Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Benefit Cheeky Sweet Spot Blush Palette

One thing I knew for certain this Christmas was that I was not going to pick up their advent calendar again this year for three reasons. 1. It was more expensive than last year- I think about €90- which is extortionate for mere sample sized products. 2. Whereas last year's advent calendar had three cheapy junk plastic jewellery offerings, this year's has SIX pieces of junk which means it has three less sample sized beauty products. There is absolutely no reason for tatt to be thrown into a €90 advent calendar. 3. It's just not worth the hype.

I therefore did not think that I would be inclined to even swing by the Benefit counter this year but when rumour had it that the folks at Benefit were bringing out a blush palette- I could not resist. Priced at €43- very reasonable given that an individual Benefit blush is €30+ and the blushes in the palette are practically full sized, this appealed to me no end. Pick it up I did, and I think it's a beaut. The little Christmas tin is very merry- though I wish it was a little less Christmassy because I don't think I will feel too hot busting this bad boy out in public in April- and it is extremely Christmassy kitsch with it's Christmas sweety theme like the entire Benefit Christmas collection this year!

What do you think of this kit? Is it something you might like to see under your tree this Christmas? 


  1. I picked it up as well, in Boots for €35 - I couldn't not get it! I wish Hervana was in it because I really want to try it, but I'm happy with it!

  2. I've been thinking about getting it. I don't have any Benefit blushes and I thought this was a good way to try them. But I'm SO not onti the christmassy design. I love Christmas but I'm one of those people who do NOT decorate for Christmas. Maybe I could just put this palette on a shelf and call it decoration haaha

  3. Bought it yesterday, haven't had a chance to have a proper play with it but I love it! I only own Coralista so it's brilliant value to try the rest! I'm not really a bronzer girl so would have preferred Hervana rather than Hoola

  4. Oh god you've persuaded me! Are they really practically full size? I LOVE hoola and dandelion. I really need to wear my make up more! It's going on the list! :/

    Annabel xx | Annadorabel


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