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Bioline Jato 24.7 NaturalBalance- introduction to Italian Skincare

Everyone knows that the Italians are great at lots of things. Civilisation owes a lot to the Romans. Italian cuisine is right up there at the top of everyone's lists. Italians lead the way in the fashion stakes with powerhouses like Versace and Dolce and Gabbana. But one aspect of things Italian that I had not yet tried was Italian skincare. I'm quite devoted to my French skincare holy grail products that I always have on the go, but when presented with the opportunity to try out some skincare products from the Bioline Jato brand, I could not resist. I've used these products for well over a month now, so I have formed a very thorough impression of them by now, so if you have not heard of this brand yet, stay tuned and I will enlighten you!

Bioline Jato is a family run business based in Italy run by the Corradini family in the Trento region of Italy, and from humble beginnings, they have gained a cult following for their high quality skincare products, philosophies and values. Now I admit, I was not familiar with the brand before I was contacted to review some products, so if you, like me, are getting curious, I highly recommend you check out the Bioline Jato website. If you are looking for any details on where to get Bioline Jato in Ireland, why not contact the folks at NewGenSkin, the exclusive distributors in Ireland via their Twitter account

The two items that I was sent to review are both from the 24.7 range which is right up my street at the moment as I am trundling towards the big 3-0 because it is designed to act in advance against the causes of skin aging. I am really getting absolutely paranoid about skin aging and doing all I can to freeze time on my face without actually having to freeze my face. The 24.7 line of products are full active principles extracted from plants, gems and flowers to maintain skin natural beauty for a long time. The little diagram below (from the Bioline Jato website) demonstrates the deficiencies that the 24.7 line target. 

The Phyto Duo Gommage (RRP €48.59) has a dual action (enzymatic and mechanical) exfoliating formula which I apply like a face mask before gently rubbing on my face. To say that my face feels amazingly squeaky clean after this would be a major understatement. I use this at least once a week, sometimes twice a week when I am craving that squeaky clean faced feeling, and I usually leave it on for about 5 minutes before gently massaging it on my face and rinsing off. The actual mechanical exfoliant in this scrub is apricot kernel so it's not too harsh for sensitive skins. This improves the appearance of my skin tenfold- brightening, smoothing without any tightness or redness. I've used this at least weekly for 2 months now and I haven't even made a dent in it yet. 

The Phytomineral Crema (RRP €56.58) is a gorgeous, luxurious face cream that encourages the balance of essential mineral elements to revive skin vitality. It is packed with cress and althaea to keep the skin radiant and fresh. I've been using this as a day cream on my face and down my neck and it is an amazing base for my foundation. It's nourishing but not heavy, not mattifying but does not make my face look like polished glass. This cream is suitable for all skin types and I think that is a fair assessment- it certainly did not aggravate any of my combination skin issues. 

I have very much enjoyed these products, and I am delighted that Bioline Jato is now on my radar. Even though the products might appear expensive, the Bioline range contains very active ingredients, therefore less is more. A little amount is needed to achieve the full effect and benefits of this range, and I've been using these two products consistently and have not even used 1/3 of them up yet. Luckily for me, there are two stockists in the Dublin area - Ebano in Ballinteer and Oceana Spa in Portmarnock.

I know I touched on it already, but if you are a skincare enthusiast interested in trying out this line, there are stockists in Cavan, Dublin, Louth, Cork, Meath, Longford, Monaghan, Wexford, Galway, Kildare, Offaly, Tyrone and London. Please contact Newgenskin Limited on 049 4326939 or to find your nearest stockist, or check out their Facebook or Twitter pages. 

Have you ventured into the Italian skincare world yet? Do these products sound appealing to you?



  1. Ooh love hearing of brands I didn't know about before!

  2. I never heard of BioLine Jato I see there is a stockist in Wexford so think I will have to go investigate :) x

  3. Very interesting, love the sound of the gommage exfoliator.


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