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Catrice Velvet Finish Foundation and Concealer with Hyaluron- Review

If you can cast your minds a few months back, you might remember that I raved about a certain Catrice Nude Illusion foundation that reminded me of a certain Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation. Very impressed I was, so much so that when I spied with my little eyes a new foundation offering from Catrice in the new mammoth display units (more about that in this post- ALL the new goodies!), I didn't even remotely hesitate for even a millisecond before I carried it to the till and exchanged moolah. I've been using this foundation a heck of a lot for the last month, including through the Christmas party season, and I've simply been loving it. ANOTHER Catrice foundation winner but for different reasons. I will elaborate.

So if you know me, my style and this blog, you will know that money has no object when it comes to finding that perfect foundation, and there are very few foundations out there that I haven't tried. I'm always looking for my HG foundation and whilst I am not being so bold as to imply that this latest Catrice foundation is the mothership of all foundations, it is one seriously impressive piece of kit. The House of Catrice promise a "velvety-matt foundation combines moisturising hyaluron with a caring repair complex of vitamins E and B5 and allantoin". Allantoin is known for having moisturising properties and increases the smoothness of skin.

Encased in a very chic matte glass bottle (which feels expensive) and complete with a pump that pumps a very reasonable amount of product (straddling the line between foundation flooding and just plain stingy), the packaging from this is very pleasant indeed. The colour name is on the top of the lid, and the packaging has some nice weight to it and feels quite sturdy. The bottle contains 30ml of product which is pretty standard for foundations across the board. I also have to commend this foundation for having an SPF of 30 which is incredibly generous by any standard from a drugstore/ high street foundation.

The texture of this foundation is quite unusual. It's kind of creamy, kind of gel like, it spreads incredibly well (I put a pump or two on top of my Blank Canvas Cosmetics F20 brush and work from center of my face outwards). It provides a lovely, consistent, high coverage layer of not too thick foundation with a velvet like finish- and therein lies the mystery to me. It's coverage- particularly upon application and for the first 8 hours- is somewhat akin to Estee Lauder's Double Wear which I really REALLY love, but it doesn't feel like Double Wear on the skin- it feels nicer, lighter, fresher- perhaps due to the moisturizing hyaluron. It's not matte, not dewy but almost satin in finish, and it almost has a powder finish in that it does make your skin completely flawless. This foundation completely smooths out the appearance of the skin on your face like nothing I have ever tried before. Whilst it does, in my opinion, provide excellent coverage, it has a little bit of sheen and life to it too. It lasts well, it doesn't disappear in patches from my face like some other foundations have the nasty habit of doing, it doesn't make me shiny and has been quite comfortable to wear during the recent chilly spell of weather we've been getting.

One con that I have with this foundation is that the shade I picked out, 010 Light Velvet, is significantly darker than the Catrice Nude Illusion equivalent, and I have to blend this down my neck each time I use it. It's not the greatest hardship in the world, but because I am not the fairest of the fair, and I know for a fact that there are paler skinned gals than myself, I know that the colour may be a bone of contention for many. Speaking of colours- did I mention that there are four shades of this foundation available? Also, this foundation rings in at the tills at a mere €8.99 which is quite bargainous really for what you get. And in a true exposé of how much I do dearly love this foundation, I panicked when I saw that there was only one of the lightest shade left in my local pharmacy (McCabes in Dundrum Town Centre) so I panicked and bought it. Yes- a foundation repurchase. Lord knows if I repurchase a product, it must be a good 'un. 

I also picked up the Velvet Finish Concealer with Hyaluron a month back. I also picked up the lightest shade- Velvet Ivory- and I find that this is a lighter tone than the palest shade in the Velvet Finish Foundation. I don't really rate this on blemishes (and thankfully I haven't had a bad breakout for the last few weeks) but on the undereye area, this foundation is a gift and incredibly comfortable and soothing under the eyes for concealing and brightening any discoloration in the area. It sets well, blends nicely and plumps up the area a little. 

Catrice Velvet Finish Concealer in 010 Velvet Ivory on the left.
Catrice Velvet Finish Foundation in 010 Light Velvet on the right.
Either way, if you're in the market for a new foundation, I highly recommend the Catrice Velvet Finish Foundation with Hyaluron, and if you're looking for a light, creamy, brightening undereye concealer, check out the Velvet Finish Concealer with Hyaluron. If you do purchase, make sure to let me know what you made of it. 

Does this foundation and concealer sound like your cup of tea? Have you been able to source it yet at your nearest Catrice stand?


  1. Hmmmmm very interestingggggg *strokes imaginary beard* I love Catrice's foundations and I like velvet things wot also give life, deffo going to check this out when spending ban is over, so I'd say by June I should be good to go ;P

  2. I have yet to try anything from Catrice, seing how this Foundation was a bit dark, It's probably not going to be in my first purchase. The concealer looks nice though. Do you have any Catrice recommendations?

    Loevens makeup rambles

  3. I think I shall have to try this! I tried the Nude Illusion after your review and I'm in love with it! It's the first foundation I went out and bought straight away after running out! Think this will be next on my list to try, after I've used up one or two other ones! :)

  4. Aisling, stop making me want things!! Being realistic if you found it a little dark then there's probably no point in me getting it. I do adore the Nude Illusion, I got a back-up last week just in case it was discontinued! I might take a look at that concealer though.....

  5. These sound perfect for me I loved the Catrice BB cream and they discontinued it, I must give this a try

  6. I really want to try this foundation - hope I find one of the large stands soon!


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