Friday, 14 November 2014

Nu Skin ageLOC and Galvanic Spa System # 1 - The Introduction

A few weeks back, I was invited to a skincare event in the Morrison hosted by a brand I had only heard of in passing, Nu Skin. The event was an introduction to their ageLOC system- a skincare regime specifically targeted to combat the early signs of aging using advanced and unique scientific methods. I was absolutely intrigued by the concepts which I will try to relay in some posts over the coming weeks- and I very gladly took up the kind offer to try out a Galvanic Spa System for a few weeks at home to see if the regime would benefit my skin. Over the coming weeks, I am going to be putting up weekly updates on the blog about my progress and experience with the Galvanic Spa System so keep your eyes peeled on Fridays from now on. On the night, we were gifted with a huge back of goodies containing loads of lovely skincare items- many of which I have been using for the last few weeks. Along with their NuSkin brand, there is also the Epoch brand which is an ethically produced line with a portion of profits being ploughed back into developing communities. I will speak about this range another day, but for today, I'm going to stick to introducing the Nu Skin ageLOC and Galvanic Spa System because this post would be incredibly long otherwise!

Nu Skin is an innovative skincare company sold through distributorship models in many countries by all accounts. The ageLOC regime has been specifically designed to slow down the signs of aging- targeting aging at the source, and by slowing these internal sources, the system promises to help you look younger and fresher. 

There is no denying that the Galvanic Spa System appears to be pricey, with the cost of the device alone coming in at €366.20. The Galvanic Spa System device comes with four interchangeable heads for tackling different areas of your face/scalp as appropriate. There are five settings on the device, and it is important to pay attention to this when you use the Galvanic Facial Gels- as one setting is negatively charged and one is positively charged. I use this kit with the Facial Gels pictured below available from the Nu Skin website. The pre treatment gel in the clear tubes removes impurities and prepares your skin for the treatment, whereas the treatment gel comes in little blue vials and helps slow down the signs of aging. This is a two step process and you need both gels to achieve the full effect of the treatment. You can buy a 1 month (€57.49) or 3 month (€154.17) supply of the gels and each box contains 4 pre-treatment gels and 4 treatment gels.

I apply the gel to the face of the attachment on the Galvanic Spa device and then distribute the gel on my face before turning on setting 1 for the pre-treatment gels or setting 2 for the treatment gels. Now here is the really clever part- even though there are 2 AAA batteries in the device, it is based on galvanic current technology, similar to an electronic current, which means that there cannot be a break in the circuit during the course of the treatment. If a beautician is using this device on you, she will have to place her hand on your shoulder so that the circuit is not broken. If you are using this on yourself, you just have to make sure not to take the head off your face for any length of time mid treatment, as this will break the circuit. Once you have the gel applied and you have selected your setting, the device will beep once to let you know that a good connection has been made, and it will beep thereafter in 10 second and then 5 second intervals just as a little reassurance that the system is still working.  Settings 1 and 2 take just 2 minutes each, so it is not unduly onerous and you won’t be massaging your face for hours on end to achieve the affects. It is how the little galvanic currents react with the gels that makes this treatment truly unique. 

The way I use this is: I remove all my makeup and cleanse my face with the ageLOC Gentle Cleanse and Tone and pat my face dry with a clean towel. I apply the pre treatment gel to the head of the Galvanic Spa System device and smear the gel all over my face before selecting setting number 1 and I put the device up to my face and wait for the beep to let me know that I have made a good connection.  I rub this all along my face in an ironing motion, pushing my skin upwards and applying some pressure to the device as I do so. Even though there are little galvanic currents- you definitely will not and should not feel any tingling or electric feeling on your face if you have enough gel applied. I rubbed this on back of my hand with no gel when I first got it and I did feel a sharp tingle- nothing too unpleasant- but I haven’t felt anything like that on my face. When I have finished the pre-treatment, I wipe my face with a wet, warm cloth, pat dry and apply the treatment gel and repeat the process. When that process is over, I again wipe any residual gel off, and apply the ageLOC Transforming Night Cream and the Tru Face Idealeyes Eye Cream to my undereye area.
It is a very pleasant treatment, and next week and in the coming weeks I am going to speak a bit more about how I find the treatment and products are working on my skin and any differences I notice. I use the treatment twice weekly and have used it four times so far.

All of the products that I have been using are very nice, I have not had any adverse reactions to any of them yet. If you are wondering where to buy these products, they are available online from this website. Now these products and this range certainly is not cheap- the Galvanic Spa set and three months supply of gels is over €500 which is incredibly expensive in my opinion- but you are effectively getting a spa treatment at home- and the science really is like none other that I have heard of in my investigations. Whether you think that this price is worth it- well that is for you to decide- and I am still making up my mind. All I can say is that I have been enjoying the products thus far. If you have any questions in the meantime however, feel free to ask, and I will try to enlighten you in any way I can.

Have you heard of this Nu Skin line before? Does it sound like something you might be interested in?



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