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NEW! Bourjois Quad Eyeshadows in 05 Good Nude and 06 Upside Brown- Review and Swatches

I didn't realise that Bourjois had released a new selection of eyeshadow quads until I saw them for myself in the flesh. I don't think I have tried a Bourjois shadow since my pots of blue and white eyeshadow that I thought was a really good look when I was 14. I dabbled with their cream eyeshadows last year when they were released, but I haven't really reached for them in months. Either way, brown eyeshadows tug on my heartstrings and before I knew it, I exchanged payment for these and adopted them- without even swatching them. I know, I know. 

My first impressions of the packaging were not hugely complimentary, it's just a little bulky with the addition of those ruddy little sponge tip applicators (as an aside, do any of you HATE these as much as I do? SUCH a waste of money and WHO actually uses them? Let me know in the comments below if you're hating on these too!) but what I do really like about the packaging is the the colour of the plastic case matches the theme of the colours inside- I appreciate little details like this I admit! Each of the quads comprises of four eyeshadow (did I really have to explain that?)- prime, shadow, define and highlight. The colour selection is more sensible than say the Wet n Wild trios (which I love, but ain't no magenta ever going on my browbone!) and you get plenty of each colour to play with. The little informational leaflet can explain this process far more efficiently and effectively than I can:

The eyeshadows are incredibly soft and not too powdery but I have noticed some fallout issues with the glitter shades in both palettes- I used them on my inner corner and ended up with glitter all down my cheeks and my undereye area over the course of the day. I think I might apply them wet. The colours in both palettes work amazingly well together, and it's very easy to build up the depth of colour that you require. The butteriness of the shadows just makes them a dream to blend- it's honestly foolproof. 

05 Good Nude

06 Upside Brown

And despite my earlier comments, just in case any of you are interested, this is the applicator that comes with the palettes.

I believe these are around the €12 mark and are available in Boots and presumably most Bourjois stockists at the moment. I really really like these- they exceeded my expectations to be honest. If I see another quad that I like, I'd have no hesitation picking up another. I like to have my complete eyeshadow looks in one little convenient palette and these palettes deliver in abundance. 

Do you like the look of these? Have you tried any yet?



  1. The pigmentation on these look great. I also really dislike those sponge applicators, I always end up binning them.

  2. I am not a huge fan of spongetips either. but sometimes you get some (from some random palette) that are firmer and more rubbery. Those are actually good at picking up product and packing it on the lid (you know, for the kinda shadows that normally apply best with your fingers? these types of rubbery sponge tips can be used instead of the fingers) Or even to add shadow under the eyes. But the regular crappy ones I just toss. And I would still need my brushes for blending etc.

    Not liking the look of the packaging, it looks kinda dated to me, but the shadows themselves look nice.


  3. These are so cute will have to look into Boots to see the colours, also not to keen on the packaging though, but who cares if the product is good! :) x

  4. I hate sponge applicators, I just don't get the point. Everyone has brushes these days, everyone!!! Why would anyone need these useless yokes. They just take up space and end up making the quad more expensive. I haven't tried these yet, as they looked a bit too warm toned for me, but your swatches make them look quite cool toned so I may reconsider. Also, just wanted to say that Boots have 2 for €19 on Bourjois at the moment if anyone is thinking of picking some of these up.

  5. I adore warm tones as they compliment my skin color. However, those sponges are definitely a miss for me! Talk about starting from the bottom lol thanks for the detailed post xx

  6. I'm more about the dark tones as they compliment my pale white Irish skin! Lol! Can anyone recommend a good eyeshadow brush for me?!! The one I have is totally in bits!

    1. For blending or for packing on shadow? I like ecotools brushes, they are affordable and great quality.


  7. Bourjois usually do pack a punch for a great price, so I'll be having a closer look at these. Neutral browns are always handy to have about!

  8. Payoff looks fab, love a good nude palette:)

  9. I'd be won over with these colours, the shades are right up my street. Totally with you on the crappy sponge applicators though - can't stand them!! x

  10. These look great! Im am soooo getting that Good Nude one! Didn't even know these were out!


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