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Professional Beauty Show October 2014- Massive haul and pricing info

I've been going to the Professional Beauty Show for quite some time now and every year I pick up an absolute truckload of goodies. I usually look forward to it so much- I even organised a blogger meet up on the evening of the show last year- but this year it definitely snuck up on me. I was actually stuck to my bed with a headcold all weekend and in two minds whether to go or not, but I knew I would regret it if I didn't. I was in the queue at 10 this morning and I ended up spending four hours in the RDS chatting to some familiar and new faces.

I've wanted a wider wand for a while now and it was Lisa from Pink Sugar Sparkles who told me to look out for one at the show. This pink wand was €29.99 from the Salon Savers stand and I'm only dying to try it out.

I'm sure any readers of the blog will know by now how obsessed I am with Dragons' Den and the Aurora Band was a product I first found out about from Dragons' Den. If I could go to bed with unstyled hair and wake up the next morning with perfectly coiffed hair, I would be a very happy girl indeed.

Continuing on with my wake up in the morning with fabulous hair, I picked up another set of sleep in rollers- this nifty little gift set includes 20 sleep in rollers, an instructional DVD, a set of clips and a backcomb brush. I probably would have passed on this only that it was just €10 and I couldn't leave it behind for that!

This was a random purchase for me I know, and I wasn't really banking on picking this up, but because of another product I picked up, I decided to treat myself to a lamp also. This was €39.99 from Salon Savers (and €59.99 at a stand next door...) but I know I'll get lots of use out of this and I'm looking forward to getting stuck in. 

I have tried out some Kaeso products before from Terrisales and I really liked them- especially considering how affordable they are- and I couldn't resist picking up a few bits and pieces today. I picked up the Hydrating Collection because my skin is always in need of hydration and the range (Cleanser, Toner, Moisturiser, Face Mask and Facial Exfoliator). The five products were just €18.99. I also purchased an Eye Candy Eye Cream for €5.65, the Rebalancing Moisturiser (€4.50), the Rebalancing Toner (€4.25) and the Rebalancing Cleanser (€4.25), a Bearberry Smoothie Cuticle Remover (2.65), a Pink Grapefruit Drizzle Hygiene Spray (€3.75) and a Fresh Faced Facial Mist (€4.75).

This was probably the biggest shocker of the day and the main reason that I also decided to purchase a nail lamp today. I'm sick of whinging about how weak and brittle my nails are and I've heard how great the IBX Treatment is, so I picked up this set in Flair Salon Services for €39.95. Pretty pricey I know when I haven't tried it out before but I've heard so many good things (most of them from Sinead of The Beautiful Truth) and it's highly difficult for me to get time to get to a salon for the treatment. I am thinking this might be a Sunday evening ritual for me going forward and I will of course report back. 

Random purchase of the day was these two scarves- just because I thought they were pretty and unusual and they were just €15 for the pair. 

More Kaeso goodies- this time the Rebalancing Facial Exfoliator for my combination days (€4.25) and the Deep Cleansing Mask for the days when I feel like deep cleansing (€4.75). 

Crown Brush wasn't on my radar at all today but I did spy out of the corner of my eye a Professional Metal Mixing Plate and I've been looking for one of these for quite a while. This was just €6 and I cannot wait to start experimenting with my foundations on this!

I obviously OBVIOUSLY could not go to the Professional Beauty Show without visiting the Blank Canvas Cosmetics counter and it was probably the busiest display on the day. I picked up some brushes obvs (we'll get to those later)  but I also was gifted a brush belt (I've wanted one my whole entire life and I just want to fill it with brushes and pretend that I'm a pro!) and a brush cylinder (€14) to keep my new brushes in.

I also repurchased the Blank Canvas Cosmetics Contour/Highlight Powder Palette for €12 and two Star Gazer Glitters for the upcoming festive season. I'm not really a glitter gal so lord only knows if these will get any use but they were 2 for €5 so even if I never use them and just keep them to admire the prettiness, I'll be doing well!

I made a beeline for the NIMA Brush stand before the masses descended because I wanted a goo at the new Artistic Collection is all it's soft and fluffy glory and boy, were they soft and fluffy! I picked up the small duo fibre brush because I lost my other one- this is such a handy little brush that I couldn't be without it. I also picked up a couple of the new Artistic Collection brushes because it was like stroking a kitten at the stand- from L-R The Georgie (€16), The Andie (€16), The Blaithin (€16), The Jane (€16), The Blaithin (again!) (€16), The Debs (€10) and The Becca (€10). There was 20% off on all NIMA Brushes and products this weekend so if you're heading to the show tomorrow and are curious, do drop by for a peek and be prepared to part with cash once you feel how soft they are!)

