Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Seventeen Define & Conquer Contour Kit in 'Fair'- Review and swatches

I'm all for a spot of contouring- I cannot deny- and I particularly love finding great pharmacy/highstreet/drugstore all-in-one contouring products. One such product that I have been trialling lately is the Seventeen Define & Conquer Contour Kit available from Boots at €7.59 a pop. You would be forgiven for doing a double take at the packaging- the sleek, simplistic matte black packaging screams Nars to me.  The premise is simple and many other beauty houses have created a highlighter/contour palette similar to this. I picked up this kit in the shade 'Fair' but to be honest, I did not notice much of a difference between the Fair and Medium kits. 

The highlighting powder- and I use the term "highlighting' in the non-traditional sense- is very decently pigmented- not too white but sufficiently brightening and a godsend for setting undereye concealer. There is no particular sheen off the product so I do feel the need to apply a little Kevyn Aucoin Celestial Powder to the tops of my cheekbones for a more traditional highlight. The darker colour is not too dark that it makes us fair skinned folk look like we applied our makeup straight after cleaning out the fire without washing our hands. However, both powders are a little on the chalky side and I had to give my brush a decent tap to disperse any extra product from the brush before applying to my face.

Overall, I do think that this is a pretty nifty little palette definitely worth picking up. If for nothing else, the lighter shade is perfect for setting my undereye concealer. This is the second Seventeen product that has tickled my pickle in the last few months (remember how much I loved the Seventeen Falsifeyes HD mascara?) and if the Seventeen gods keep churning out the quality of new releases that they have been sending our way recently, these guys are going to be top of my hitlist every time I set foot into a Boots store! 

Have you tried this kit yet, and if not, does it look like something that might interest you?


  1. It looks so chic, I love the NARS packaging, so I think it's cool to see it elsewhere, it just slides into everythink and take up such little space.
    Loved the shades though, especially the contour shade, looked perfect for my fair skin.

  2. Oooh that higlighter is just the thing I am looking for. Been searching for a non shimmery highlight.


  3. Bought this the weekend and done a review today. Unfortunately it wasn't for me.

  4. I seen this the other day and was going to get it but didnt, might pick it up now :)


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