digress. I picked up the shade Mont Blanc which is a shade lighter than I normally take in NARS foundations- I found the Deauville looked a little yellow on my skin so I went for the lighter shade and I have to admit, I am much happier with the colour match this time around. 

The foundation does feel very liquidy on the back of my hand, and I use one of my beloved Blank Canvas Cosmetics F20 to apply one or two pumps all over my face. In terms of primer or base, I do always use something underneath this foundation because I was warned that this can cling to dry patches and my skin is prone to those, especially in these cold snaps. I do feel that this foundation needs a good, thorough buffing over the face to ensure even coverage, but once this is applied properly, it sets and it lasts. It lasts for hours- a whole working day and then some. It's not particularly luminous like, say, YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat foundation, but it's not flat and it does look quite nice on the skin. It's more sheeny than luminous in my mind.

I documented my experience of this foundation over the course of a day below for illustrative purposes:

Coverage when first applied- pretty evening, not too luminous and a bit of a overall sheen... 
When the rest of the makeup is applied, you can see the coverage is pretty flawless.
6 hours later and coverage is still near flawless but my nose is getting a little bit shiny.
9 hours later and I'm a little shinier around the nose area but coverage is still even.
14 hours later and I'm generally overall shinier but still impressed with how the foundation held up over the course of the day.
It didn't break down on around my nose/nostrils area over the course of wear, didn't fall into my pores or fade away gradually, and hasn't caused my skin any harm at all. Needless to say, I much prefer this to the much revered Sheer Glow. If your skin is dry, this foundation might be a little clingy, and similarly, if your skin is oily, you may need a touch of powder because it did tend to get a little shiny on me. I love the way this foundation looks on my skin and how it lasts, and even though I didn't apply any powder in the pictures above because I didn't want to distort the performance of the foundation for the purposes of a fair review. It's not cakey, my skin still felt like it could breathe. The coverage is definitely medium-full but not in a mask-like sense- a thin, blended and buffed layer of these goes a long way. The price point is pretty on par with the other high end foundations at €43 but do bear in mind that this foundation comes with a built in pump.

Overall. I'm very pleasantly surprised and impressed with this foundation and I have no qualms in recommending it! Are you tempted to try this out? 


  1. Would you prefer this to the YSL Fusion Ink?

    1. That's a tough question- I think they perform quite differently. I think YSL trumps Nars in terms of longevity but if you're into a less flat, more sheeny finish, Nars performs better in that respect IMO. YSL would be more liquidy than the Nars one and I prefer the applicator of the YSL one.... for all of those reasons, I think I would go for the YSL... but I feel guilty for shunning the Nars one- guess it just depends on my mood ;) xx

    2. Thanks, I was debating getting this but don't think I will now. I'm happy with the YSL but was just curious about this one! xx

  2. I'm not a huge fan of Sheer Glow either! I used to love it, but my skin must have changed because it just clumps around my nose and forehead after awhile.. not a good look! First off, I absolutely LOVE the packaging of this foundation! It looks so much more high-end than sheer glow/matte. It held up SO well on your face for the 14 hours! That's really impressive. I'm going to go get myself a sample!

    Chrissy x

    1. Thanks Chrissy- I agree, I prefer the packaging of this to the Sheer Glow- esp since it comes with a pump and saves you the bother of trying to track one down. I was impressed with the staying power too- little bit of powder over the snoz works wonders for keeping the shine at bay in the evenings! Do try to get a sample to see if this works for you and let me know how you get on if you do decide to try it! :) xx

  3. It's nice to see how it lasts throughout the day rather than just seeing it on freshly applied! I really want to give this a go cause I love the sheer glow foundation but it doesn't last long enough for me. The pump is also a perk x

    Through New Eyes x


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