Sunday, 21 December 2014

Irish Beauty Bloggers Secret Santa Extravaganza 2014- the BIG REVEAL is finally here!

Squeee! I can't believe after all this time that the #irishbbloggersSS14 reveal day has finally arrived! After what seems like an eternity (or two months to normal folk), my insatiable curiosity is to be relieved. I cannot believe that SO many lovely Irish bloggers signed up to swap this year- in total, we have 57 bloggers swapping gifts- an unprecedented number! I didn't think we could beat the lovely 37 that signed up last year but so we did! The 2014 swap originated 2 months back when I asked and indeed when I was approached to organise another Secret Santa swap. 2013 was a huge success and there was a lot of appetite for a 2014 repeat. 

I circulated the survey back in October, and collected almost 70 responses, Once the results of the survey were in and the amounts and deadlines were set, I started gathering names. Once I had the names gathered, I wrote out each name twice on paper and had two boxes and picked a name from each box to make a match. I sent emails to 56 ladies and set up the twitter hashtag #irishbbloggersSS14. As soon as the ladies involved got their matches, serious suspicion ensued, and no-one could so much as like a photo on Facebook or favourite a tweet without bloggers assuming the worst! Over the following weeks, the Secret Santas amongst us teased us with clues and mysterious pictures just to whet our appetites.The process went rather swimmingly- apart from a handful of emails and An Post holding one present hostage! 

A huge thank you to everyone who embraced the exchange and I hope you are all delighted with your gifts and enjoyed the experience. It's deeply satisfying to hear good feedback and it makes all the organisation and effort worthwhile! 

And now, on reveal day, let me link you up to the lovely bloggers that took part in this years' swap so you can make sure you click through to all their blogs to see what they got!

Yavanna from Makeup Monster
Kat and Rachelle for DollyRouge
Orla from Makeup Over Mind
Sharon from Behind Green Eyes
Chloe from Nurse Fancy Pants
Sarah from Adoreabubbles
Danielle from LilliwhiteRose
Rebecca from Bec Boop Fashionista
Samantha from All the Buzz
Anne-Marie from Girlfriday's Beauty Blog
Elaine from Ruby Laine Make Up
Leanne from Blather and Beauty
Kelly from Mon Petit Blog
Susan Gaynor from Makeup by Ruby Sue
Nadine Stephens from The Parma Violet
Cat Wilson from Big Blonde Girl
Sarah from Beauty Angel
Avril from Blushful Beauty
Vicki from Happy Bubble Gal 
Bernie from Beauty Minx Blog
Deirdre from Deelightful
Nirina from Killer Fashion
Kayleigh from Cheerful Beauty Nerd
Michelle from Michelle Alice
Nicole from Nicholle Bartlett
Jennifer and Ciara from From Matte to Metallic
Audrey from The Nail Affair
Lesley from Bellinis and Blush
Ciara from Rees Design
Aisling from Coveted Mess
Mary Cate from The Fashion Horn
Zoe from Zoe Coco
Rachel from Oh Hey There Rachel
Olive from the Skinny Doll
Elizabeth from Life with Lizzy
Kayliegh from Kayliegh Land
Rachel from Rachel Brennan Life

Make sure to keep an eye out on Twitter under the #irishbbloggersSS14 hashtag and don't forget to leave lots on comments under the reveal posts and support and retweet/favourite your fellow swapping bloggers. I'll be checking in on the hashtag all day long and will be at the other side of Twitter if you have any questions etc.

So it's a wrap from me for the Irish Beauty Bloggers Secret Santa Extravaganza of 2014, and who knows, if the appetite is there, I might do it all over again in 2015!!



  1. Thanks so much for all your hard work with this Aisling, you made a lot of people smile. I feel bad that you don't get a gift!! Xx

  2. Thanks so much for organising this all Aisling xx

  3. Thanks so much Aisling. You're a legend.

  4. Thank you so so much for doing all the organising, it was so much fun! Xxx

  5. Aisling, thanks a million for organising this again :) really enjoyed it... just spent the last 2 days working my way through all of the links to see what everyone got :)


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