Thursday, 16 October 2014

Rimmel Provocalips in 'I'll Call You'- Review and Swatches

I wasn't the hugest fan of the Apocolips lip lacquers that hit the market last year- I liked them, but I didn't rave about them the way many of my blogging chummies have raved. In fact, the only one of the half dozen or so that I own that I actually wear is the shade Celestial because it is a gorgeous dusky pink shade, perfectly work appropriate. I have seen much hype about these new Provocalips but didn't rush out to buy them as soon as they became available, and even when I did find them instore,  I picked up just one shade to satisfy my curiousity. The shade I went for is a gorgeous pinky/mauve called I'll Call You-  I absolutely adore sophisticated pinks and this one made me feel very sophisticated indeed so I parted with the cash (€5.99 introductory offer, €8.49 full price I believe) and made this mine.

The premise is simple- lip colour on one end, "lock and shine" topcoat on the other end- just your average, non-ground breaking lip stain. It promises 16 hours kiss proof lip colour. The doe foot applicators in each of the tubes have very small heads making them just doddlesome to apply and allow great precision. The lip colour part applies quite matte and is sticky as fook on the lips until you pop the "lock and shine" coat on and then the stickiness and discomfort fades away and you are left with gorgeous colour that lasts and lasts and lasts through eating, drinking, talking and, erm, allegedly smooching. You have to work quickly applying the colour because when these bad boys set, oh boy they SET and they do not budge or shift or move at all. They give a nice consistent coating to the lips when applied properly.

The first coat applies quite matte and feels very tacky on the lips, but...
the second coat "lock and shine" enhances the colour and makes the product feel more comfortable on the lips.
I have to say, I am very very very impressed with these, and I will definitely pick up a few more colours. The lasting power of these is phenomenal and will come in handy over the Christmas party season this year (yay for Christmas parties and being able to legitimately mention them without sounding like a mofo!) They are quite drying I have to admit, but the weather is getting colder now and my lips are getting chapped anyway.

Have you been enticed by these yet? 


  1. I was not crazy about the apocalips, only got one though. I must have been asleep because this is the first time I see this product. It reminds me of the lipfinity lipsticks from Maxfactor. May have to give it a go.

  2. I bought a couple of these and really like them. However I found as the day drew on, although the colour stayed in place fantastically, my lips got very dry. I guess you can't have everything!

  3. Gotta say...totally disagree with you Loevens! LOVED the apocalips!!! My lips looked fuller and the colours really accentuated my blue eyes..hopefully totally irrisistable to the new man in my life! Lol!!! Hey do you balance working in a law firm and blogging! Must be soooo tough!

    1. I think it was because the color did not really suit me, and none of the colors really spoke to me as something I needed. Also the smell was not one I like. But yeah nothing wrong with the product itself. Good pigmentation and even application and nice wear time. I just have way too many lip products and somehow the apocalips ones never made it to my favorites :) Good luck with the new man in your life ;) aaah new love is amazing.

    2. Yeah Loevans new love is TOTALLY amazing! Met him last night and he was soooo cute! Also be looovvveeedd the provocalips! Can't wait to see him again! Heading into Brown Thomas tomorrow to get some new eye shadow and foundation! Lol!! Anyone have any words of wisdom for me??!! Yolo ladies!!!


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