Monday, 6 October 2014

Paese Nail Enamels- Review and Swatches

Paese is a new Polish cosmetics company and they've really turned my head over the last few months. I've already blogged about their amazing lipsticks enriched with argan oil, and I've a few more product raves in the pipeline coming up. Today's rave is relating to their very impressive Nail Enamel. I have seven of the beauts now and I've been wearing them plenty over the last few months and consolidating my opinion on them. 

The colour selection is incredibly vast and there are a variety of finishes available also- from pastels to pearls, silk to sands. They also have a nail care range. The packaging of all is simplistic- black lid, rectangular in shape, and quite a thin brush. All very well, but what makes these special, I hear you ask, Well quite simply, what I love about these is the formula of the actual nail polish- straddling that fine line between thin enough to make it easy to apply but thick enough to give you amazing opacity on your first coat- it is perfection. The shade 316 has particularly warmed the cockles of my heart and I am dying to try out some more darker shades to get me through the winter. 

All of these swatches comprise of just one coat of polish and you can see the opacity for yourselves/ I always give my nails a second coat and apply Seche Vite on top to seal the deal. I get about 3 days wear out of these before chipping (which is better than standard for me believe it or not) so I am quite happy with that. 

The Paese Nail Enamels are €4.99 each and available from Cloud 10 Beauty, and the Paese Ireland website, as well as selected pharmacies. Definitely worth picking one up and giving it a try if you're that way inclined! 

Have you tried any Paese products yet?


  1. 3 days is always great going for me too, these look nice!

  2. Really loving that dusty pink and the nude colour too!

  3. I want ALL the colours! Look fab and I'm quite amazed that's just one coat, definitely worth a shot x

  4. I love ALL the colours! Seriously they look amazing with just one coat, and I really like the packaging :) x

  5. So beautiful and affordable, my kinda polish!

  6. 316 is gorgeous, one of my faves. I love Paese nail polish, I just wish they had proper shade names but that's just me nitpicking! The formula is fab.

  7. Totally agree with MissGreenEyes!!!!

  8. The finish of the silk ones is really fascinating. It's matte but not matte. Only thing I don't like is the lid/brush combo. It takes a bit of getting used to.


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