Thursday, 2 October 2014

Tanya Burr Lip Glosses- Chic, Afternoon Tea, Exotic Island

I'm not a traditional lipgloss kinda gal and I make no bones about it. I hate the feeling of lipglosses on my lips and I prefer the opacity and longevity of a lipgloss. Now there are lipglosses that I do and have enjoyed, but compared to lipsticks, they are few and far between. I was speaking recently with Avril of Blushful Beauty and she reminded me to dig these glosses out again, and I've been very much enjoying them since rediscovering them. I had quite low expectations of these glosses to be honest- even though I really like Tanya Burr and she is one of the few Youtubers that I have actually stuck with through the years- I wasn't convinced that this was going to be much more than another mediocre "celebrity" endorsed product. I admit now, I was wrong to have such preconceived notions. 

L-R: Afternoon Tea, Chic, Exotic Island 
Coming in a range of 12 colours, these form the "Lip" component of the Tanya Burr Lips and Nails Collection in conjunction with Eye Candy. I watch alot of Tanya's vlog and I know she wears these often, and it took me quite a while to pick up one of these, but during a Feel Unique Summer Sale, I picked up the colours Afternoon Tea and Chic, and I later swung by Cloud 10 Beauty to pick up Exotic Island because I felt I was lacking a pink. The formula, consistency, opacity of all three are exactly the same in my opinion, so any comments I make about these apply across the board.

L-R: Afternoon Tea, Chic, Exotic Island
Firstly, even though these are lip glosses, they are probably the thickest lip glosses I have ever come across in my life. You definitely feel their presence on your lips but they are not overly heavy and are more balmy feeling than sticky. I didn't find that these stuck to any of the fine lines of my lips, and the colour stayed in place quite well however. However, I have to say, I am not very impressed with the wear of these glosses, and they are not glosses that you can just forget about over the course of a day. I found that these tended to gather where my lips meet over the course of the day, something I have not experienced with other lip glosses before. That said, it's not the death toll of these in my estimation, but I do feel significantly more on high alert when wearing these. 

They smell amazing in the tube and they taste quite nice too without being sickly sweet, and I find that smell/taste fades with wearing time. The very best things about these glosses however is the amazing colour opacity and payoff- like I said, these are so pigmented, they might aswell be liquid lipsticks! They don't stain the lips however like a liquid lipstick would.

If you like the look of these glosses and you would like to try some out, head over to Cloud 10 Beauty website or Feel Unique to pick up some of your very own!

Have you tried these glosses yet or have you been wanting to? How do you feel about cosmetics endorsed by Youtube celebrities- do you think it's easy to be prejudiced by celebrity endorsements?



  1. I'm not mad on the Tanya Burr Lipglosses if I'm honest. I have two (Vampire Kiss and another of which I can't remember the name!) and I ended up giving them to my niece. I'm looking forward to trying the M&S line from British Beauty Blogger though x

  2. I'm not a huge fan of lip glosses and I haven't tried any of the Tanya Burr ones. I don't usually pay much attention to celebrity endorsements but go by what the product itself is and if it would interest me x

  3. Dying to try these! i have heard they wear off quite qucikly though, but the afternoon tea one has been on my wishlist for quite some time now! :) xxx

  4. I don't tend to go for lipglosses, unless I am wearing them over a lipstick. That said there are some lovely colours there!

  5. I've got the red version, think it's My Heart Skipped A Beat. Love the smell and how it doesn't feel sticky like other lipglosses but I find it has to be topped up every 1-2 hours which is kinda annoying.


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