As I've mentioned probably only a billion times before, the Blank Canvas Cosmetics F20 is one of my favourite makeup brushes ever of all time, and I already blogged about my delight that there is a new retractable F20 on the market now. I have two of these already and I ALWAYS have one on my person at any given time-particularly in this heat- this brush is just a dream for applying blotting/mattifying powder in the heat. 

Being the Blank Canvas Cosmetics brush fiend that I am, I picked up a few replacement brushes and a few dupes to replace the brushes that were lost/stolen a few weeks back- from L-R: F14 (€10), F05, F35 (x2)(€5), E41 (€5), E23 (€5), E25 (€5), E26 (x2)(€5), E24 (x2)(€5) and a double ended E23/24 (€5). As you can tell, I have quite a thing for their eye brushes, they are pretty much the only ones I use and the E26 is an absolute essential brush and if you don't have one yet, I strongly strongly recommend you pick one up.

Seche Vite was at the top of my list, as it is every time a beauty show rolls into town, and I picked up FOUR bottles of the stuff because it is THAT good and it's only €5.40 at the show. This is just the best top coat I have ever come across and I have come across a few now. I also picked up two Essie Nail Polishes in Foot Loose and Mint Candy Apple (€5.75 each) and four Jessica Nail Polishes for €20 (L-R: Shock Me Red, Coral Reef Daisies, Dangerously Dark and Tea Rose).

I'm having a bit of an obsession with individual lashes at the minute and I picked up two Ardell Individuals sets in Short and Medium Flare for €3.50 each, some Duo dark eyelash glue for €4.95 and Ardell Invisiband Wispies for €2.99. 

I also picked up an assortment of nail supplies from Salon Savers- some cuticle sticks for €1.99, some Kaeso Cuticle Drops for €2.15, some Strictly Professional Cuticle Oil for 3.85 (which will probably last me forever) and some nail polish remover pads for €2.99 (200 in the pack). 

I got a giant box of brown kirby pins because I am constantly loosing these- they were €7.00 but they contain 500 so hopefully they will keep me going until the show next year), a cotton headband for €2.29 and 2 little pump dispenser bottles which I think will be the handiest thing in the world for miceller water and eye makeup removers for €2.99 each.

Lastly, the lovely Lauren Cleare was on site on the Blank Canvas Cosmetics stall and whilst chatting about all things foundation, she mentioned that she adds a few drops of this to foundations to make them less heavy on the skin but still give great coverage. She used this on Sinead's face with the Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer Foundation and it looked amazing so I'm hoping to try this out too and hopefully achieve similar results. 

So that's it for my ginorme haul- pretty hilarious really considering I wasn't even going to go to the Pro Beauty Show this time last week! Whilst it is absolutely vicious and you may possibly get trampled upon, pushed, pulled, shoved, cursed out of the way, it is definitely worth going if you have a list and know what you want on the day. I was able to make a beeline for my favourite stands. Sorry that this post turned out to be incredibly long but I hope it will be useful if you were contemplating going to the show tomorrow or even next year. 

What do you think of my haul? If you've been to the Beauty Show, let me know what you picked up so we can swap notes on our experiences for next year! 



  1. Great haul. I love the look of the aurora band and the NIMA Brushes. Unfortunately couldn't make the show, probably a good thing when I would have raided Blank Canvas and NIMA

  2. I should have read this tomorrow after I went to the show, I will not be able to control myself now :-( great haul looking forward to review on some of the products never heard of the ibx before so interested to see if it's worth the money

  3. Wowser!!!!...great haul Aisling.
    I was at the beauty show yesterday morning. I managed to pick up some of my favourite Blank canvas makeup brushes (they're brushes are sooooo soft), I bagged 2 large bottles of the L'Oreal Elvive hairspray at €6 a bottle!! BARGAIN!.....a few nail polishes, hair clips, the Beverly Hills toothpaste (They were doing a good deal on this), and 1 or 2 brushes from Crown Brushes.
    I didn't really NEED alot because I'd been there in March at the last beauty show! .....I just can't resist them! :-)

  4. Great haul! Can't wait for your sleep in rollers review I've had my eye on them for a while x

  5. LOVE this haul!!! So many things I'm looking forward to hearing your reviews on - namely the Kaeso products and ALL of the hair products!!

  6. I never did go to the show, partially due to this haul. So much torture to go and not buy anything!


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