Thursday, 30 October 2014

MONDSS Underarm Wear- Review and Giveaway!

A few weeks back at Anita's meetup, we got to meet Jane McTernan, the brains behind new beauty brand MONDSS Underarm Wear. I heard about the product before we met her- and admittedly it was not something that strongly appealed to me in the beginning, but I'm willing to try anything once, and Jane's enthusiasm was infectious. I thought that these were either going to be genius or crazy! The basic principle is that this is a tiny self-adhesive patch which sticks to your underarm to absorb sweat and perspiration nastiness from staining your clothes or leaving you with wet patches under your arms. Whilst perspiration and sweat are not the most glamorous topics to talk about, I'm sure we've all experienced it at some stage, and if not, you are damn lucky!

Have you ever had fake tan, deoderant marks and perspiration marks on the underarm of your clothes? Have you ever gotten fake tan on the inside of your white or cream blazers that you have found incredibly difficult to remove? Or have you ever had those embarrassing tell tale wet patches under your arms? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this just might be the answer to you.  MONDSS promises to be a natural, discreet and secure solution to underarm perspiration.

The box contains 10 pieces so you'll get five uses out of these (unless you only have an issue with one armpit, and hey, I don't judge). These are applied directly to the skin in order to absorb the perspiration the minute it leaves your pores. I admit, the first time I wore these, they felt weird, and I was conscious of them, but that's only really because I have never quite worn anything like these before. They are discreet, and when you get used to them, they are quite comfortable. I was worried that these guys would flap and budge under my clothes over the course of the day but they really stay put- so much so that they are stubborn little buggers to remove. I have not had any underarm sensitivity or reaction to the adhesive in these.

If these are something you think you might be interested in, head on over to the Mondss website where you can pick up a pack of your own and postage is just €1.60 to anywhere in Ireland or €2.50 to anywhere else in the world. 

If you would fancy winning a box of these to try out for yourself, just leave a comment down below and I will pick a winner. Don't forget to leave your email address so I can contact you to get your address if you are the chosen one! This giveaway is open internationally and ends on Thursday 13th November. Don't forget to include your email address so I can contact you if you are the lucky winner! 



  1. I love the underarm wear from MONDSS, they give me so much confidence now! x

  2. wow! it sounds great! :)would definitely love to try their products


  3. Saw these on expose!!!My concern is that they look more like pads but who says they can't be multifunctional...surfing the crimson wave????seriously though,great invention! Hehe... ais your thoughts? By the by...meeting my man toy again this week...any advice gals?! Yolo!!! Xxx

  4. Would love to try these they sound great!

  5. i would love to try these out would come in handy!

  6. I'm such a sweaty betty it's not even funny. I've tried everything. But these !!!! I'd love to win so I could try them
    Out. Xx

  7. they sound a fab idea..I suppose you'd have to make sure you've shaved or else it would be murder getting em off hairy armpits! would be fantastic for my hols to the sun next month, I'll be sweating a lot! xx


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