Thursday, 20 November 2014

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Palette

Luminous Flush
Incandescent Electra
Mood Exposure
L-R: Luminous Flush, Incandescent Electra, Mood Exposure
Behold the most beautiful blush palette I have ever had the pleasure of clapping my eyes on. Isn't she something else? When I first saw this on Twitter a few months back, I knew it had to be mine, and I wasted no time in pre-ordering this to make sure that I would get it before it inevitably disappears off the face of the planet like the Ambient Lighting Palette did last year. I've been a long time fan of the Mood Exposure blush, and even though I do already own it, I don't mind having another encased in such shiny packaging and teamed up with two other heroes. There is just something about the Hourglass blushes that makes my heart swell- it might be the soft focus, the effortlessly natural and enhancing effect or the fact that the blush pigment is mixed with those infamous Hourglass Ambient Lighting powders that make these so multidimensional. Each of the three colours are perfectly flattering on any skintone and can be applied sheerly for a glow or a bit heavier for more of a colour punch.

I picked mine up from the Space NK website for £56- not cheap I know, but I consider this to be a quality investment spend. This product in the pan and on your cheeks just screams luxury, and I know I sound like I am fawning over it, but I guess I am fawning over it because it's JUST. PERFECTION. I have never felt so strongly for a blush palette ever in my life.

Are you tempted by this beauty or do you think €70 is a bit much to spend on three blushes that are not even full size?



  1. i love it so but as i already have Mood Exposure, I'm on the fence about it x

  2. oooh that mood exposure looks awesome. I am dying to try the powders and blushes from hourglass but it's not available anywhere in Denmark. I can't even find a place that will ship them to Denmark. But they really do look amazing!

  3. The price of this puts me off so much though I would love to try something of theirs! I love the right blush x

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