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Benefit Mascara Duel - Roller Lash v They're Real!

Nobody does mascara hype quite like Benefit, there is no doubt, and even though I am not the hugest fan of gimmicks, I have to admit that I enjoy the extent that Benefit go to when they release a new product. My problem is usually I don't find Benefit can back up all the promises they make, and there are very few Benefit products that I actually love. Benefit allege that their 'They're Real' mascara is the top selling mascara in the UK and that they sell a couple of tubes per second or something to that effect, which baffles me because I don't think I've ever met anyone who absolutely loved it, and I know I certainly wasn't a convert. I quite liked Bad Gal and went through at least a dozen tubes of that back in the day, but I've never been able to gel with They're Real. Which is why I was anxious to try their new mascara, but reluctant to fork out for it. Luckily for me, Elle were giving away a free travel size in this month's magazine. I just wanted to do a little comparison post to compare it to They're Real, without the PR talk and buying into the gimmicks. To compare like with like, I am basing my comparison against a mini They're Real which was in a Christmas gift-set that my manfriend gave me this year. 

Benefit They're Real!

The grey and distinctive packaging of They're Real has become iconic now in the beauty world, as has the spiky, pointy wand. It is a rubber wand, which I don't have an aversion to per se, but this one has the long, pointiest spikes that almost make my eyes bleed when I apply it. The sight of the wand alone is enough to make me wince and shiver and my eyes actually tremble when I unscrew the lid. I find this excruciating to apply and the end result is not even worth it in my opinion. I can't bear to go too close to my lashline because this just hurts, and I find the wand is too long and straight and the spiky ball at the end is too big and clump creating. Removing it is a pain in the ass because it actually feels quite tacky on my lashes and then gritty once you start removing it. That said, it's not that it's that resistant that it will stay on your lashes all day long, I find this mascara just flakes off on the top of my cheeks over the day. It doesn't hold a curl, it just doesn't do anything for me. It is probably one of my least favourite mascaras that I have ever tried.

Benefit Roller Lash

Image result for benefit roller lash

The full size Roller Lash comes with a pink rubberised top on the wand which I think is meant to resemble a hair roller, hence the name, but I don't really buy into the gimmick. Ok, the pink and black is pretty but other than that, it's a bit meh! The wand is different to any other Benefit mascara wand to date but, I have to say, not different to any other wands on the market (I've been using the Maybelline Lash Sensational for the last few weeks and the wand is quite similar). It's curved, which makes it quite comfortable to apply, and the actually brush isn't too long for those of us with smaller eyes. Another rubber brush similar to They're Real and Benefit claim that they have cracked the lash curling code with their innovative brush but it's just not THAT innovative to me, it's not too dissimilar to many drugstore mascaras available on the market. 

The formula of the mascara is a little too wet for my liking but this is a problem I find with a few mascaras. I'm tempted to leave the lid of this mascara for a while to dry it out a bit to make it less wet and shiny, as I find it makes my lashes stick together. and is not the easiest to build up yet, but I reckon with a bit of air, this mascara would apply better and it would be easier to build up without creating clumps.

The Comparison

As you can see, the wands are not too similar looking, but they do perform differently. Whilst the teeth on the TR wand are long and pointy and stab your eyes, they are considerably shorter and closer together on the RL which makes it easier on those of us with sensitive eyes. I did find that the mascara product, because it is so wet, seems to congeal in the teeth of the new comb and make the lashes stick together instead of clumping together. I didn't notice much of a lift or curl in my lashes and to be honest, I think the formula of both mascaras performs the exact same but the wands distribute the product differently. Overall, I probably prefer the Roller Lash because it doesn't make my eyes bleed, but there is not enough volume and definition for my liking. Whether my thoughts will change on this now when the mascara dries out a bit, time will tell. Am I going to rush out and buy a full size of this new Roller Lash mascara? Absolutely not! I think you can do much better for your buck to be honest!

Roller Lash on the left, They're Real on the right

So, whilst it was not an absolute fail, I just didn't find myself to be impressed or intrigued with the new Benefit mascara offering. I definitely think it is more suitable for sensitive eyed peas like myself. 

Have you tried this new Benefit mascara yet, or any of the other Benefit mascaras? Do you buy into the Benefit gimmicky marketing or do you feel insulted by it? 



  1. I don't mind Benefits marketing but some of the products just don't live up to the hype. I love the blushes. I hated They're real when I first tried it but when I let the tube dry out a little it worked much better for me, I still wouldn't rush out and buy it though. It is overpriced

  2. Great honest review :-)
    I think there is a bit of "the emperors new clothes" to the marketing benefit use. If there is so much hype it must be amazing! Right!?
    As Sarah B says I do love their Blushs but have never been that impressed by their mascara. I have recently discovered L'Oréal's voluminous mascara and am loving it. By far the "softest" mascara I have ever used if that makes sense

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  4. I've never really been too impressed with any of the Benefit mascaras, I think you can find much better drugstore alternatives. That said I will be keeping an eye out for Elle Magazine to give it a try! x

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